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  1. Going to bluntly copy me feedback from Drongo's Discord server to here: I wanted to go to Steam and give huge compliments to jujurat on their Sa'hatra map, but the commentary is disable. My gosh that map is beautiful! It's the first map I've seen yet in all these years that manages to capture a unique atmosphere in a really cool way. The desert wind, the sunrise and the looming sandstorm at the background really work nicely making the environment feel really something different. At least for what I've seen, this map is the first map providing believable Middle Eastern environment to design your scenario in. Wow! 5/5 ^^ Adding to this; What an absolute gem! Thank you for your contribution. You Sir just made ArmA 3 to live another year again. Not sure if that's good or bad, but damn does it look great! I've already put together couple rough DMP/HAL missions and will likely keep working on more. It's just really such a cool environment to roam around. T H A N K Y O U !!!
  2. Not sure if I'm thrilled or horrified to imagine something similar deployed on ArmA AI heads. 😄 https://twitter.com/emollick/status/1645499660402925576?s=20
  3. specialsmith

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Just wanted to thank you for the great mission (or mod). We have now after a longer break taken Vindicta to our dedi and played now Malden and Livonia. The mission is incredible. “Best time in ArmA series since FDFmod 1.4 on OFP!” was one of the compliments said after our latest five hour session in Livonia. It’s a lot said. I agree to that statement and argue that this mission is probably the most sophisticated, balanced, challenging, immersive and addicting way to play ArmA 3. With TFAR and LAMBS mods this mission is giving so much joy and challenge, it is hard to imagine a better way of spending time in ArmA. Vindicta is the first whole island mission that we have experienced since 2001 and beginning of the game series that really provides an enemy that acts according a logic the players can observe and predict. When intelligence tells you about a convoy, the convoy actually moves according to the plan. No magical spawning reinforcements, but actual logistical operations that can be attacked and interrupted. Thank you! This mod is a masterpiece, and should definitely be part of ArmA 4 base game.
  4. Thank you for the bot! Just took it to use, and can confirm the deployment is easy - if it was not I would've not managed. 😄
  5. specialsmith

    IDEA: Dynamic Bulwarks (kind of) but PvP?

    Your mission works fine! And we really enjoyed playing it in our LAN-party. 🙂 I think your mission actually ticks many of the boxes I was looking for. And actually, like you say, the simplicity may just be better than the complexity I envisioned... At least I am not pursuing the mission idea after I found the DTAS.
  6. specialsmith

    IDEA: Dynamic Bulwarks (kind of) but PvP?

    I guess this great looking mission from @galzohar checks many of the boxes. Dynamic Take And Secure
  7. Hi all, I have this idea for LAN-party multiplayer PvP game mode / mission, I would like to hear your views, ideas or pointers to already existing material, if you know some. Main idea Dynamic Bulwarks -type of mission, but with PvP setting. Half (or less) of the players defending the bulwark, like in the amazing original version by omNomios and Willtop with ability to buy structures and prepare the base for upcoming assault. And the other part of the team planning their attack from one of the four available spaw points around the defenders location. The attackers would have certain amount of time, 15 or 20 minutes (changed in mission parameters) to kill all defenders and/or maybe to reach the flag at the bulwark, or something. Defenders would win if they manage to defend until the end of the time. Defenders would have revive only, no respawn. Attackers would have respawn also, and ability to spawn to the respawn vehicle that they could drive near to the target. Both sides would gather points/money, that could be used to buy new weaponry, or structures/vehicles to make the assault or defense easier. Most probably the mission would work best at night, and the amount of NV, light sources or thermal imaging equipment would be limited or completely absent. Maybe points could buy some better gear. Some considerations If the building mechanic would be like the one in Dynamic Bulwarks, the object should be not movable for the other side. Careful balancing of gear, structures and point/money resources should be considered to make the game fun and balanced. Attacking side should have few spawn options, to make defenders duty more difficult, and less predictable. Would you think this is worth making? Would it be fun?
  8. Thank you a ton for such a complete answer! I think your answer should be sticked on top of one of these forums. I'm sure there are more than me trying to figure out how these different mods differentiate, and if they do, how do they complement each other. I am familiar enough with mods since OFP, so the technology is not really the problem. The problem comes when you try to provide your mates with a consisten gaming experience, and try to figure what mods to run to cover all the nations, their armies and different types of units - AND to do this in the best possible quality. I do own Iron Front: Liberation 1944, so I did understand what IFA3 stands for. But I bet there are thousands of enthusiasts who have no idea and struggle in front of the sea of mods. Don't get me wrong, I think the amount of options and the quality of the community work is amazing and highly appreciated by us all. It just can be a bit overwhelming... 😉 I also think that there are many who don't get the "same as FULL version but..." because people probably don't know that we are referring to a standalone game that has its own assets and those are ported to ArmA 3 in a mod in lower resolution - hence not 'FULL'. I can admit that I at least did not understand that IFA3_AIO_LITE includes(!) the WW2_objects. I have made so many missions and included both of the mods in my server requirements making my small community go crazy due to the 25Gees of download before they get playing... 😐 Thanks for clarification!! The clarification is important, and so is the background @Gunter Severloh started describing. This gives us context on who are behind these mods, and helps to understand what to expect. I tend to agree, that naming should be different if the mods are not officially related...
  9. What exactly are the differences between the WW2 mods: - IFA3 AIO LITE - IFA3 Liberation Is the Liberation complementary to AIO LITE, or what? I know these mods have been around for years, but still it is not clear what should be run on a server for optimal WW2 experience. What does “WOG modpack” mean? @Gunter Severloh’s WW2 mod list is amazingly great, still I seem to fail to find out how these different mods come together, or don’t. Also, is GEIST improving visuals of existing IFA units, or just adding new compositions for added variation? I am running a Northern Fronts server for my gang and would love to find out how to achieve great WW2 scenarios with least mods running. is this obvious for everyone else?
  10. specialsmith

    Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2

    Hi guys, big fan of your work and would like to interact with the community. Is there a chance to join the Discord-server for discussions? The invite on the OP is outdated. Thanks!
  11. specialsmith

    Recommend intense, compact PvP/TvT mission or mode

    I absolutely agree. Actually, the original plan of our lan-party was to go through the official game modes of which some have been released with the DLCs. Unfortunately we didn’t get to the End Game yet. I tried it alone for test, and I am afraid the PVE aspect of it might be unwanted by the group. We need to test it first in a bigger session i guess. Something like what Argo provides (that game mode with those links or whatever) could be interesting and suitable for relatively small group (6vs6 or so).
  12. Hi all, We just concluded our LAN-party last night. Actually this time the LAN-party we've arranged more than 20 times was done over internet due to COVID-19 and the lockdown we have on. Well anyway, we had some 12-16 players online most of the active time throughout the weekend. We spent a lot of time in KOTH. While that was fun as heck, we were still left missing decent team vs. team action between our own gang. So that leads me to make the question to you dear community; what would you recommend for group of 10-16 players to play against each other? Some considerations: We feel that many of the tested missions/modes are designed for largers scale than what our player amount supports We played WARMACHINE (which by the way is great mod/mission!), but that also spreads us wide on the map, even in the most compact possible setup. The tempo of the battle is easily lost in that case. We would wish to play without AI team mates Infantry warfare is more interesting with this small group It would be optimal if there was a goal in the game other than just killing others to motivate engagement in smarter way. A bit like in current version of KOTH, the common target and the ever moving priority area makes it so much more interesting to play basically eliminating the remote snipers almost completely A bit in line with the above bullet; good TvT mission would require the teams move actively to mitigate camping and other passive behaviors What do you play with similar group size?
  13. specialsmith

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Doing it now. I had missed this somehow... I was suspecting is the case, thank you for commenting on it. 🙂 I will! It usually allows us to concentrate on missions with more time and coordination. The crew have already asked if we could play Vindicta there, so I believe we will. 🙂
  14. specialsmith

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Similar experiences here. Interesting to see what will be the situation when we spend couple days in our LAN-party playing this with group of ten players. In our group the best AI-experience we’ve had in loooong time has come with LAMBS danger.fsm -mod. Would be cool if that could be run with Vindicta...
  15. Hi all, We found there is too few KOTH servers without 3rd person view, so we popped up our own for now. Welcome to https://servers.armakoth.com/s/ and try out! - Vanilla, no mods - HC, veteran mode - Malden - Night available (time of day random) Best regards, specialsmith