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  1. { if ( _x in primaryWeaponMagazine _soldier ) then { _soldier removeMagazine _x } } forEach magazines _soldier; _soldier removeWeapon primaryWeapon _soldier; This is one way, but if the player has other magazines (One weapon can load multiple types of magazines) or has no magazines loaded, it won't work. so get all attachable magazines from the config and delete them. grz
  2. cthulhu616

    While with If/Then

    might be minimal for this, but now you know that there are other ways for evaluation aswell ;-) btw... instead of switch (true) do { case ((player distance BROTHER)>5000): { playSound "LongRange"; hint "LongRange"; }; case ((player distance BROTHER)>2450) && ((player distance BROTHER)<2550): { //code.. }; }; you could also do this: _distance= player distance BROTHER switch (true) do { case (_distance>5000): { playSound "LongRange"; hint "LongRange"; }; case (_distance>2450) && ((player distance BROTHER)<2550): { //code.. }; }; so you only have to use that distance command once :-) PS: It's all about being lazy :D
  3. cthulhu616

    While with If/Then

    hey, you could do this with a switch instead of if evalutaion so you only have to make 1 evaluation each cycle and compare them with the values greetings :-)
  4. cthulhu616

    Issues calling functions

    spawn the units at [0,0,0] then teleport them to the position of the missionMarker... replace the function _fn_spawnAiOnMission with a hint and check if the function is called correctly. the next step would be debugging all needed variables to see if they're really defined just to get it right: the _fn_missionClock is a counter isn't it? Edit: so what you want to do is: spawn units -> start counter ->wait 1200 seconds -> delete units is that right?? as it was stated before, calling a function forces it's parent function to wait until the called function is finished. so you're finishing the loop first and create units afterwards, try it the other way around _fn_missionClock = { private ["_time"]; _time = 1200; while {_time >= 1} do { _time = _time - 1; }; if (_time <= 1) then { hint "The convoy mission has ended. All vehicles and infantry will be deleted in 5 minute"; deleteMarker "missionMarker"; sleep 300; // Delete vehicles and infantry code here }; }; !!! call _fn_missionClock; !!! [10, 2] call fn_spawnAiOnMission;
  5. cthulhu616

    Modifying bullets via script

    hey, bulltets are a very special topic killzonekid discussed this issue, may be interesting for you http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-fired-projectiles/ towards your problem: check the owner of the given projectile https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/owner you may have to set the ownership of the projectile to get right information in the hit eventhandler (but i'm not sure) _projectile setOwner (owner _playerObject);
  6. hey, realised that grenates seem to be pretty harmless now.... even if it's exploding 1m beside someone it will not kill a unit PS: just realised it seesm not to be in every case, sometimes they die, sometimes not
  7. :-) if there's 1 thing i learned from BIS in the past 10 years... then it's patience :D
  8. Same Problem here... bought the bundle but have no access to Marksmen DLC stuff =/
  9. cthulhu616

    Jet DLC?

    i'm completely with demongod... as long as there is no overhaul of all those things planned, no more vehicles should be added which completely screw the balance in MP games
  10. cthulhu616

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Did some fast testing right now. I've tested the reaction from AI to incoming bullets and the recognition of Shooter towards the group, here is my conclusion - ranges from 200 to 400 m (shooter, receiver) were tested. The shooter used a MX 3GL 6,5 mm Ammo, STANAG Mag. The Shots were fired 2-5 meters pass the group leader of receiving group, not impacting on ground. For the test only 1 shot was fired, afterwards the time needed until the group leader knows something about the shooter was investigated. The shooter was standing while shooting and there were no obstacles between the receiving group and the shooter (Tested at an airfield) - The AI reacted properly at all distances (went into prone after bullets passed by) - At a distance of 200 m the knowsabout value raises up to 0,33 to 0,44 (tested 3 times) after about 10 seconds (after first reaction of AI). ( - Some further tests showed that additional shots raise the knowsabout value), group returns fire after about further 10 to 20 seconds - At distances of 300 and 400 m the AI doesn't recognize the shooter after one (or several shots), group doesn't return fire Some further conclusions made while testing this - Hitting a group member reveals the shooter immediately to the group at about 1.5 (but i think this value depends on distance from shooter to group?), group returns fire. Edit: - to the point above: Killing group members with the first shot fired doesn't reveal the shooter to the group (only injuring a group member does reveal the shooter) maybe someone could confirm my observations? I'm not an expert regarding firefights, only did some duel-simulator during my basic military service and during my actual military trainings. During firefights i was able to estimate where the shots came from (rough direction) when the first shots were fired. But I don't know if i would be able to do this in a real firefight. In my point of view, the AI should gather more information about the shooter when bullets pass by. At least it's illogical why the group gathers more information about a shooter when a team member is hit compared to a bullet only passing by. grz Cthulhu
  11. cthulhu616

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    ah ok.. thought it's already implemented... thx
  12. cthulhu616

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    When does this trigger??? tried it by shooting at some enemies in the distance (~300m) but they still don't recognize me or the bullets (e.g. by changing behaviour)... they only return fire when one of their group is hit
  13. cthulhu616

    Waypoint Eventhandler

    holy... totally missed that haha, thx alot!!
  14. Hey guys, I'm wondering if there isn't something like an eventhandler for Waypoints, especially something like a WaypointDone Eventhandler. any ideas? grz cthulhu
  15. cthulhu616

    What's In TOH's Future?

    hey, will there be space flight simulation elements as seen in Kerbal Space Prgramme?