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  1. KorroBravin

    The Attachments rant

    This is a fantastic rant, I fully suppourt it. It'll be nice to be able to create custom sights and scopes without having to overwrite anything.
  2. Looking magnificent as always!
  3. KorroBravin

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Would be great if we could just set the factional alignment of individual units in the editor separate of what they might be listed under. (IE Put down an OPFOR marksman, but there is a drop down menu that can make him sided with Independent/BLUFOR) Might be useful/neat.
  4. KorroBravin

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I'm hoping the civilian resistance fighters don't get binned, they were shaping up to be some of the most interesting scenarios... It's a shame about shotguns and AK's as well... and jets...
  5. Wowza, that is incredible! The assets look really good ingame, but how do they look at a distance, or have you not done any LOD work yet?
  6. That looks sweet! I'd combine that with a module to randomly spawn them around a certain area, and have them randomize their locations every now and again to keep people on their toes!
  7. KorroBravin

    They better have female soldiers...

    It looks like the running animation in the A3 female civ is nearly identical to the male, which means they may be on the same skeleton (male and female) all that would be required is remodeling all of the outfits and gear to match up with the female body. Now that might seem like a casual statement, but to do that and have it look good will take quite a bit of time to accomplish, then to add in all of the new config stuff to make sure male players don't appear with female clothes. Though one way to reshape all of the bodies in a rather lazy way would be to set up some basic general shape system that deforms the meshes to match up with the general form (IE have a morph target from male to female shape in 3ds MAX and then basically use the general shape as a soft selection for the actual mesh, and apply the morph, if that makes sense) which basically automates the whole process. The animations arn't really that big of a deal, as the DayZ female char uses the male soldier animations from Arma2, and it looks just fine. (Actually, I should port the DayZ female to A3 with all in arma and see how it looks...) But I agree that more variety in equipment, arsenal, and vehicles should be a bigger priority.
  8. Excellent news, can't wait to see more of your work, was missing checking this thread for the past few weeks!
  9. Looking mighty fine, mighty fine indeed. And I love the idea of minefields, add a good reason to carry around that rusty trusty metal detector!
  10. Ah, I must have missed those, they do indeed look good (forgot to zoom in on the picture, thought they were just part of the grunge!) But yeah, some claw marks, or scratches on the floor like something heavy and metal was being slid around might not be bad, either way it looks great!
  11. For the modified containers, I'd almost say add some more playing to parts of it, as I'm not sure how bullet proof it is on its own. Other than that, they look spot on perfect, though some damage might not be a bad idea (scratches, bullets holes, etc) to make it seem more used.
  12. The cable car sounds really sweet, though scripting it up might be a challenge. Though I do wonder if ARMA suppourts moving platforms, and keeping everyone on board from sliding out, might be able to do it with some PhysX trickery, though we'll have to see. And having a strip mining machine kinda like the one in Yanov in STALKER call of Prypiat would be pretty awesome, all overgrown with moss, vines, and such, would be pretty sweet to see that on a foggy night while wandering about with some stalkers!
  13. This looks god, but I think what it really needs in conjunction with better midrage is a further rendering distance for the tiled textures (the ones you see up close) because those fade very fast (go to the airfield and take off in a helo while looking down) or at least add a slider for that.
  14. "The Oasis? A myth, everybody's always spreading all these rumors about the place, but nobody has ever been there, or knows where it is. Except one, that's right, for just a few rubles, you can find the one place in the whole Zone that does more help than harm, but getting there... might not be so easy STALKER..." Sounds great, can't wait to delve into the secrets and subtle areas of thsi map, also the building looks amazing, the damage you always put in always looks spot on and seamless, keep it up!
  15. Very cool, I'm certain this map is going to have loads of atmosphere in it when it is done. I can also see the wall as being a major game play element, where bandits could camp out some of the safer accessible gaps in it, while the less safe, due to monsters, dangerous climates, jelly, etc, would be an option for those quick on their feet and not particularly fond of getting robbed. Keep up the great work, this is probably my most looked forward to map/mod for A3!