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  1. https://getswifty.net Swifty aims to be a simple and no-hassle mod updater for Arma 3 communities. It doesn't try to do everything, but instead tries to be intuitive for end-users, with short time-to-play, less buttons to press and less confusing menus. Rather than a common mod repository, it relies on communities to host their own, thus allowing their administrators to maintain control over updates. Speed In the background, Swifty employs delta patching and caching to make mod updates faster. Once cached, a repository of nearly 25 GBs can be diagnosed in a second or two. Deep pbo inspection and patching Go deeper, Swifty compares every file inside the pbos to save on both space and timefor your users. Only edited one file and need to update, don’t fret Swifty gives you 1:1 on the updates. Your own conditions Community administrators who spend their free time maintaining a repository will surely appreciate the freedom of pushing updates when it suits you and your group best. Screenshot Videos Guide to setup a repository https://youtu.be/AOLrHb0es6c
  2. Hello everyone! Swifty is not dead, I am well underway to the best version of Swifty ever! Featuring a completely rewritten client and backend. that means faster and more stable updates, including new easier configuration options for repository hosts including optional mods and much more! Join me at the Swifty Discord and help test! PS, this update will not replace Swify 2.0 but there will be no further updates
  3. ARMA3/2 Launcher A launcher built on the idea of less bloat the better. It supports both A2CO and A3 as well as external addon folders for pain free storage of addons. I also think its pretty. :) Tip: Click the A3/A2 logo to switch between games. Have fun! http://i.imgur.com/v1PdruT.png (833 kB) Another image of when the launcher is in A2 mode here. CHANGELOG ========== Fix Fix: Launcher would not start until versioncheck completed, moved to seperate thread. Fixes Fixed: Unable to launch with beta (CO) Update Fix:Presets now retain paramaters without mods. Fix:Steam users would launch OA, added Arma2 path for that. Feature:Settings menu added, Cogwheel icon in the top right. Feature:Now support addional/external addon folders. Some presets may be rendered inoperable, remake them. Update Presets can now be saved without a description. Now supports Arma 2 CO(only) ,click the ARMA 2/3 logo to switch between them. Now supports a sort of installer for mods inside, extremely WIP, See SPECIAL SECTION Initial release. Download : http://bit.ly/headlaunch
  4. Swifty has been released!
  5. headswe

    Konigstiger's Linux Toolkit

    I am Captain Head and i approve this toolkit. Nice work!.
  6. Hey there man, if you jump onto our discord, we can hopefully sort you out ;)
  7. I have contacted bitdefender. thanks fro the report.
  8. Just a small poke that swifty is still alive. https://gfycat.com/AllFlimsyAvians
  9. release, changelog on site.
  10. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Wrong launcher...
  11. FYI, FTP support is being removed when the next update hits. Its implementation is sub par and not up to spec with rest of swifty.
  12. If you keep the ouput folder between updates, swifty wont replace the non modified files ;) Answered on github.
  13. Please can we get a answer for this?
  14. No worries mate. Also yes, what you described have been discussed and planned for regarding the import screen, we just discussed it in discord the other day.
  15. Not too sure what you mean, when using import skip the create screen? No, i don't consider placing mods inside the Arma 3 folder a standard in any way. I personally generate my updates on the server. The patchcreator works both on windows and linux using mono ( ensure you have latest version ). But i understand your pain, in the future i plan to implement a feature that cleans the output folder afterwards and thus you could use something like rsync or alike application to sync the repos. I can tell you this aside size concerns the old files aren't dangerous in any way. Agreed, this feature was lost during a rewrite, I'll make a point to add it. Optional addons are on my todo list. For now, you can add the repo folder to the external addons folders list and you will be able to use repo settings -> mods to enable them for the main repo. Thanks for your interest.
  16. Feel free to butcher my spectator script from F3, looking forward to a nice insurgency.
  17. Found the proper issue. Append Seagull to the RespawnTemplates[] = {};
  18. Version: 0.1 Description: Editor to edit and browse ArmA3 mission files. Features currently Browse Export Change order of units/groups( drag) Change text(string) attributes of units/intel etc. (doubleclick) Uses description on units/groups to show their name. Recursively/single make units playable ( right click menu) Media: GIF Download
  19. headswe

    SQMEdit V0.1

    Not a bad idea, i'l look into it. Yes.