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  1. There are no individual aircraft profiles its just one system for flying but I will add additional features to fit all planes as they come its not really something you could integrate into a mod its a standalone kinda thing. I know allot of people are gonna be sceptical about this system and whether its too good to be true or if i'm making this out to be more than what it is so i will be making multiple demonstrational videos going in depth into the programming and just generally exploring the features and responses.
  2. :) Thankyou very much ok wicked iv'e got a few ideas on how I could make that work :icon_idea: and yes its an external program what runs on windows its very small and easy to use
  3. Wow The Maker Off My Favourite jet In Arma3 Has taken Interest I'm Gobsmacked thankyou i love your mods :D :butbut: Its a standalone system infact its completely external so there's no conflict between it and arma and no addon is needed for it to work. At the moment its compatible with all aircraft in arma 2 & 3 but recently I have been focusing on making it fully compatible with your FA18 Model which has proven successful so far :dance: the possibility's are endless in terms of what can be done with voice commands like infantry commanding ect but at the moment I'm mainly working with aircraft this does include helicopters. p.s is there a hotkey for extending the refueling probe on the fa18 ?.
  4. http://youtu.be/hAsoH1LyyRI Here I present the M.T.S.S Multi-role targeting selection system it is a voice operated system that runs externally from Arma-3. The system has been developed even more since this video was made below I will list the features. Note: the voice has been changed to a male voice New features These are the basic flight controls some are self explanatory some I will leave a brief description for. Gear up Gear down. Flaps one Flaps full- flaps fully retract. Flaps up Flaps zero - flaps fully raise. Afterburner on/off. Eject. Help- The system will give instructions on how to activate and deactivate it. All Commands- The system will list all commands. Change Weapon's. Next target. Target. Fire. Payload - Release one GBU. Carpet bomb - Release 4 GBU's. Drop 2 - Drop 2 GBU's. Burst - Release 4 missiles or rounds of any weapon. *Probe - Specially made for use with Spartan's plane model's been tested with the MIG and the FA18. System status - Will tell the player weather the system is on or off will also notify the player if the system has any errors. Landing autopilot on/off. The system can also hold a number of generic conversation with the pilot and will respond to a range of things. *The system is now able to converse with the player even when the system is disabled for instance it will still give help and hold generic conversation. "If the player is giving commands such as target fire ect when the system is off the system will notify the layer that its inactive. *Multiple responses when targeting. In regards to the conversation engine it will continue to grow with time the more that is put in to the system such as questions answers phrases commands ect every time they are input it will make the conversation more powerful, but intend to limit the conversation side of things and focus mainly on flight and targeting commands this will prevent latency and misinterpretation however it is compatible with windows speech so you could use that to make it fit your language or your exact pronunciation of different words and phrases. I know there are some more complex controls for targeting in arma 3 I haven't explored them yet when I. have a full grasp of how they work I will implement them. I'm even even thinking about implementing multiple stages of activation for the weapons. I will be making another video to show the new features and also the M.T.S.S voice replacement I am using VW-Paul if anyone knows where to get other male voice's for windows and would be willing to provide me a link I would be very grateful.
  5. I am working on a new mission pack for Arma III which will be based specifically on Flying making flying more realistic with real in-game communications with the pilot and air traffic control I will be working on 20 in total but will release them separately in two packs of ten. Features .Ai ATC Tower Communicates With The Player .Corrections If Off course .Ambient Air Traffic .Player Can Interact With Ai ATC .Turnaround .Player Voice Commands For Planes Using External Program But Optional. (<will Post Demo Video Very Soon0 Mission List Going Somewhere. Flying Our Boys Home. A Joke Gone Too Far. Pilot For Hire. Show Me Progress. Fuel Bingo. Here Is A Demo Video Of The Mission Bringing The Boys Home Its In A Stable State However There Is Much More To Be Done Before Its Ready. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncc9I2JMIC0&list=UUnLPBY6EYVIbcw9U5gkWBng .Feel Free To Leave Ideas Comments Questions Suggestions Criticism Down Below :cool:
  6. ok thakyou for this information i will take it home and i will let you know how i get on
  7. Hello all I’ve been working on a mission where based on military policing I’ve built a big prison on the takistani map I am using c.i.m mod and planned extraction together. the problem I have is instead of making enemy in the game I have place around 100 ai units that may spawn with evidence and or guns with the probability set to less than a 50% but when I shoot the civilians that are armed often a member of my team sees me as a hostile de-groups me and says " target that team leader" bang bang I’m dead so I was wondering if anyone knows a line or script that will stop that happening for a better gaming experience for me. :confused::confused:
  8. i got cba already thats my point but its asking for cba sqf which is not included in any of them
  9. I downloaded the socr boats addon im using operation arrowhead everytime i try to load the boats using the missioneditor it says missing cba .sqf or another error i get is missing rhibb.sqf and i dont get it because the download has no requirements and ive never seen anything under the name cba .sqf so im wondering if its even compatible with arma 2 oa and one last wuestion i have is does the ospery twin bladed helicopter work on arma 2 oa and if not how could i make it work thanks.
  10. i checked the mission it actually dosent work i press shift nothing happens so i shot the guy the helicopters there but still no interaction menue
  11. hello im using the neilsens cim module but i cant get to work i followed the readme still no sign of the mod working no menue coming up on the screen ive had people help and guide me but still no solution im also having this same problem with the air refueling mod so if anyone would be able to make 2 example mission on the takistan map i would be greatful thankyou
  12. yes it makes alot more sense then the readme thankyou Blackmamb:yay:
  13. No I didn’t download it but I have now where do I get the map from Cernuous I haven’t got it will it work without it I’m using operation arrowhead arma 2 btw And another question is Do the I have to group or sync players with ai the I need to understand this more maybe a new readme would be good made with notepad
  14. :( I just cant get it to work can anyone make a vid please the codes go in but i dont know how to make the mod activate do i need ace