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  1. Iron_Sagaris

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    It's definitely Farsi. At the beginning of the video they're saying (translated rougly), "Get to your vehicles, we have intelligence of several enemies in the city." I don't really feel like translating the rest but it's definitely Farsi. Accents are a little funny but overall they did a very good job.
  2. Iron_Sagaris

    Will Opfor speak Farsi in the retail version?

    It was Dari, not exactly the same as Farsi but similar.
  3. Iron_Sagaris

    Friendly Fire And You: Learn The Uniforms

    Fixed that for you mate. But I do feel that most tking is intentional, the uniforms don't look alike at all.
  4. Iron_Sagaris

    ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

    I don't mind, the KH is a lot cooler than the TAR in my opinion and the Ifrit looks amazing. Most importantly it leaves hope that OpFor will get a real fighter instead of a L-159 trainer!
  5. Iron_Sagaris

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Probably changed the name of the M-ATV to avoid licensing issues.
  6. Iron_Sagaris

    ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

    I've been loving playing with them so far. Since it seems most of their vehicles ad weapons are (thankfully) being replaced I'm wondering what BI will replace the Namer with...
  7. Iron_Sagaris

    Undead Chernarus

    No I mean the text that appears that says "Made by Starky Version 1.0," not the text that says "Loot should be spawned now." Here are some ideas I had to improve the mission (though with my lack of knowledge in scripting I have no idea if these are feasible): 1. Randomize the locations of Guardposts/Safe Zones/Abandoned stuff with a somewhat higher frequency. At this point I'm always just travelling between the pre-set locations doing the same thing everytime. 2. Random individual survivors or groups of survivors roaming around outside of pre-determined areas... maybe some of them are hostile? 3. Randomize the spawn point. Again I'm basically always starting out my games by stealing the first car I see down the hill and driving to somewhwere with a gas station. But that's just what I think, obviously you're free to implement whatever you feel is best. Also the voice thing doesn't seem to show up everytime. It happened my very first game but not my second, so I'm not exactly sure what happened there.
  8. Iron_Sagaris

    Undead Chernarus

    Looks great so far! I just got my new computer so I haven't been able to play too much but here's some of my thoughts on the mission so far. 1. I'm still getting a missing data message for JSRS. 2. The intro text is very slow to appear. It takes quite a while for it to show up and disappear. 3. Voices are broken up and my character often only says one word when I give my teammate an order, perhaps this is intentional though. 4. This one is personal opinion but perhaps you should change the character model for the player, it just doesn't feel right sneaking around in a suit. I will play some more when I get the chance and give you some further notes.
  9. Iron_Sagaris

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    Well my rationale is that in BF3 Iran was only in the game as an enemy. They weren't included as a playable faction in multiplayer or singleplayer. The only thing I could do is shoot them... Many games that have you fighting Russians let you play as them in some way or another. I doubt there's many games where you fight Americans and can't play as them, though obviously I don't know about every single game in existence. But that's the best part of ArmA and BI, they let you play as anything you want, even a dog or rabbit!
  10. Iron_Sagaris

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    I'm not gonna lie I didn't buy BF3 for that reason... that and EA. First thing I'm going to do when ArmA 3 comes out is jump into the editor and make some OpFor missions!
  11. Iron_Sagaris

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    BI could do what Egosoft did with X3:TC. They gave you the option to activate, download, and run the game from Steam with a proper cd-key but also allowed you to install a non-steam version from the disc. So anyone who doesn't want to deal with Steam doesn't have to and those who want what Steam has to offer can take advantage of it. Personally I wish more games took this approach!
  12. Iron_Sagaris

    Iranian Forces Mod

    Sounds good! But regarding the Zulfiqar, even if it is a 1 model, wouldn't a T-72 style smoke launcher still be a more accurate representation? Most pictures of the Zulfiqar-1 seem to show them using that style. But this is just me nit-picking really, your tank is already quite a beauty! This is the only Chieftain model I'm aware of: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13577 I know nothing about modding but I'm assuming, with the author's permission, a re-skin shouldn't be too difficult. Looking forward to the next version!
  13. Iron_Sagaris

    Iranian Forces Mod

    Great mod! It's been a blast playing with these units! I just have a few suggestions: 1. The Zulfiqar MBT looks (at least to me) like it's a 2 model. Wouldn't it look better if it had the smoke launchers from the T-72 in the front rather than the ones from the Abrams? A picture for reference: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/iran/images/zolfaghar1-pic3.jpg 2. I think you may have discussed this already but any chance that we're going to see a Chieftain in future versions? 3. Perhaps we can get units equipped with gasmasks. I'm sure they haven't forgotten their experiences with chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War. Besides, there's no denying these guys look pretty awesome: http://www.iranchamber.com/history/iran_iraq_war/images/iranian_troops3.jpg 4. This one's not really that much of a deal and mostly personal preference but is there a way to remove the the F-14s and F-4s from BluFOR factions since the US no longer operates either of them in combat roles? But other than that it's quite an amazing mod! I'm glad to see Iran getting some attention!
  14. Mi-24 Superhind Mk. V and BMPT for OpFor: http://img.fyjs.cn/Mon_0809/27_83188_0e7edeb4980ce0b.jpg http://www.military-today.com/tanks/bmpt.jpg Leopard 2A7 for BluFor: http://operatorchan.org/v/arch/src/v38889_German%20Leopard%202A7%20+%20fires%20programmable%20HE%20munitio.png Older equipment like the T-55, T-72, and Mi-8 for the Greek Militia factions.
  15. Anyone find a fix to this issue? Patching to 1.18 does not seem to fix it for the Steam version either.