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  1. Worthless? Not for example 'not completely accurate', but worthless? Sure.
  2. Not sure if anyone finds it interesting, but we started putting our 'clan' results of Yet Another ArmA Benchmark scenario found in the Steam Workshop into a Google Sheets table. Here you can see the first few results, more to come. Would this kind of sheet be interesting for rest of you to insert your scores? We ran YAAB at Ultra settings (not touching anything manually), 1920 x 1080, no mods and no Nvidia ShadowPlays or similar on. Updated chart with MIN & MAX: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yoizcbQ1WZTAltVACygDgPA5OJOyqp1X
  3. specialsmith

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Nice and extensive review man!
  4. specialsmith

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Finding Vindicta in two version in Steam Workshop I take it is now available through that distribution channel also, and that the mod collection list with few dev-mods are not necessary anymore? I am hugely enthusiastic to get to test this mission! Thank you for the work. 🙂
  5. Thanks! Will do. I guess I just lost hope as the civs didn't spawn time after time again. Probably just ArmA being ArmA, local bug or something. At least I got a confirmation from you guys that they _should_ indeed work. Thanks a lot. Also to you @JD Wang 👍
  6. Hi all, Great mod btw. Really enjoy making scenarios with ALiVE playing main role or side role (as filling the map with enemy or civilians). Just one question: Is there an up to date list of factions that work out of box with ALiVE ? I'm looking to create a version of the insurgency template mission in Chernarus or some of Temppa's maps like Ruha. I would really want to use eastern european civilians, but none of the suitable civilian faction from the Wiki list seem to work. Either the civilians just don't appear, or then they appear in the standard Altis-style clothing. I tried with the CUP_C_CHERNARUS and couple different variations of faction names as I saw them spelled in the editor. Orbatron faction will be the last chance, I guess. But that will require me to add one more 'mod' to the already lengthy list on the dedi. Thanks anyway! 👍
  7. specialsmith

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Just wanted to thank you@nkenny for great work on the mod! I’ve been reading this thread since you posted it. We already ran our weekend long LAN-party using this and other LAMBS mods. No complaints, and everybody were happy with the firefights we had. Will continue to follow this development and contribute with feedback from our games whenever such is recorded. :) Thank you!
  8. Forget about it! Found it in the GitHub... Yo! Great mod, obviously. Can you help me locate this: "If you make any changes to unit loadouts, the faction must be packed into a pbo and run as an addon. An addon autogen tool is included in the ALiVE folder. Simply unzip the @testmod.rar and paste the Orbat Tool code into autogen.hpp. All clients in multiplayer will need the addon.pbo but future missions with this custom faction do not require @ALiVE to be running." --Snippet from your Wiki at ORBAT tool - ALiVE Wiki
  9. Woah! Niiiiiiice. Can’t wait to see this. :P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. specialsmith

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Btw,@snkman, I found an interesting FX feature in one Tanoan house. :D I don’t think it’s listed in the documentation... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. specialsmith

    How do you manage AI-mod / no AI-mod on your server?

    You know what would be so nice? If ArmA dedicated server mission lobby had a parameter to choose AI mod or none. Like there is the difficulty option. ....and that brings me to ask: could you make “custom difficulty” to kick off VCOM or other AI mod? That would basically be enough to solve this issue that some missions benefit of AI mods while others don’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. specialsmith

    How do you manage AI-mod / no AI-mod on your server?

    Yup. Haven’t run extensive tests yet, but planning to do so. I remember GroupLink from OFP already. [emoji23]
  13. specialsmith

    How do you manage AI-mod / no AI-mod on your server?

    @redarmy You are absolutely correct. This was not the best opening, that is certain. And you're correct as well, it's wrong to mock ArmA 3 original AI and assume most would enjoy the same mods as I. Apologizes for the unfair start. 😕 And I agree with you, the FPS issues and some really silly functional issues that often come with the AI mods are lame, and do ruin the experience when they happen. Then again, the OG AI when behaving stupid makes gameplay lame. I do agree with you, careful mission design with some of the available randomization feaetures found in OG ArmA editor make gameplay feel "authentic" enough. In our crew at least the feel of "authentic" situation comes from couple things; unexpected and 'smart' behaviour of the enemy. Sometimes the OG AI is way too easy to anticipate, e.g. they tend to walk to the same doorway following the same path one after another. I made a short video some time ago to demo some of these different behavious of the AI with different mods, or without. I'm interested in these things so that I just might do some more 'research' on them in near future... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BmqWValX3A&t=1s
  14. Hi all, I'm having this huge issue with AI-mods. I mean it is common knowledge ArmA without AI-mods like VCom or ASR is not that fun. Now then, if you want to run e.g. VCom on your dedi, it means ALL missions run on the dedi will have VCom on. Some great content - missions, campaigns - just do not want you to use such mods due to compatibility issues. They might have some already integrated, or then made so that an AI-mod could break them. Now there are also things like Tactical Combat Link - Type X, and I would be very keen to run that for tests as well (warm memories of GroupLink 1..n), but I'm torn because the difficulty to set the server so that it supports optimal gaming experience for many different mission types and theaters. Should one run two (or more) servers side by side with different AI-mod (or no AI-mod) setups? How to solve this?😕