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  1. Yes doing that i just had too gut assigngear
  2. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Do you have combined A2/A3? Are you sure you haven't added any additional paths to the Additional Addon folders in settings?
  3. Like returning variables in functions. fnc_returnPlayername = { _name = name player; _name };
  4. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    I'm unsure what you are hinting at?. Is there vanilla A2 launching with beta event when the profile is set not too? Or is there something else going on? I'd rather not release the source. I'd assume we had have 400 copies of it in a few days. The only connections the launcher is to my own personal web server where it will read one file containing the current version number.
  5. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    As always thank you fox.
  6. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    http://bit.ly/headpage Version 1.2.1 released.
  7. Simple but useful mod that moves the GPS to the upper right just below the ammo/weapon status dialog. Issues: Hint's might obscure part of the gps. Download
  8. headswe

    Equipment and factions in Arma 3

    Original factions were US/Iran.
  9. I use this, _class = [secondaryWeapon player] call BIS_fnc_classWeapon; _parents = [_class,true] call BIS_fnc_returnParents; if("Launcher_Base_F" in _parents)
  10. headswe

    Ghosthawk seat names? :S

  11. http://scr.hu/0p97/y4vpn http://www.twitch.tv/headswe/b/419892663
  12. headswe

    Development Blog & Reveals

    http://scr.hu/0p97/nqqou 8min ~
  13. Make sure it gets run on every client ( eg call it from a init or init.sqf)
  14. _curPos = getpos _sign; _mode = -1 // or 1 while(true) { _sign setpos [_curPos select 0 + _mode,_curPos select 1,_curpos select 2]; _curPos getpos _sign; sleep 0.3; } Depending on West to east or North to South you need to switch the + mode around.
  15. headswe

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    _x is the current element that is being looped when using foreach on a array
  16. Guessing here, But i assume steam is trying to check is trying to check something, while the process is busy and then timing out and thus the steam ticket check returned null. Just a guess tho.
  17. If they are spawned from a site, add a small sleep for a second or two otherwise it might become a issue where the code is run before the units are spawned in.
  18. There can only be one leader per group. the thing you are looking for is High Command to set up a coc, but i don't think thats in alpha. Ungroup the two fireteam leader from yourself.
  19. headswe

    Repair Script

    try [font=arial]player playActionNow "[color=#000000]RepairingKneel"; [/color]sleep 5; // might need to be tweaked[/font] http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA2:_Moves
  20. headswe

    SLI Utilization Issues

    Most betas by other companies are glorified demos.
  21. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Right, i know where the issue lies,so you can expect a update today.
  22. use a addaction that creates a "SmokeShell" under the helo.
  23. I did some research on this for FA,you can find the thread here.