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  1. CSJ, I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that your "Hunter Killer" mod is sorely missed! Especially for an avid OH-6 fan like myself :)​
  2. Firstly congrats, this is definitely my most anticipated mod and always has been my favorite throughout the arma series. Don't mean to be nit-picky, this is tiny and just my humble 2 cents. Looking at the OH-6, you guys have done such a great job in changing the tail boom to represent the Loach, any chance you could also make it 4 bladed to complete the model like your previous versions?
  3. cochise

    Codename: Charon - SP

    My favorite mission in arma3. Combined with TPWS it's an epic transport mission. Any chance you could change the function of the script that finds "safe places to land"? Tight spots or even city blocks would make great confined areas. I've even managed to fastrope troops into and LZ and then just skipped to a new mission to prevent the requirement of having to land to skip to the next mission.
  4. cochise

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Ah yes! Poor choice of words on my part. I was thinking in an autorotation scenario.
  5. cochise

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    This is true, seems that the loading of the rotors is working in the opposite direction. When you pull back on the cyclic with forward speed you should be able to "load the rotor disc" and increase the rotor RPM.
  6. cochise

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    The problem that a lot of people will face is that every time you step into a different helo your control axis curves may have to change to feel closer to the real behavior. I haven't flown a helo with auto trim so I never turn that function on. I fly nothing other than the A/MH-9 and have set my pedals to be slightly less sensitive and it seems to be a good balance. The current FM for this model feels somewhere between a hughes 300 and a 500 which is acceptable to me. I use a logitech G490, central stick, pedals and with the throttles mounted upside down on the side of a chair to mimic a collective. No offence to anyone but if you're flying the FM with a keyboard or mouse then there is no real point of even using the advanced flight model. If you want the FM to feel closer to a helicopter try it as it should be flown and I think you will surprise yourself. Then again each to his own...
  7. cochise

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I can only speak for the A/MH-9 models. These seem to have more of a "weighty" feel now and overall control inputs seem more realistic. This version of the DEV in my opinion is the best so far for these two models.
  8. This mission is hands down my favorite of all time in the ArmA series. Any chance this can be ported to Arma3 with the new upcoming DLC?
  9. Thanks! Really looking forward to this mod!
  10. I know it's small but any chance to fix the LCD displays? I understand this will not be a first priority. Just curious. http://media.globenewswire.com/cache/189/hires/11963.jpg
  11. You rock shay_gman! Thanks for the reply, looking forward to this fix.
  12. I've encountered something similar recently. Spawning vehicles and aircraft work but the Helicopters section is empty.
  13. Has the skirmish been updated to work with multiplayer? Reason I ask is that I was online with a friend last night and forgot to turn off TPWS. He did not have it installed and we could both see the same spawned enemy units, men and vehicles.
  14. cochise

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    The roll to the left is from the advancing blades (when viewed from above) being on the right half of the rotor disk, the retreating blades being on the left. The right hand half of the disk will produce more lift causing the AC to roll left. Assuming this is a helicopter with counter clockwise rotating blades. This will have to be counteracted by a right cyclic input. Not sure about the hover...
  15. cochise

    Bell 206

  16. Awesome bud :bounce3:, very much looking forward to this mod in whatever capacity you guys are able to release it. Thanks again! If anyone is looking for a good 160th little bird read I suggest http://www.amazon.com/You-Have-Live-Hard-Operations/dp/1449081231
  17. C'mon!:D Doesn't get more beautiful that this... Would love this for UNSUNG / VTE style missions ;)
  18. That model looks amazing guys, thanks for the hard work!:cool: Any chance you will put out the original OH-6A?
  19. Hey guys, wondering if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction. Is there a script that allows multiple AI to dismount from a helicopter at the same time? example, Little bird insertion with AI and I'm stuck hanging around in a hot LZ waiting for them to jump out one by one = Sitting duck!:confused:
  20. OK, noted. Thanks a lot will try it out. If any mod is reading this and could be so kind to move it to the editing forum it would be appreciated.
  21. cochise

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    Lots of good points, some I agree with and some I don't. I share most of Gatordev's opinions. In the real world I'm an airline pilot but in my past I was a flight instructor and dual rated fixed-wing / rotorwing pilot. I play TKOH or Arma for the immersion factor. The type of flying I do in my professional life is very different to that of what I like to do in my spare time. Having as many senses being stimulated as possible during the experience is what makes simulating something so amazing. I have a love hate relationship with the TKOH flight model. It is challenging, and I have found it more difficult than the real thing. The last real world helicopter I flew was a Bell 212 so I figured I'd be an ace at flying the Medium Helo. Boy was I wrong! It handled more like a Robinson 22 on cocaine. The use of sims while highly useful does have it's downfalls. Before I jump in the sim Every 6 months for my recurrent I use MS2004 to get myself used to the airport's taxi routes engine out departures and approaches for the route of flight that I have been given. Once I get into the sim I try to get into the mindset of "fly the computer game". You see some pretty ugly flying in the sim from some pretty good pilots. Once again this comes down to what gatordev was saying about learning to fly a whole different beast. Only so much can be modeled and I even switch back and forth between TKOH and Arma3 depending on how hard I want to work. Touching on what fred64 has said, when I was a fixed-wing flight instructor the most natural student I had ever come across was an 11 year old boy who came out to the airport one day for a discovery flight. The only time I ever touched the controls for the flight were to taxi to the runway and add a little corrective rudder on the takeoff and the landing. He did every other control manipulation by himself and this was definitely because he had already developed the basic skills of flying from what he had learned at home. The first time I watched Dslyecxi's helo videos I was amazed at how much control he had over the helicopter and was totally shocked when I read that he used a mouse. In the end it all comes down to the player and that's why personally I would like to see a wide variety of dynamics modeled but, with the option of being able to turn them on or off. Just my 2 cents :)
  22. Me too Win 8.1 64 bit. Joystick works for a few mins then just disappears. Checked in the controls and all the mapped keys for the joystick are gone and the controller isn't there anymore. ---------- Post added at 07:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:12 PM ---------- I think it may be the latest update of CBA that may be sensitive. I have tested it by repeating the previous attempts without CBA and it hasn't crashed for the last 5 Arma boots with multiple mission and editor loads.
  23. cochise

    Helicopter Feedback (Dev branch)

    I think he's saying that when you drop the collective there isn't enough of a "loss of lift". When you enter an autorotation and have dropped the collective depending on the weight and load on the rotors you more than often will have to load them up again by pulling a little more pitch (raising the collective) to stop from overspeeding the rotor rpm. This could be modeled a little differently. TKOH has this modeled a little better but the medium and heavy are still too squirly with too much requirement and sensitivity in the pedals.