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  1. fraczek

    Public Beta

    MacOS, 10.12.6. 3840 res still crashing, maximum allowed when in non-HiDPI display mode is 2560 wide. At least that's crisp enough and playable, unlike the blurry 1080P maximum on 4K screens previously. Tried one hour today at 2560 wide, no crashing so far. Trees and foliage LODs still exhibit white dots upon LOD changing, which is distracting (FSAA off). Weird pie-sized shadow artifact on 1/8th of my screen, where shadows don't get rendered at all (weird - might be card related, though other software works fine). The buffer increases I mentioned previously and in the feedback tracker still show in eon.txt, and 3840 set manually crashes the game with same error message as before. Otherwise, finally somewhat playable MP experience until 1.78 :) No idea if the same shows in MacOS 10.13, still keeping to 10.12.6 for productivity reasons.
  2. fraczek

    Feedback Thread

    Well, my main point was about the separation of the skill tree, levels, and ingame credits. That would make sense for a P2W game, which I guess could still be an option to monetise Argo (no problem with that, same model as others do, if you don't want to grind, just subrscibe), although I have no idea if that's intended. It's an Incubator game after all, to try out new game modes and all. I was happy to get it for free. It's only that it's too hard to actually experiment with loadouts or roles - any meaningful change of role/loadout is tied to buying all the items for ingame credits, which you lose a lot if you reset your skill tree. Thus, it makes economical sense to only invest in one loadout/role right from the start, because any experiment is punished severely by the fine for reseting the skill tree, not leaving you enough credits to buy the weapons you unlocked by the reset. So you have to consider just one preferred loadout right from the start, sticking to it, or make another BI account for a different role, because that seems actually simpler the way the skills and levels unlock. It all comes with not being able to recycle past gear purchases, locking you into whatever you bought during leveling up. So you either consult a table/wiki, pick your preferred role you would like and not buy anything else at all, or experiment during the level up, getting screwed for ingame credits in the meanwhile, or grind for hundreds of hours to get all. Which is all certanly possible, but not nice when pairing level 1 guests with level 25 players...
  3. fraczek

    Feedback Thread

    Having been there, having done the mistake, reset my skill tree a few times, now I am stuck with one load-out. Especially if you count newer players who had good knowledge of the skill tree mechanics), and are willing to grind for it, a casual player who invested in some skill decisions before knowing what was good, what was awesome (and the game did keep changing after all), the decision of the developers to tie the weapons to the skill tree is IMHO bad. I always thought of this game as a more casual FPS after an Arma session, just for the fun of it. But having played it as such, trying several load-outs, I just realised I do not have enough in-game credits to buy any more weapons or armour the game offers me (even though I have it unlocked). I have no intention to just start from over, although it might be actually easier if I only wanted to play Argo and not Arma as well. The whole skill and credits system is IMHO wrongly implemented. When you have no option to recycle purchased weapons or attachments for in-game credits, you can't ever change your load-out. Because you don't get enough credits for buying anything new. Especially since you reset the skill tree few times, experimenting, which is a mistake the game warns you about, but not enough with how much subsequent resets cost. I am no longer interested to grind with a new character just to get enough to be able to make the "perfect" skills and load-outs. There is no way I am gonna earn 250 000 in-game currency to get a vest even though I have the levels for that, unless I grind a lot and grind a lot. The current system just leads to going for one playstyle right from level 1, never deviating, never trying anything else, no experimenting with different loadouts because there is never enough credits for that. Either give us the option to "sell" unneeded" purchased equipment, overhaul the skills and equipment trees completely, or please just stop pretending this is a casual game. I had been drawn to it because of the casualness, and because partly of the Arma style realism. The way it seems now, you either get a perfect equipment and skills for one and only play-style from the level 0 (because you won't be able to change it or get enough money to change it after you chose another), or start over with a new character.
  4. fraczek

    Public Beta

    Glad that 4K at least works under Linux, although I would like to see it in MacOS as well. Rebooting to Windows is quite a hassle :( Finally managed to make a report in the feedback tracker here (4K on MacOS): https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126776
  5. fraczek

    Public Beta

    Really? Finally 1.70 and 64-bit support? Metal 2.0 on Mac? WooHoo! Does that mean Arma 3 on Mac finally works again? Utilising all of VRAM? Can't wait for the download to finish to try... EDIT: Seems to work, at least the game starts and mission loads. Unfortunately, no 4K support at all, not even in windowed mode. Nothing above 1080P (that looks very blurry indeed on 4K screen), even though the eon wrapper fully recognised the video card and VRAM (8GB). Some info/errors/warnings in the eon.txt log: A lot of these, incrementing all the time: [thread 00000013][1414676]: Max dynamic buffer memory overuse now: 33151008 bytes Few of these: [thread 00000010][W][1447929]: [XAUDIO2] - CoreAudio: Buffer underrun occured When trying out 3840x2160 resolution by editing the config file manually, game crashes with the following error: [thread 00000002][47922]: eON_WindowEvent: ResizeBuffers 3840 x 2160 [thread 00000012][E][47923]: In one go, tried to upload data stream of size 33177600, bigger than maximal supported size 16777216! Crashing out. [thread 00000002][47929]: eON_WindowEvent: SetFullscreenState false 0x0 So I guess no HiDPI display support for now... :-( (the machine runs Arma 3 just fine in 4K under BootCamp) (Sierra 10.12.6, Nvidia web drivers)
  6. fraczek

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Could be solved with a bit of dialogue, like
  7. fraczek

    Feedback Thread

    How about just letting us "sell" weapons that we no longer need for credits, even at a loss.
  8. fraczek

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

  9. fraczek

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I really loved the little branching in the campaign giving consequences to your actions. Stuff like [plot spoilers!]... It really gave the campaign much more ambience and immersion (especially with the dialogue on all the little branches, and ending variants) I was wondering about the plot and the Humane achievement [plot spoiler and plot question]: Little confusing thing/bug about the Major mission: The airstrike mission question [armaverse plot spoiler] Overall, I quite liked the campaign. Some fresh ideas, nice execution (pun not intended), pacing and the flashbacks. Especially from the experience of working with actual IDPs and refugees from armed conflicts some years ago. Some criticism from gameplay perspective: The mine detector seems to be too easy, almost magical. Combined with spamming T key when you can't even see the mine/UXO due to grass, it is too simple to just run around and ID all the mines/UXOs. Same with demining, you can do it easily from standing up, perhaps crawling to them like in A2:BAF would be better. Maybe tone the mine detection radius and precision (at least on higher difficulty) and explode the mines unless you approach them crawling slowly would add some tension. Or it might make the demining the whole town too long and tedious. Dunno. Though, since it is a gameplay mechanism that will surely get used by community mission makers, some means of configuring it or toning down might be good. Placing actual flags there from the inventory would make sense as well, instead of the HUD markers.
  10. Yoshi_E, thanks for the reply :) Of course, with the shorter VD any difference might not be much, I just wanted to know if I am not running the 32-bit version by accident :) Going 64-bit did make a difference for me in Arma 3, even though Bohemia had a pretty clever way of circumventing the memory limit of 32-bit processes for years already (via file mapping some part of the free RAM, IIRC, though it was obviously just circumventing the 32-bit limits in a clever way, but probably inferior to full 64-bit addressing), so I just wanted to be sure. And as you say, nosplash is essential :) I use hugepages as well, so far no problems, and do not need HT parameter with my CPU. As most of the parameters are rather system specific, the defaults should probably work right for the majority of players. And with the limited "arenas" and VD in Argo, most impact would be probably just in the editor when zooming over the island. Thanks for the answers, probably consider this closed right now :)
  11. fraczek

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    Second that. Combat Patrol, as an introduction to the whole of Arma series of sorts, should have separate unrestricted loadouts separate from the PvP game. Unrestricted by means of ability to chose a loadout even from the higher tiers, not the ability to grab the biggest MMG plus 10 magazines, ten FAKs and AT with three rockets in a Carryall pack (which the stamina system in A3 quite restricted but you can still see that one some public servers). The current system of loadouts for PvP works pretty fine, if only COOP allowed for no XP restriction when choosing the loadout. It would have two benefits, IMHO: * People could try out higher tier weapons and attachments in COOP without grinding for XP, making them want to play PvP more to get to that level of gear, and let them familiarise with the weapons more than just at the shooting range (or the awesome editor for those that ever open it) * More people could be drawn to Arma 3 for reasons of COOP if the COOP missions in Argo were not totally without gear unless you are already high enough level from PvP, when they outgrow the relatively simple Combat Patrol mission and want something better organised with more players. I disagree with the suggestion that COOP should have its own XP system - that simply doesn't make sense in both the mission structure and whole Arma universe - a real squad or fireteam is not based on XP, nor is it in Arma, it's based on roles. It wouldn't make sense to grind for XP and better gear in COOP, unless in some kind of survival mission which this is not. Perhaps have numbered, premade roles with loadout for the COOP mode, even though that would probably lead to everybody rushing for the sniper spot...(which is not even a fun role in most COOP missions, in organised COOP in Arma I like plain grunts the best, most fun with just CQB sights and it fosters leadership and team cooperation, and teaches you to PID your targets well, sitting behind a rock picking off targets when the rest of the team is doing the work down there and getting into hairy situations with the lone AI they overlooked just around the corner is not such fun) But anything would be better for the COOP than using the same gear as in the PvP mode based on your XP from PvP mode. While in Arma I prefer games with CQB sights and good command structure to make up for it, I can imagine it can be frustrating for new players to start COOP with just a 9mm SMG or something like that. Although the devs can differ, and hopefuly have some data on that :)
  12. fraczek

    Feedback Thread

    Small suggestion and few questions about the server browser: ability to filter Premium servers (either on or off). With lots of servers especially when they are still popping up, it's a bit slow to scroll down few pages to see the non premium ones. Understandably, most random people probably don't use the server browser, and it can be kind of an incentive to buy Argo premium if you keep seeing all those premium servers (if/when they fill up), and I admit freely that I did not buy the premium version yet (although I have bought, over the years, Arma 3 two times - second time just for some deluxe offline content since I missed the first deluxe offer - and have bough Arma 2 and Arma 1 plus CWA at least two or three times as well - in all the different packages like Arma X, Anniversary and whatever they were called :D and I am very much waiting for "Malden tourist package" like with Chernarus and Altis - the postcards and maps I mean) Friends tab in server browser - any functionality yet? Tied to Steam friends like in A3? Does it work atm or is it just a planned feature or carry over from A3? Would be pretty nice if it worked (not that I have any Steam friends myself, though :D) As a requested feature in A3, somewhat less important in Argo but nevertheless perhaps useful: ability to filter missions negatively, by using "-" (minus sign) or similar operator. I admit it is much more important in Arma (where one doesn't e.g. want to see the myriad of Life servers). Since it is tied to Steam I am not sure if that's even possible with Steam handling the server list, but still could be nice in Argo (and awesome in Arma for mentioned reasons) . In Argo, one could for example filter out Link servers, while still keeping Raid and Coop servers visible. In Arma, it would be of course much more useful.
  13. Thanks. That worked. I did use those, how did you guess :) ? I apologise for asking a question about a problem caused by me using not publicised startup parameters I just surmised did carry over from all the years of Arma series :D Few somewhat related questions please (probably should have asked in a diff/new thread though, please delete/merge if inappropriate): If those parameters cause problems, and since Biki doesn't mention Argo yet, are there any official command-line parameters for Argo? The two mentioned seem to partly work (apart from that issue you mentioned with leaving them on after last upgrade), what about the rest of the engine parameters? Especially with 64-bit exe, malloc, Large Page enabled, VRAM for cards with 8GB+, HT, etc like in A3? Probably most of them would not be that much useful, since a lot of new players of Argo unused to tweaking RV engine could just mess up their performance using the wrong ones, like messing up HT or cores (you see questionable advice in YouTube comments about tweaking A3 performance with those all the time), what's the dev's take on this? I do think it might be nice to not disable them, perhaps just show a similar warning as Arma series shows when using mods (Warning, you are running modded version of the game, etc...) What's the default exe that runs when I just click Play Argo in Steam / the desktop icon ? There are three options, Play Argo, Play 64-bit, Play 32-bit, does the first one select the exe suitable for my system (32/64-bit) automatically? Reliably on 64-bit? Thanks!
  14. Since last update, server browser is not working. I can click on the button but nothing happens.
  15. fraczek

    Public Beta

    The Mac port seems to be broken for me. Game runs, but is stuck on black screen with arrow cursor, and that's all. Used to run, albeit slowly, with an older video card before. Mac Pro, Nvidia 1080 with Nvidia drivers, Sierra 10.12.6. possible error in .rpt below, first the Arma 3 OS X Limiter detects VRAM as 8GB, sets the appropriate limiter for OS X port, but this happens: Here are all warnings from eon.txt logfile (the port engine?): and finally OpenGL info from eon.txt: