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  1. Hello everyone! Swifty is not dead, I am well underway to the best version of Swifty ever! Featuring a completely rewritten client and backend. that means faster and more stable updates, including new easier configuration options for repository hosts including optional mods and much more! Join me at the Swifty Discord and help test! PS, this update will not replace Swify 2.0 but there will be no further updates
  2. Swifty has been released!
  3. headswe

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    I am Captain Head and i approve this toolkit. Nice work!.
  4. Hey there man, if you jump onto our discord, we can hopefully sort you out ;)
  5. I have contacted bitdefender. thanks fro the report.
  6. Just a small poke that swifty is still alive. https://gfycat.com/AllFlimsyAvians
  7. release, changelog on site.
  8. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Wrong launcher...
  9. FYI, FTP support is being removed when the next update hits. Its implementation is sub par and not up to spec with rest of swifty.
  10. If you keep the ouput folder between updates, swifty wont replace the non modified files ;) Answered on github.