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  1. You are right, I should have spent more time playing before commenting ;-) its really not so bad, but im still not happy with fatigue as it is.
  2. I don't have a problem with the sway if it can be controlled but it can't, holding breath doesn't seem to do anything and weapon resting and bipods should NOT be a solution only an option, an option which sacrifices maneuverabillity obviously. One key to hold you breath for a few seconds while taking the shot, I doesn't need to be anymore complex than that. It's been years since I fired a real weapon but I don't remember having problems with scopes swaying around like in this game, but I just don't think you can compare real life to the game, need to focus on how it feels and how it plays.
  3. Funny that because A2 seems far more realistic and playable than this. @ nutshot, agreed infantry has been ruined.
  4. Stop comparing "real life" because this is still just a game and even if it's meant to be a simulator it fails because 1: it's set in the future (so we only assume how that would look) and 2: BI claim A3 is authentic not realistic, seems confused. I don't bother posting on forums much these days and havent played A3 much recently either, but after a few minutes playing today its quite clear the weapon sway on 4x and upward scopes is far too much, this is "basic" stuff which should have been finalised in BETA! Why is it necessary to keep messing with this, IMO right now A3 is unplayable because of this and also fatigue, please fix.
  5. Anyone know how to revert to 1.62 without reinstalling the whole game ?, installer won't overwrite newer ones.
  6. Reuben5150

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Why should everyone be forced to react in one way or another by the game, it's more realistic IMO to have freedom of choice, because in reality you do. AFAIK no suppression in cod, that would be far too complex for the players to deal with.
  7. Reuben5150

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Agreed on AI. btw the effect in bf3/4 is used as a silly points generating system and probably the worst game mechanic I've ever seen in a shooter.
  8. I liked Bad company 2, especially the dialogue in MP.
  9. Reuben5150

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I am glad that BI has left this as an audio only affect rather than implementing something that would create hundreds of posts arguing about it, perhaps this is one feature best left to the modders.
  10. Reuben5150

    Fatigue effects

    Everything moves at double time in that game, totally unrealistic.
  11. Hi kju' date=' the only problem I found is there is no night vision even when set in mission parameters, this is random mode Altis AI version. ---------- Post added at 12:11 ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 ----------
  12. Well I got fed up of playing on an empty server, I will play with AI back on Blitzkrieg, I need some practice ;)
  13. Reuben5150

    Fatigue effects

    I ran around the school field perimeter with a 30lb LMG above my head once, ahh the memory, I'm 41 now and totally unfit but could still do better than the characters in this game. Your talking about slowdowns in the matter of seconds, it should be minutes not seconds for Christ sake.
  14. Reuben5150

    Official Weapons pack to Arma III please!

    Would have been nice to see legacy or "classic" weapons, not all of them of course, just the nice ones, I mean come on, how long would it take to port these from OA.
  15. Who exactly ? where do these great minds reside ? Cant tell is this is even serious.
  16. As clunky as it is, still more realistic IMO and fatigue in A3 is so bad (implementation) I've disabled it for now.
  17. Lag comp in bf3 is or was totally broken and the netcode is garbage, that's why in the beginning all the uk servers were populated by Americans, apparently if you run torrents while playing it has the same effect, end result is you get shot around corners, behind cover, etc, In other words the high-pingers have the advantage, point being its that most games have exploits if you look hard enough and no i'm not saying A3 doesn't need some work but its still quite playable unlike Bf IMO. ---------- Post added at 11:32 ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 ---------- The only reason I can think why this has been done is to make it feel more like cod/bf, its pretty disappointing and overall I prefer character movement in A2, hopefully modding will fix this. ---------- Post added at 11:36 ---------- Previous post was at 11:32 ---------- Feel free to speak to me PM if there's anything you'd like to see mission wise or anything else ideas, etc, I have an empty server at my disposal :j:
  18. I was just thinking , mcdonalds, burger king, and then the worst Chinese take away you've eaten.... @ Kju, I also remember playing Blitz in the woods and lots of people having trouble identifying enemy/friendly and a lot of teamkills. ---------- Post added at 19:57 ---------- Previous post was at 19:56 ---------- thanks, just the job.
  19. Thanks, I didn't realize it was the same as OA, the file I needed to use was defaultserver.profile.
  20. People are always looking for exploits and there are plenty in bf due to crappy design, so no, not all of them are fixed as those guys simply ignore them or don't see the problem, lag compensation just one example. What I really ment was that those other games are unplayable IMO in Mp and all the frustrations I have with them just don't exist in Arma, so I can tolerate a glitch or two. Btw, you shoot from your eyes in BF, yes really, almost as bad as clipping through the wall, and it won't ever be fixed, broken by design you see.
  21. No more than it is in Bf3/4 or Cod no doubt (I wouldn't know about Cod)
  22. Could someone please post an actual example of the server cfg difficulty settings, I have searched this and found nothing except examples for older ARMA games.
  23. I don't think wasteland counts, it's really just dayz without zombies, the others are full of gimmicks designed to attract those types of players, those who don't want to be concerned with military tactics or team play, even though teaming up quite often happens its usually a bunch of randoms behaving in all manor of ways. I think Blitzkrieg is the best infantry only PVP mission out there but it needs to continue to be developed if it is to have any chances of becoming popular again, obviously that must be difficult for the designer/s to do knowing it may all be a waste of time. ---------- Post added at 16:52 ---------- Previous post was at 16:49 ---------- Once the mod tools are available things will get interesting and I don't think the games at its peek by any means.
  24. Reuben5150

    only two PVP missions on public release?

    You cannot stop them running garbage for the sake of popularity, they pay for the server and can understand they want it to be played, personally I won't and thats why the server is mostly dead, but hopefully I can attract more players in time and with some effort, tweaking the mission and getting some steam buddies interested.
  25. I am having the same problem and I suspect the issue is settings within the mission file, unless I edited the server cfg file wrong, I added an entry under //in game settings - is this correct ?