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  1. Drag Dead Body Script By BangaBob Description Does what it says on the tin. Hide dead bodies by dragging them out of sight or loading them inside vehicles. Fully Dedicated MP compatible Instructions Simple Copy this code into your Init.sqf null = allUnits execVM "H8_dragBody.sqf"; Functions [uNIT1,UNIT2,UNIT3] spawn H8_addDrag; Add living units into the script. (Useful for units spawned mid-mission). Known Bugs - Other players cannot see body drag/Animation until it is dropped ? (Should be fixed in 1.2) - No action upon Respawn (fixed in v1.2) ChangeLog Download Script here v1.2 Or copy the code
  2. EOS Enemy Occupation System Enemy Occupation System (EOS) is a highly customisable and powerful script that enables mission designers to easily populate their scenarios with AI units. Units spawned within the EOS environment are automatically removed when not required to save resources and ultimately enable larger multiplayer missions without lag and de-sync. EOS features v1.98 (12/02/14) - Spawn AI infantry, divers, boats, motorised infantry, armoured vehicles, helicopters and Static placements. - Automatically spawn/deletes units to save server resources - Realistically cache units - Units patrol marker area - More control for advanced users - Extensive instructions for beginners - Customise AI skill levels - Bastion defense option - Probability parameters for more realism Instructions FULL INSTRUCTIONS IN DOWNLOAD Download below and open EOS Read Me.pdf to get started Build 1.98 Armaholic link 1.98 Build 1.98 Download 1.98 ChangeLog Credits I greatly appreciate any support, no matter how small. It really helps knowing that people enjoy my hard work and motivates me to continue to increase my knowledge of ArmA scripting. Thank you for your support! By BangaBob
  3. Survivable Helicopter Crash By BangaBob Behind the scenes coding video below. Description Use this script for to simulate a survivable helicopter crash. In addition this script improves player immersion by dynamically playing sound effects during helicopter deterioration and adding frantic screen shake. Works in both MP & SP missions. Instructions Add this code into your init.sqf - null=[] execVM "heliCrash\crashInit.sqf"; Example code Survivable crash 0=[HeliName] spawn H8_crashNow; Non-survivable crash 0=[HeliName,false] spawn H8_crashNow; Download Here
  4. Live Feed Control (LFC) Live Feed straight from the battle to a safe command center. Use the helmet camera feed for Point of veiw (POV) OR the Satellite link for lateral combat awareness. Live Feed Control features v1.2 (24/12/2013) In-Game monitors Stream from helmet cams Satellite feed Dedicated server compatible & JIP compatible Easy to install + Use Realistic command center Automatically adjusts for units in vehicles Instructions 1. Copy "LFC" folder into your mission folder 2. Open editor and add an EMPTY/Objects (signs)/invisible heli-pad. Name it SERVER (Important) 3. Create a monitor. EMPTY/Objects (signs)/Sign (ARMEX). Name it Monitor1 4. Name a unit "UNITNAME". 5. Copy this inside your Init.sqf null = [[Monitor1],["UNITNAME"]] execVM "LFC\feedInit.sqf"; 6. Preview Mission and use the scroll wheel to interact with the monitor Addition instructions Important notices Download Link v1.2 ChangeLog
  5. COS Civilian Occupation System Civilian Occupation System efficiently populates all towns and villages with realistic AI civilians and vehicles when needed and removes them when not needed. COS features v0.5 (11/04/14) - Fully automatic. Simply add COS into your mission to populate the map - Quickly populate towns and villages with civilians, vehicles and parked cars - Civilians act realistically and run from combat - Add your own civilian occupation zones easily - Blacklist towns to stop auto-population - Dedicated for civilians. Can be used in conjunction with EOS - Easily add your own scripts to all civilians and vehicles Instructions 1. Copy COS folder into your mission folder 2. Open editor and place an object named SERVER 3. Copy this into the SERVER initialization box: null=[] execVM "cos\cosInit.sqf"; Download below and open Read Me to get started Build 0.5 Download COS ArmaHolic Mirror Previous Builds ChangeLog By BangaBob
  6. I've searched all over the web and i have found this script that gives a menu where to spawn and each spawn point is defined by the name of an object. For example 'flag1' is a spawn point. doogetloc = { private "_loc"; _loc = nearestlocations [_this, ["NameCityCapital", "NameCity", "NameVillage", "NameLocal", "Hill", "Namemarine"], 1500]; if (count _loc != 0) then { if (text (_loc select 0) != "") then { text (_loc select 0) } else { mapgridposition _this }; } else { mapgridposition _this }; }; doorespawnarray = [flag1, flag2]; titletext ["", "black faded"]; if not isserver exitwith {}; I have tried naming players as flag1 and it works until they are killed and respawn. So my question is ' how can i get an object named 'flag1' to follow a defined player even after death?' There are ofcourse other scripts that are needed with the mission to make this work. Just ask if you want to see them all
  7. BRS Battlefield Re-spawn System Battlefield Re-spawn System (BRS) is a highly customisable, flexible and powerful spawn system. BRS works brilliantly in Player VS player & Player VS computer battles thanks to SIDE specific parameters. Finally, BRS is packed with features. See below for further details. BRS features v0.2 (22/02/14) - Players can spawn on their group - Add your own spawn points (Vehicles, Objects, Units) - Increase the difficulty by preventing players to spawn when enemies are nearby - Specify spawn points for EAST, WEST, INDEPENDENT & CIVILIAN sides - Don't feel like dying? Use the ADDACTION function to access BRS - Simple to install and easy to use - No Addons required Instructions Open BRS readme word document ArmAholic download v0.2 Download v0.2 Notes: - GameLogics do not currently work as re-spawn points ChangeLog Credits I greatly appreciate any support, no matter how small. It really helps knowing that people enjoy my hard work and motivates me to continue to increase my knowledge of ArmA scripting. Thank you for your support! By BangaBob
  8. Loot system By BangaBob Description Fast, reliable loot spawning system. Simply place a marker over the map and call the script. Add/Remove loot that spawns and adjust the probability of spawning. Features Spawn Weapons, Attachments, Uniforms, Vests and backpacks Light Weight script Easy to use Configurable to fit any mission Multiplayer compatible Download here (v0.1) ArmAholic here (v0.1)
  9. Interesting. I was running this script on my server last week when we encountered server crashes. Can i ask, how do you know this script caused your server to crash?
  10. Flappy Bird Open Mission and Play. Simple as that Download Here v0.2! ArmaHolic Here v0.2 I greatly appreciate any support, no matter how small. It really helps knowing that people enjoy my hard work and motivates me to continue to increase my knowledge of ArmA scripting. Thank you for your support!
  11. Squad name:- Salticide Squad Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Contact email: recruitment@salticidesquad.co.uk Website address:http://salticidesquad.co.uk/ Short description: We are a gaming community based on fun, teamwork, immersion and professionalism with members from all around the world. We are mainly focused on Arma 3 Milsim, but we do play all other games from FPS to Simulation and arcade as well. With Arma 3 Milsim, You can expect to carry out different type of missions in variety environments. We recruits people aged 16+ from any background. Would like to join the Great Salticide Squad? follow these simple rules, You will fit in with the group straight away. Be mature & dedicated Team player Can take any orders from high command Able to deal with criticism We are always looking forward to meeting with you and playing with you. See You In Battlefield Soldier! Language: English
  12. Hitman | Contract Killer Hitman Contract killer is an open-world assassin simulator. You must locate and terminate your targets. This can be done however you see fit. On the other hand, killing the wrong people will result in you becoming an enemy to all factions until you successfully complete your next contract. Hitman | Contract Killer Features : v0.4 - Customise your uniform and weapon at start of mission - Altis is alive. All the towns are populated with civilians and war-zones are erupting across the land - Semi-randomised contracts. - Capture your target alive and interrogate for more rewards - Hide from enemies by changing clothes! - Repair vehicles at the cost of your score - Be patient. Other people seeing you shoot will alert the police. - Beware, mercenaries know you are in Altis. - One life. When you are killed it's game over. Download v0.4 Here ArmAholic Link Steam Subscribe here Previous builds Changelog
  13. I've looked into this and i have to say that it is a can of worms. The animations used when dragging the body are simply enough but making the animations work across a network is particularly tricky, especially when you are dealing with dragging other players. Good luck anyways!
  14. bangabob

    Car Pursuit

    This is extracted from my mission. It will need adjusting to work in your mission but it basically creates a group of units and a vehicle near the player and gives them a waypoint. If the player gets too far away then the units, the script deletes the units and the script will reset.
  15. Type refers to the unit which is been selected. House groups, patrol groups, motorised groups, armoured groups, attach helicopter groups, transport helicopter groups.
  16. Just put in the init.sqf PLAYER setcaptive false; If your problem persists then it's another issue
  17. Very strange. Maybe your team mates are perceived as more threatening ;)
  18. bangabob

    triggered forceEnd issue

    Try this instead of forceend endMission "END1";
  19. Its probably just my trial and error approach to building scripts. But I have noticed some irregularities with the while condition. I try to avoid Waituntil commands where possible so i don't have as much experience with them. I assumed they would behave similarly
  20. Your errors are happening because there is not enough space in the containers for the magazines you are trying to add. Add a condition in the switch which detects for space in the containers before attempting to add magazines to avoid this error.
  21. Yes waitUntil and while conditions are pretty unreliable. What I do is have a while command with an exitwith to replace the waituntil For example; // REPLACE WAITUNTIL while {true} do { sleep 0.1; if (((((position _object) select 2) < 1) || (isNil "_para"))) exitWith {}; }; // CONTINUE CODE HERE AS USUAL
  22. If you have very large marker with a lot of groups then it will lag a bit when you activate the zone. Try separating the marker into smaller individual markers and apply eos zones with smaller groups
  23. _grp = group theuav; _unit = player; while {true} do { if (!alive (leader _grp)) exitWith {}; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [position _unit, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; sleep 1; };
  24. You have misspelled triggeractivated in your code. mis1 = player addaction [""<t color=""#FF8400"">" +"Capture AAC Airfield","ops\aac.sqf","",1,false,true,"","triggeractivated trig2"];