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  1. Well a mission from opf gave me the idea to implement the radio code in my mission :)There was an mission in ofp where you had to plant explosives on the road to destroy an enemy convoy and after you have destroyed the convoy, a large group of enemies with a shilka were heading towards your location and you had the option to radio call a group of friendly soldiers to ambush the enemy force that was heading towards you. That was the most memoriable and most epic mission in ofp.
  2. How do i call an ai group via radio to attack a specific place? I want to attack an village with my group and i want to make an second friendly group waiting nearby for me to call them with a radio to flank this place.
  3. Wow i searched for hours and days on google, and i play arma since operation flashpoint and i never noticed that there was an radio code trigger... Poor me. . i feel so stupid now.
  4. I would like to see afictionated units, like units from KILLZONE OR S.T.A.L.K.E.R with the badass armor, masks with red eyes etc... And out of this world looking guns like http://killzone.wikia.com/wiki/StA-52_Assault_Rifle or like http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140315193721/killzone/images/thumb/6/60/Kzsf_in_2013-07-03_StA-55_01.jpg/1000px-Kzsf_in_2013-07-03_StA-55_01.jpg
  5. Is there any addon for Independence side that use NATO SF and RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ weapons?
  6. Whats the latest news on ACE? Do someone knows anything?
  7. I just tested AGM mod and its good, not like ACE good but good :)
  8. After 6 months im still w8ting for this mod to come out T.T
  9. 23 years old looking for a small >EUROPE< squad that dont use too much mods and play at least twice a week arma 3 or other games. I have at least 8 yrs of experince in OPF, and ArmA series...
  10. The video has no gun sounds from the mod, r u trolling us dud?
  11. Gore, placable bipod... ACE3?
  12. I hope this is going to be released soon. :)
  13. Hello, can i somehow add jsrs sounds to this addon? I really miss the bullet cracking sounds and the AK shooting sound...
  14. SLX from ArmA 2 or add Gore mod (more blood, moaning wounded solderis who cant move when shot badly...)
  15. Cant wait for thism im following this thread since it was announced :)
  16. i finished that mission, the same day i posted the reply. I was runing like hell :P
  17. So good campaign so far, i just dont understand how im supposed to kill the major without alarming everyone :S
  18. ruin

    No Women=Disturbing

    Threads name reminds me of this song :)
  19. how do i save a sp scenario that i made with mcc sandbox?
  20. Holy sh1t AI now throws nades and uses buidlings :) Man you are awesome!
  21. ruin

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Nice sound mod but still way from realistic, i mean the distance sounds are great, but when you are shooting the sounds aint that realistic. But its still better than the vanilla sound :P This is how the MX?!?!? guns should sound like since they are based on ACR
  22. ruin

    User Mission Request Thread

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6270 this one plz :) :)
  23. ruin

    Merry Xmas, BIS!

    Merry Christmas to BIS and the community!