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  1. SneakyDuck

    Helicopter landing

    Well, depending on the surface the heli should just slide along the surface, wheels or not, right? Unless there is enough friction, it should definitely not flip.
  2. Yes, with any sights apart from sniper scopes or the like you can still look around freely while using them.
  3. SneakyDuck

    ArmA 3 Alpha Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Why do you have such beefy components and then bottleneck the crap out of it with a 6 year old GPU? That's insane.
  4. After today's update I am now getting following error when trying to launch ArmA 3; Already tried the following; - Clear launch options - Verify game files - Restart Steam - Reboot PC - Run as administrator(both Steam and ArmA) All to no avail. I will now revert to the default branch and see if that works, if not, it might not be the dev branch's fault although I can't imagine what else it could be, I had not rebooted my PC since yesterday. EDIT: Looks like I found the culprit. After reverting to the default branch I was able to start the game up. I took a look at the Expansions menu and noticed that one of my mods was still being loaded even though my launch options were empty. I disabled it ingame, went back to the dev branch and all is well. False alarm.
  5. I haven't tried this but can you increase it further by changing it in the config? If you change it to 1000 would it render that ingame or would it just default back to 200? Anyone?
  6. SneakyDuck

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    You mean this? http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=716
  7. SneakyDuck

    More Detail For Change Logs Request

    I agree, each time something like this is stated in the changelog I have to try all of my missions to figure out what changed and then look through the configs to find out what the new classname actually is. I would appreciate a more detailed changelog in terms of classname changes.
  8. Does this addon overwrite the setSkill command in the mission itself?
  9. SneakyDuck

    EU based server hosting

    Been using a box from OVH hosted in France for almost a month now. Zero issues so far. I have heard some bad things about their customer support though, not sure how much of it is true.
  10. SneakyDuck

    Is there a way to limit framerate in Arma 3?

    Power consumption comes to mind. Also to get a more consistent experience, limiting to 40 feels smoother than having 90s in some places and frequent drops to 40 in others.
  11. The scroll menu has been like this since the OFP days IIRC, now suddenly it's a 'problem'? I'm used to the scroll menu and I've grown to like it over time. And since apparently you want your character to manage recoil for you, why not take away movement and let your expert virtual soldier to that for you as well, I'm sure he knows how to take cover.
  12. The AI does OK when driving along a road. But put them in a field and prepare for utter frustration and rage. In one of my first missions I had a couple of Ifrits at Camp Maxwell and wanted them to drive down the hill onto the road. 99% of the time they would hit a rock or a tree before even getting half way to the road. You'd think the AI would figure out how to back up and drive around the obstacle but NO. These guys would either keep driving against it or just give up and stand there and do nothing. I eventually gave up and placed them on the road myself. I found that driving in a convoy is alright, as long as you limit their speed, have them spawn in formation column and put your waypoints along a road. My convoy of 5 reaches their destination about 8 out of 10 times.
  13. SneakyDuck

    Periodic freezes

    That would make sense... I only recently started using verifySignatures=2 on my server. Turned it off for now, those drops at times are unbearable. In ArmA 2 at least they were less frequent and less dramatic.
  14. SneakyDuck

    Periodic freezes

    Same thing happens to me and I have it installed on a SSD. I had the same exact problem in OA. In terms of ArmA 3, it only recently started happening after updating to a certain dev build. (I believe it was the one that included fixes from the OA beta patches). Framerate basically goes all the way down to 1 fps or slower for a good 10-15 seconds. Haven't checked SSD or CPU usage when it happens but I did have my GPU monitor on and it showed 0% usage during this time. I asked my friends about it and they all know about this since they all get it.