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  1. I've now played with most pbos (the recommended ones) on RAMDISK for 2 days as a test. System specs: MOBO: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 CPU: i5-3570k @ 3,4 GHz GPU: GTX 670 OC version SSD: Samsung 830 256 GB RAM: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 Dual PSU: Super Flower 1000 W OS: Win7 64-bit I installed free SoftPerfect RAM Disk program, created a 10 GB RAMDISK and moved the recommended A2 pbos mentioned in this topic and also some OA pbos (in \Expansion\AddOns) to the RAMDISK and linked the files with Symbolic Links. I've played on both Chernarus and Takistan a couple of hours now. At first, I saw no magic FPS increase or smoother FPS (there was still some micro stutter, maybe slightly less than before). Then I remembered that someone had mentioned the performance of RAMDISK being limited in practice by CPU (and the RAMDISK program itself), so I changed the priority of Arma2OA.exe and the RAMDISK processes from Normal to Very High as a test (didn't change affinity, because I was using parameters -cpuCount=4 and -exThreads=7) and alt-tabbed back to game. The FPS increased about 30 % (all video settings on Very High and Video Memory on Default, PP effects were Low) to 90 FPS with 2500 m viewdistance (on Domination server that had about 40 players online). The stutter decreased drastically and probably because of that the gameplay felt very smooth. LODs and textures didn't "pop" anymore (that also caused stutter) – when they appeared they had already correct LOD. It made the immersion and graphical experience much better. Based on my test, I definitely recommend to use RAMDISK, even if you have Arma installed on SSD disk, if you have enough free RAM (+4 GB) and powerful enough CPU. Because of the performance boost a question popped in my mind: could dedicated server get a performance boost if the files used by it were moved to RAMDISK? If I've understood correctly, dedicated server can use 2 cores. Eg. on quad core server the RAMDISK process could use then the 2 cores that are not used by the server. Is it even possible, and if is, has anyone tested this? I'd be very interested to see the results if there are any!
  2. Yeah... On our system though, they're positioned in the middle of teams and about 50 meters (depending eg. on the cover that ground has) behind the fighting soldiers and not actually engaging, but ready to "dispatch" from their position to the wounded, if there is need. Medics should stay on the background though, primarily the fighting soldiers should evac the patient to cover to avoid exposing their medic to enemy fire.
  3. Ability to lower also pistols. Essential for at least roleplay missions and mods. This can't be probably changed, but you can always wish... :) Map design so that grass is shorter and map topography designed in micro level so that there's small covers (small holes, slopes (?), rocks) all around the map if possible, like in IRL. I think, that it would make a huge difference to combat. You could advance some steps from cover to cover and eg. evac a patient by using those covers.
  4. I served in Finnish Defence Forces. To be honest, we were told too that in practice we would probably have to hide the international signs and fight like regular soldiers if needed, because it's very likely to happen that enemy doesn't care about the Geneva conventions, and the red cross sign in our uniforms can be spotted really far away (the cross itself is a good target too, "aim here!")
  5. finguide

    December 2012 status update

    I have somehow positive gut feeling of Arma 3 despite of the delays. I understand that the situation in Greece is causing problems and delays, but I'm sure that Ivan and Martin will be released soon. I don't believe that Limnos would be removed from the game. The game is being delayed, maybe because of that, but on the other hand, devs have more time to finish and polish their baby now. The lack of sneak peek stuff or reports "from the field" doesn't mean that they're just drinking coffee and chattering there. :)
  6. Thanks for your replies. I see that I may have had wrong information. But what confuses me, is that I served in obligatory army as medic, and we were also carrying basic assault rifles. Despite of that, we had lessons of Geneva conventions during our training period and we were told there that no-one of us in the medic training – not medics of infantry teams, not company or battalion level medics, ambulance medics etc. are allowed to engage. We could carry assault rifles but use them only to protect our actions if enemy opened fire towards us, and still maintain the protection of medical corps that Geneva conventions allow to us. On the other hand, we had very visible red cross signs attached to our camouflage uniforms, which was a requirement to have the protection of medical corps. Eg. the US medic character in the game has the international sign in his backpack.
  7. One thing that I've been wondering... If they are developing the features of game to obey Geneve conventions (like they did in A2 too, right?), is that why do medics engage? If they obeyed the Geneva conventions, medics should never engage and they should always be in "hold fire" mode, and on the other hand, enemy should never open fire towards the medical troops. Of course, mistakes happen in real life and there's always chance to misidentify the troops in firefight when you are extremely stressed and in hurry, but it still kind of disturbs me.
  8. finguide

    Something wrong with filters?

    I have the same issue, it appeared some weeks ago. Eg. filtering "wasteland" with max 250 ms ping usually gives max. 10 results (usually 0 or 1), when there actually is tens of servers that meet the search criteria. Nowadays I have to use Arma Swec to search servers and connect to the servers with remote IP that is found in the server stats on the site.
  9. The game keeps adjusting the joystick sensitivity during the game nonstop regardless of the joystick model and PC (tested with 2 joysticks and PCs, in A2, OA and CO). I find this very annoying, because when you have to do very gentle and minor maneuvers, the game immediately increases the sensitivity of joystick and makes eg. chopper almost turn around upside down if you even touch the stick. For example, I have to move my joystick multiple times in extreme angles (all corners) when I join the game so that I actually would be able to control a chopper. Unfortunately that isn't possible when you're flying so eg. landing to a place that barely has room for chopper is very hard because the sensitivity increases massively when you move the stick only a little bit. Is there any way to disable this? I've been suffering from this issue for a year now and it's still very frustrating. I found this line from my profile config file, can the autoadjust be disabled by editing it? Thanks in advance, finguide
  10. I have this issue too. In SP everything works fine, but in MP the GPU (GTX 670) usage drops under 50 percent. It's quite annoying, because I play Arma only and only in MP.. :rolleyes:
  11. A (hopefully) simple AI improvement: taking cover immediately and/or switching the stance (if there is no proper cover near) when it's under fire, and in case of infantry, then ability to peek by switching to higher stance or lean, depending on the cover. AI could also spot the direction of the unit that shoots them better, but spotting the unit could be little harder/not so probable as it's now. AI could use suppressive fire too more aggressively. Because this can result in too hard AI for some players, there could be an option to disable or enable it in AI settings. In my opinion, this should definitely be included in the vanilla version. It would make the supporting fire units like MGs actually usable, because suppressing the enemy would actually work. Nowadays sniping the AI from high distances is way too superior tactic compared to other tactics. On almost any public server where people fight against AI (Domination servers, for example), almost everyone gets sniper and high range guidable AT/AA and snipes the AI running around the town and hills randomly, and shoots the armoured targets with AT far away. If it was actually possible to suppress the enemy, also other options than sniping the enemies far away would become considerable options too. Sniping would become useful in assisting the groups to move to target. For example, snipers could eliminate the key targets, like artillery observers, and then make it easier to the groups to move to the target. This would result in better teamplay and increased variety of actually usable tactics to be used to attack enemy and thus make a huge improvement in the replayability and the overall quality of the gameplay.
  12. finguide

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Agreed too. I'd still buy the Fractal though, I consider it as very good solution. I have the R4 myself, and I can easily imagine that I'll have the same case still after 10 years. Based on Smith's messages, I don't think that he's going to use those any programs that really benefit from hyper-threading or very fast RAM, or if he actually will use them, the build is still very decent to that kind of use. And because the processor may be the bottleneck of the system with 2 HD7970s, I'd definitely get aftermarket CPU cooler (some examples here) and overclock the processor. If one doesn't want to OC the CPU it would be still a very good solution to buy OC service from local IT experts/professionals with that build. i5-3570k is especially made for overclocking, it's often possible to reach 4,5 GHz and even 5 GHz with it...! That makes a huge difference, if the processor is the bottleneck of system like in this case it may be – especially when we're talking about ArmA series. You could buy the components and case and buy service from local IT professionals and let them put the stuff together, maybe even install the OS, drivers etc for you. Much more performance for the money. :)
  13. finguide

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Computer case: from this to this or this -> save $50 with no difference in case - quality brand case (I have the first one myself), very quiet, looks and keeps your components cool Processor: from this to this -> save $95 with 0-3% performance hit - only difference between these two is hyperthreading technology that almost any game can't use RAM: from this to this -> save $34 with 0-2 % performance hit - the optimal RAM performance/price ratio is at this moment 1600 MHz / CL 9 latency, above that the performance boost is very small when compared to price = Total savings $189 with 0-3 % performance hit (almost none!)
  14. This deserves highlighting... I understand their point about publishing the mission to community, but on the other hand, why not make one yourself if you really like the idea? I wonder what is the reason why Sa-Matra could not host the mission himself and just open as many servers as there is demand. In my opinion, their admin system is good and responsive and they're opening new servers, so I see no proper reason that would justify to steal the mission. Why should the mission be published to community if Sa-Matra doesn't want it? I'm also myself developing a mission in a team, developing it has taken literally hundreds of hours and hundreds of pages of text. I can imagine the feeling if someone just stole the mission and opened server with it, and then began to blame us for not publishing the mission immediately to public and let everyone host their own server... My team is planning to publish the platform of the mission to public, so that community can develop their own versions of the mission if they feel need to do that. In general, I wonder where do these people come from that are not doing/creating anything themselves, but instead stealing others work and then blaim the creators of mission for not giving them immediately what they want. If you want to host a popular mission, make one.
  15. Because of the way that 404games acts, copying the code and removing the credits, I'm going to "vote with my feet" and play on 404games Wasteland servers never again. I've found Sa-Matra as very nice and helpful person, so I want to support him. I hope that others will do this too and support the guy that has actually created this wonderful mission.