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  1. AMAZING, really amazing Mod I ever expect ! Just keep on your nice Mod guys! A very promising stuff for WWII in ARMA3.
  2. fkymplbo

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Yeah, we need some real fantastic stuff for Cold War in ARMA3!
  3. fkymplbo

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Great Mod ever got in ARMA series!
  4. Really awesome addons! Great work
  5. Very amazing and terrific Mod! Great work, you guys
  6. Yeah, I think so. But it's really no point disapperaing suddenly without a word. Just tell us some thing, no matter you would keep on or not. We could understand without any question. I know Inv44 since their first alpha release in OFP with just one soldier.
  7. It's the person, Topas, who made the Mod of W39?
  8. fkymplbo

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    When did US army take place of M1 helmet finally?
  9. fkymplbo

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Looks nice! By way, it seems the French units could also be used for the early stage of WW2 when German invaded France in May, 1940. The uniform of French troops didn't change much since WWI.
  10. How to use your Artillery Module in the editor? Can it be for AI gunners to shoot the targets automatically?
  11. Thanks. By way, just a suggestion, in case of getting some time in future, it maybe could consider using a module just like what Inv.44 Mod did for the A.I. mortars and static guns.
  12. A question please, could AI gunners use a Mortar or any other cannons by themselves with a module selection in the editior?
  13. fkymplbo

    September 1939 Mod

    Personally, I wish you new team could finish the work of ARMA2 at first. Anyway, all your decisons would be appreciated,no matter for Arma3 or Arma2, if the work can be continued... And Topa, I could fully understand your points, it's a hobby and can't take anyone's time too much from the real life if you don't want it.
  14. fkymplbo

    September 1939 Mod

    Yeah, I quite understand you about such a dilemma. So personally, I still keep making something to play under ArmaII and haven't started to turn to ArmaIII. It's regretful. As for the stuff of WWII, there have been lots of them under ArmaII from you nice mod & addon makers, and seems just several last steps to complete for a whole collection. But with coming of ArmaIII, some teams have turned away for it. By way, how about your mod and I also have been expecting a new release of ArmaII.
  15. How to let your AI Mortar to fire just like what it can do in Inv1944 Mod? Any Module could be used for that purpose?
  16. Any new progress on update?
  17. fkymplbo

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Personally I have the same point. There would be too much time consuming to convert into Arma3. It would almost recreate everything, I think. An alpha may be a good option. Anyway, it won't waste what have been made.
  18. fkymplbo

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Maybe could consider releasing an Alpha...
  19. fkymplbo

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Not sure if this Mod is still in work althoug for a slower progress or has been stopped at the moment?
  20. Great Chinese People's Liberation Army in style of late 60s, just planning to make some addons for the game of Sino-Soviet boarder confict during that period.
  21. fkymplbo

    69 pla mod

    Yes, PT76 and T34 85 could be found easily here. But they were fewly used by PLA as the main armor since late of 1960s. And almost none of such units was used in the battle against Vietnam in 1979. I think maybe T54 of VET mod could be taken for Chinese Type59 which was originated on the basis of Soviet T54A. But regretfully, there is no 12.7 mm HMG on the top of VET T54 and such MG should be for Chinese Type 59.