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  1. m4rt14l


    First, my apologies for having the mission rather disregarded, About the server crashing problems, It is not just a matter of addons and I've tried a thousand things that do not quite work, I'm working on it and i will release as soon work perfectly. Greets and thanks.
  2. m4rt14l

    Esus Server A3 Administration Tool

    Very nice work! A must have tool to manage servers.
  3. m4rt14l

    Spyder Addons

    Really superb work!!! Many thanks for bring this fantastic addon to the ArmA community. Greets[emoji4]
  4. m4rt14l


    Hi all, I have found solution to problem with tasks, mostly thanks to Shuko, one of my heroes of this community :) I'm working to fix it, greets and thanks.
  5. Fantastic work, after nexus patch this can save my life :) Just one thing, I will use his work to create scripted tasks like this: fn_spawnCommsMission = { hint "UPDATED SPECIAL OPS"; //creating the marker _markerArray = ["commsmkr_1","commsmkr_2","commsmkr_3","commsmkr_4","commsmkr_5","commsmkr_6"]; _rnd = floor (random (count(_markerArray))); _mrkSpawnPos = getMarkerPos (_markerArray select _rnd); _markerSO = createMarker ["mob_comms", _mrkSpawnPos]; _markerSO setMarkerShape "empty"; //creating the vehicle _newPos = [getMarkerPos _markerSO, 100, 500, 10, 0, 0, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _movilhq = createVehicle ["rhs_gaz66_r142_msv", _newPos, [], 0, "NONE"]; _isFlat_comms = [getMarkerPos _markerSO,500] call getFlatArea; _movilhq setPos _isFlat_comms; _camonet = createVehicle ["CamoNet_OPFOR_big_F", getPos _movilhq, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _markerrtw = createMarker ["rtwmarker", getPos _movilhq]; _markerrtw setMarkerType "o_support"; _markerrtw setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _markerrtw setMarkerSize [1,1]; _markerrtw setMarkertext "OPFOR Mobile Comms"; ["taskcomms", "Destroy Mobile Comms", "CREATED", true] call ENGTASKS_CreateTask; ["taskcomms", getMarkerPos "rtwmarker", false] call ENGTASKS_SetTaskDestination; sleep 10; _grp1S = [getpos _movilhq, EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "LOP_SLA" >> "Infantry" >> "LOP_SLA_Patrol_section")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; nul = [_grp1S,getpos _movilhq] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend; _grp2S = [getpos _movilhq, EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "LOP_SLA" >> "Infantry" >> "LOP_SLA_Rifle_squad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; nul = [_grp2S,getpos _movilhq, 150] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; waitUntil {!alive _movilhq}; ["taskcomms", "SUCCEEDED"] call ENGTASKS_SetTaskState; sleep 10; deleteMarker _markerSO; deleteMarker _markerrtw; deleteVehicle _movilhq; deleteVehicle _camonet; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach units _grp1S; deleteGroup _grp1S; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach units _grp2S; deleteGroup _grp2S; _myHint ="Good Job!"; GlobalHint = _myHint; publicVariable "GlobalHint"; hintsilent parseText _myHint; ["taskcomms"] call ENGTASKS_DeleteTask; }; Testing on dedicated server I receive an error about 69 line of Engima\SimpleTasks\Common\Functions.sqf if (count _taskTargetDestination > 0) then { _isDestination = typename (_taskTargetDestination select 0) == "SCALAR"; _isTarget = !_isDestination; However everything seems to work correctly, perhaps there is something I am doing wrong, can you help me? Greets and thanks.
  6. I have a dynamic co-op mission in which use repetitive tasks in random order and locations, I started using these commands: _null = ["taskcomms", west, ["Find and destroy SLA mobile comms","Destroy Comms","Destroy Comms"], [_movilhq, true], "CREATED", 1, true, true, "Destroy", false] call BIS_fnc_setTask; this works only the first time of each task class runs, from there tasks are not created although deleted by call BIS_fnc_deleteTask function. anyone has any idea of how I could get these repetitive tasks works? until now everything worked using this command: _null = [west, "mob_comms", ["Find and destroy SLA mobile comms", "Destroy Comms", "Destroy Comms"], getMarkerPos "rtwmarker", false] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate; but it has stopped working after 1.54 patch. Thanks in advance.
  7. m4rt14l


    Sorry for the inconvenience I will try to fix soon as possible, besides after latest patch arma3server.exe has stopped working, thereby I can not test the mission properly. Greets and thanks for the report.
  8. m4rt14l


    Hi giorgygr, It is a matter of taste, some people prefer Advanced Medical Settings and some other the Basic Medical, but the advanced module works fine, have long since I am using. About "ACE isMedical Facility" module and "ACE isMedical Vehicle" module, I'm not sure, but I think that only work with Basic Medical Settings, I will check it and add if necessary. Also I will review Repair settings. Greets and thanks for the report.
  9. m4rt14l


    Certainly NOT, but adds a technological improvement for command, this be able track the BLUFOR teams, UAV´s, etc... Simply it's more funny and Tacticool. Greets.
  10. m4rt14l


    New version for this mission, *LAST UPDATE v1.2* -Added Headless Client. -Fixed respawn at carrier, now you can select over multiple respawn locations. -Fixed spamming error on RPT. You can download at header of the thread, Vanilla and ACE3 version in the package. Enjoy it greets and thanks.
  11. m4rt14l


    Released new v2.6 version, 2015/08/21, 21:29:17 "param" <ALiVE_fnc_profileHandler> #2: Input value is 'nil' or undefined. Default value any is used instead. 2015/08/21, 21:29:17 "param" <ALiVE_fnc_hashGet> #2: Input value is 'nil' or undefined. Default value any is used instead 2015/08/21, 21:29:17 "param" <ALiVE_fnc_arrayBlockHandler> #2: Input value is 'nil' or undefined. Default value any is used instead. I have corrected this error with RPT. You can download new version at header of the thread, greets and thanks.
  12. m4rt14l


    For ACE3 version you need,ACE3 All In ArmA Terrain ALiVE CBA_A3 Ctab Leights Opfor Pack RHS Escalation (AFRF + USFRF) Taskforce Arrowhead Radio Greets and thanks.
  13. m4rt14l

    Terrorist attacks in Paris

    My solidarity with the victims, their families and friends.
  14. m4rt14l


    I hope to fix it as soon as posible, I'm working on it. which versión? ACE3 or Vanilla?
  15. m4rt14l


    I'm reviewing and I will try to correct it as soon as possible, thanks for the report, and apologies.