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  1. Urban Patrol Script

    I have put UPS.sqf in My Documents\ArmA 3 Alpha Other Profiles\[profile name]\missions But when I have edited the map in editor and click preview, it says the script cannot be found. Also I can't see the demo mission even though I have put mission.sqm in that folder. This is my first time using this editor. Sorry if this is a noob question. Thanks.
  2. Even games like Civilization V and Shogun 2, which one game can last for days, weeks or even months, have multiplayer. I don't think the length of the game would be an issue when considering multiplayers.
  3. I've searched and looked at some of the stickies but didn't find what I need to know. Just a very simple question. I want to edit those default CTI MP maps so players can get infinite(or close to infinite) money while the amount for AI remains the same. What tools do I need and how should I do it? Thank you.
  4. Steamworks, add it in or not?

    Just want to tell you. When a game becomes a "Steamworks" game, Steam is no longer optional, but mandatory. You don't "add" Steamworks to a game. A game is either a Steamworks game or it's not. So if Bohemia Interactive really chooses to make ARMA 3 a Steamworks game, then no matter where, when, how you buy the game, you always have to use steam in order to install, play and update the game. There's no choices anymore, except one. You can still download the game from the retail store you bought it, and steam is more than happy if you do so because you are saving them the bandwidth. But I highly doubt they'll do that though. Bohemia Interactive has their own online distribution store so I don't think they'll give steam the exclusive.
  5. Thank you guys for all the help. I'll try the mod and see what it does.
  6. Sorry if some of these have been asked before. I've tried searching the forums but couldn't find some of the answers. I just need some explanation on these several objects and what they do: 1. Auto guide AT 2. Clock indicator 3. YOU WERE KILLED 4. VON ID 5. Extended armor Thanks.
  7. I'm also experiencing the same bug. Try to switch to main weapon before interacting with the wounded soldier. I think using a pistol while trying to interact with that soldier causes the bug.
  8. Would be great if the control schemes for helicopters and fixed-wing planes can be separated. e.g. I personally prefer W for nose down and S for nose up for helicopters, but the other way round for fixed-wing planes. The idea behind, in case one wants to know, is that when flying helicopters, nose down means moving forward, so I prefer to use W. But when flying a fixed-wing plane, W and S don't mean forward or backward, instead they mean up and down(relative to the pilot). So in that case I usually prefer to use W for nose up and S for nose down. Some games with both helicopters and fixed-wing planes like BF3 and Just Cause 2 also have separate controls for them.
  9. Just a quick question. Is it normal for my spec below to run OA at less than 20fps with most settings the highest(AA low, postprocess low, Visibility 6400, V-Sync disabled, 1920x1080) i7 2600 (not overclocked) 4Gx2 DDR3 1600Mhz ram GTX 590 Asus P8P67 Pro Intel 510 120G SSD Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Which of the settings are the most demanding? Thanks.
  10. Steamworks, add it in or not?

    If you like steam, good, go ahead and use it. I'm using steam for Arma 2 as well. But please try not to force others to do what you like to do. Making a thread/poll like this is just giving Bohemia another reason to force Steam on everyone. Luckily though, people who oppose forced steam is still more this time. However, if you make a similar thread/poll(trying to make everyone do what you like to do) next time and unluckily more people support you. Then remember, what you are trying to encourage is just the tyranny of majority. People should have the chance to choose. As long as they are not affecting other people(of course, unless you are mad that they won't use steam and your full steam achievements have no one else to show off to).
  11. I'm playing Boot Camp training mission 1. When I reach the first aid part, my character always freezes when trying to drag or carry the wounded. Is there a way to solve this? I'm using the Steam Version of the game. Arma 2, not OA. Thanks.