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Problem with repetitive tasks

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I have a dynamic co-op mission in which use repetitive tasks in random order and locations,


I started using these commands:

_null = ["taskcomms", west, ["Find and destroy SLA mobile comms","Destroy Comms","Destroy Comms"], [_movilhq, true], "CREATED", 1, true, true, "Destroy", false] call BIS_fnc_setTask;

this works only the first time of each task class runs, from there tasks are not created although deleted by call BIS_fnc_deleteTask function.


anyone has any idea of how I could get these repetitive tasks works?


until now everything worked using this command:

_null = [west, "mob_comms", ["Find and destroy SLA mobile comms", "Destroy Comms", "Destroy Comms"], getMarkerPos "rtwmarker", false] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate;

but it has stopped working after 1.54 patch.


Thanks in advance.


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