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  1. @zbug, this mission is perfect, it reminds me so much on "Resistance" :) I've started the mission with one HC and it kicks ass on 200% AI's, server FPS >40 well done, thx 4 this great coop mission proof is here:
  2. Great mission! :) One thing in the AGM ver: The Combat Support Module in Alive is not showing up. In the Vanilla ver it's working fine (equipped with a LaserDesignator). Is it a bug? Or am I missing something?
  3. ths

    are all the TvT campaigns dead?

    Our ArmA3Pro group is regulary playing mondays/tuesdays (22h GMT+1) TvT TeeTimes custom edit, 10vs10 players. We play with no 3rdPersonView, no optics, no thermal, no OP vehicles. Allowed mods are: JSRS, BlastCore, ShackTackUI, TaskForceRadio Gameplay is focused on raw infantry encounter and engagement. We would be happy to play against similar playing groups :)
  4. ths

    beta pvp mission in ghost hotel

    yes, u r right :cool:
  5. ths


    hi firefly, is there any chance to get MS SQL also supported? :)
  6. ths

    beta pvp mission in ghost hotel

    nice mission :) some ideas/suggestions: thermals on the veh should be disabled change mission type from PvP to CTF, so it doesn't state "Unkown game type" mission always ends at 2000 points despite settings in params weather type selection through params more info about the bonus item VAS is not working flags are always white when captured
  7. ths

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    two major bugs present: objectives are not marked as fullfilled despite capturing them mobile respawn problems: after a while does not respawn or ghosting on the map
  8. ths


    nice work firestorm :) keep up the good work I see that the mission is gettin more and more traction on our server :)
  9. ths


    tested new ver 0.51.3, still not working :( tracking either not triggering or not broadcasting my friend was on foot and I could not find him, no marker at all in 15min search plz can u somehow version ur mission so I can see the different versions when loading in arma with the missions command (all are labeled WARHUNT) u can even just simple write the version on the map maybe hope u fix the marker issue soon ;)
  10. ths


    this does not seem to work interesting missions though, tried it on ur DS with a few friends. I agree that this kind of missions are very rare and should be more of them :) plz fix the tracking system coz its difficult 2 find blufor, especially on foot I hope its just some kind of marker on the map of the last known position of the player as complete tracking would 2 precise ;)
  11. ths


    pbo would be nice so we can test it on our DS :rolleyes:
  12. ths

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    I've noticed several things: when I'm injured and in need 4 a medic, I lose my squad lead position, after my mate first aids me I try 2 regain the squad leader postion in my team but my AI keeps taking it back and won't let me stay as squad leader as far as the mentioned vehicle count - I don't think it's too much spawning coz I lose a lot vehicles in battles (maybe it's my lack of skill :) ) maybe this could be something u can tweak as a parameter it would be helpful if I could teleport together with AI to the mobile/AF, coz once u start conquering far parts of Altis it's tiresome driving to the base to recruit AIs and then drive back to AO it's quite difficult to find the enemy AI in big towns i.e. Kavala, especially static AI hiding in houses http://i61.tinypic.com/kd77ts.jpg (159 kB) And yes, it's my favourite Arma 3 coop mission right now. Thanks Kinch :cool:
  13. ths

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Hi, first of all Kinch thanks 4 this great mission, we r running it for a while on our dedicated server and so far we r lovin it ;) We found 2 bugs in the latest ver0.57: whenever the MHQ is destroyed it does not respawn whatever time u set in the parameters it always reverts to 0:00 midnight
  14. Great missions, thx iceman :cool: i've put it right away on our dedicated server, lookin good so far :cool: plz make missions 4 altis too ;)