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  1. Thanks F2k Sel, 1) I've tried a number of things and found that the speed is initially to 600km/hr according to either: OR but then the speed drops back to 0 after a second and then starts ramping up again as the plane dives down? 2) Also, I notice that it is not flying at the altitude of the waypoints I set in "addwapoint", it seems to want to remain at around 94m from the ground? AIcargoPlane.sqf

    AI and LIFT CARGO/DROP CARGO waypoints

    I have tested this, except with a C130J_CARGO plane dropping cargo and noticed the flight to designated waypoints may be affected by the presence of enemy units, even when the crew is set to setCaptive = true. Is there a command or proven script that forces the crew to ingnore or fly blissfully to their waypoints?
  3. I've tried replacing "NONE" with "FLY" in: _plane = createVehicle [_planeType, _spos, [], 0, "NONE"]; And it had no effect for improving the flight behaviour to the waypoints, why?
  4. Hi ALL, My plane doesn't always make it to it's target to drop it's cargo, sometimes it vears off and crashes enroute? Anyone have some helpful tips to ensure it flies to it's waypoints 100% of the time without crashing? I've been experimenting with distances, altitudes and speeds but none seem reliable enought to guarantee 100% success?

    "-mod=" Error?

    I reset all parameter to default then it seemed to work. What I don't understand is that should set Arma 3 back to vanilla, yet my mision works with the C130J and MV22? I'll check my missiin folder if these two mods are already in it?

    "-mod=" Error?

    Thanks Ghosticus, I did, and whether I have the mod box ticked off with @PUBattleRoyale or not I still get the same result. My mission freezes on the the loading screen. I also noticed in the Editor, non of the move arrows or units are placed there anymore? Not sure why they are gone?

    "-mod=" Error?

    Whether I use the mod @PUBattleRoyale or not, all my old missions, from 7 months ago still freeze/crash on the loading screen. I'll check file integrity with a Steam to make sure I don't have to re download Arma 3. Any one had this issue where missions from pre-MANW competition are freezing?

    "-mod=" Error?

    Thanks Gunter, I tried that already but no luck. I'm wondering if my missions need updating as a result of the many revisions Arma 3 underwent over the last 7 months since I last played my missions?
  9. Hi All, I can't load my old mission from Nov 2014. I get the following: How do I remove the "-mod="

    Check surface command?

    Ok thanks everyone, I set the wind to 0 so parachuted assets will land predictably where they are supposed to. The video of my multiplayer game version is below. I am now creating a coop version against the AI. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=329663824 Thanks KK for the parachute script from your blogs...very helpful stuff along with the rest of this great community!
  11. HI folks, A while back I thought I came across a series of commands that can be used to check the surface of terrain or building rooftop, does this sound familiar to anyone? In my script I'm dropping assets into the battlefield but I don't want them to land on rooftops or trees ...etc. Is there a command I can use to check the surface type of terrain? Thanks
  12. I would like the judges to look at the page for screenshots and videos. Can I update the steamworks page with new screenshots and videos to get a better idea of the gameplay features. Will the judges be looking at this page?
  13. I'm using the builder tool instead of Oxygen2, where in the tool do I get the list of proxies that I'm supposed to double click? I've packed my file skipping Step #4 and as a result the C130J plane propellers won't spin! Looks funny when it's buzing overhead without running engines!
  14. OK thanks Avibird, But I'm not sure if I can use it in my entry for MANW. Thanks Das for the link, this one is better than the others I've seen. I saw in a previous post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169634-Content-Licensing-Questions-and-Answers/page7 #64, a while back you asked BI if we were permitted to binerize the file. I think the response was that it was allowed?
  15. I would like to create a PBO files that includes a vehicle from Arma 2 and include it in my MP Arma 3 mission folder. OK, so please let me know if I'm onthe right track here. I'm downloading the Arma 2 Sample Models https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_2_Sample_Models files and dePBO them, 2) then assemble all the material that pertains the the C130J, 3) use the Launch Addon Builder Tool to pack all the files then 4) include the PBO file in my MPmission with instructions to copy and paste it to the addons folder. A) Is this the correct appoach? B) How do I know which folders I need to include? I assume I can follow similar file names from other mod files? C) Do I select binerize or not in the Addon Builder Tool?