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  1. blackmamb

    ASR AI 3

    Maybe not apparent problems, but you're probably not gaining much by running both of them, except for a bit of useless script overhead. For example, both mods run around a custom danger.fsm, which will trigger most of the other features. One mod loaded after the other will overwrite most of it. I guess you could have some form of combination by loading ASR first to benefit from the config changes, then bCombat for the combat behaviour, but I don't know what bCombat does in terms of config from memory. You certainly wouldn't get ASR features like group intel sharing anyway, plus each mod is tailored to work with a certain set of configs. All in all, those are two different mods that tackle the same issues, and you should definitely choose one over the other.
  2. I think murk_spawn does exactly that. Have a look!
  3. You can't define CfgMagazines classes in description.ext. The only attributes you can use in description.ext are listed here.
  4. Hmmm. Maybe I've changed something else. Damn me and not documenting my stuff. How many units do you spawn each wave?
  5. The loop responsible for spawning in this script is at the very end of the script. Here's a modified version I used to somehow limit the number of units: http://pastebin.com/3eYYgGm5 Note that this doesn't really limit the number, it just waits until the total count of units is under 200 before starting a new wave. Knowing about how many units you spawn each wave, it's enough for me. Let's add that this script was originally written by Igneous01.
  6. onMapSingleClick "vehicle player setPos _pos; onMapSingleClick '';" Should teleport the vehicle and its crew/cargo as well.
  7. Seems pretty obvious that the dude you'd pay would be making a commercial profit from it.
  8. blackmamb

    Animate Bipod Model.cfg Help

    Well, in any case, if anybody ends up interested in it, I can post an old script that I made a long time ago for A2 to modify the weapon/firemode selection. It's messy and not really pretty, I never really bothered to polish it as it was never released to the public, but pretty much what it does is use one key + mousewheel to select the weapons, and another to change the firemodes. The firemodes are memorized, so if you switch your AK to single, then switch to an RPG, and get back to the AK, it will still be in single mode. Obviously it would need a few modifications, but it would definitely allow for a more flexible use of firemodes.
  9. Can't you just change your controls? Like assign your right-click to both Optics and Toggle zoom in?
  10. A "Fired" EH should be enough to add the remaining bullet after the first is shot. You can't go to 31, but you can get back to 30 from 29.
  11. blackmamb

    Animate Bipod Model.cfg Help

    Assuming that the issue would be that you'd have to cycle through deployed/folded firemodes to get to the one you want, wouldn't it be a good idea to rearrange the way you select weapons and firemodes? So that deployed modes could only be accessed from other deployed modes or the corresponding folded mode. Obviously that would be a bit of work but that's still pretty easy to do.
  12. Assuming that you can indeed broadcast compiled code, you can't broadcast a local variable. Factories needs to be a global variable.
  13. blackmamb

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Awesome. Great news. I'll create another ticket related to what I wrote earlier.
  14. <execute expression='string'>Text</execute> or <executeClose expression='string'>Text</execute> iirc.
  15. blackmamb

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    And that. And fix the AISFinishHeal, document setAIS and generally fix the handleHeal that's completely broken by the new engine-side healing.