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  1. Possible 1.44 bug Hi all, 1.44 seems to have changed something about the way parameters are initialized. This is def. breaking backpack assignment and might affect other things as well. We don't know if this is a deliberate change by BI or a bug. Until either them or we provide a fix you can enforce a backpack loadout, as described here. Edit: You can also execute this code from a small server-side addon's config.cpp to force f_param_backpacks to 1 and get backpacks to appear properly: class Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers { class FA_preInit { serverinit = "f_param_backpacks = 1; publicVariable 'f_param_backpacks';" }; }; The addon only needs to be run on the server and requires CBA.
  2. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Careless does help but is undesirable, as it'll always enable the AI's light and enforce other unwanted behavior.
  3. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Since the latest update (possibly including 0.9.21) I've noticed AI controlled transport helicopters being very timid, breaking off any attempt to land if they are engaged by a lone infantry. Before that (and with vanilla AI) I could get them to land reliably even under fire by disabling their "Target"/"Autotarget" AI and setting allowFleeing to 0. Any idea what could have caused this?
  4. You can call the function to initiate spectator directly: [player,player,true,true,true] call f_fnc_camInit; That would force-activate the spectator camera even if the player is still alive. Attach it to e.g. a flagpost as an action and players should be able to activate spectator script on their own whim. What do you mean by paratroopers? Paradrops for players can be enabled by using the mapClickTeleport component and setting the height variable to a value of over 0. We're currently thinking of whether we should start to pre-implement some AI functionalities but that's not decided yet. If we do, we might also consider AI paratroopers.
  5. Depends on what you need. F3 provides the Framework for MP adversarials and coops but doesn't include any scripts to spawn AI. In init.sqf just add f_param_caching = 800; (for example) before [40] spawn f_fnc_cInit; Can you clarify what you mean? ACRE1 or ACRE2?
  6. I think this is an issue with TFAR and how it handles spectators. I know that what you described works fine in ACRE2. It should be possible by force open the dialog/display. Unfortunately displays are a bit of a pain so we'll delay this one. But what does work (awkward though) iirc. is as ZEUS remote controlling a unit and opening the briefing there.
  7. Does beside the BIKI entry any documentation for this exist? I'm mostly interested if priority is ascending or descending (direct has priority 0 for example) and what sound3D does (not mentioned on the BIKI and only set for direct). Also, which affect these values (if any) have on VON.
  8. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Yes and no, but as I couldn't reproduce it within a few tries I can't say for sure if it might have happened before without me noticing.
  9. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    I saw AI heading to cover and starting to "twitch" very rapidly from left to right, changing their doWatch. It's quite possible that it's caused by vanilla behavior but just wanted to mention it here, in case other's see this behavior to with 0.9.20. It look a bit like the "stuck AI" bug seen in the 1.43 dev branch but afaik that one has been fixed.
  10. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Server and myself were running the latest official CBA release RC4, not the dev version of RC6 currently available. If Zriel says they're not seeing those errors pop up, I'll assume it's caused by the older CBA version and will make the switch asap. But why are the functions called for AI not local to the player?
  11. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Seeing more errors now, again on dedicated server but as a normal client: Both client and server are running the same version. The errors do not appear in the server's RPM.
  12. Wolfenswan

    ASR AI 3

    Getting the following error in 0.9.19 on 1.42 stable. I have not seen this error in 1.42 RC using 0.9.19: Appears only when creating units as ZEUS on a dedicated server.
  13. Given that the AGM team has merged with the ACE3 team I'd say it's safe to assume that we'll aim to support ACE3 eventually. But that all depends on the first release and how desirable it'll be to switch to ACE3 in it's early state.
  14. Not sure what you mean, we don't add anything directly. But by default F3 enables the debug console for logged-in admins, which also enables the init window when editing units as ZEUS.
  15. Which vehicle currently allow turned out position turrets? I noticed it doesn't work with the T-100 for example.