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  1. xgp0006

    MK18 Mod 1

    i second this. doesnt even need the AFG, thumb over bore would be enough but either way, what he said!
  2. xgp0006

    RH wip Thread

    awesome and glad to hear it!
  3. xgp0006

    RH wip Thread

    howdy wondering how that MK18 stuff and other mods are doing? need any help?
  4. Piston system stays cooler and cleaner. Means more reliability out of the same neglect periods. So im guessings you are making block 2 m4, and hk416? I noticed the in game text mentioning hk417 so i mean lets see who can beat whom to the punch! Havent seen any of the progress pics since your host went down. Looking forward to it man! Check out the bcm jack carbine if you wanna do something nobody has on the plate yet too :p
  5. Noticed it on server in mp at agia marina in some foliage, thought it was lightning but during my walk through town using nvg i can see some minor flicker. Im sure its nothing and its only temporary!
  6. Im going to keep things short n sweet: We are recruiting active players on Dev Branch to Join our realism unit. We play PVP and PVE, we host our own servers and have certain MOS slots to fill. we run certain mods, and generally keep things smooth and easy. If you are interested in something like that please feel free to PM me or ask any questions thanks! We play 7 days a week. with Sat/Sundays in afternoon/evenings We have a private Mumble Server which I wont post publicly Daily activity is current. WE have around 8 members Looking to fill about 8 more slots with 2/3 squad leader positions. To many peoples disbelief we have 1 player of 14yrs which upholds a level of conduct and maturity beyond of the numnut 20yrs olds we have encountered so age is a case by case basis MINOR PAGE IN THE WORKS: http://the4thcag.enjin.com/
  7. xgp0006

    PvP Action gone?

    I have about 4 Raid PVP missions. thing is we run Dev build....so we get max 4 on 4 when the server is an 8 on 8 (2 fire teams ) basically we raid camps, kill/Protect VIP from other teams AND working on a PVP convoy mission right now so i have been known for hosting co-op missions left n right but just stepped into the PVP arena PM me for steam account info if you would like to be invited when servers are running!!!
  8. whos picking up on this or is this still moving? block 2 would be slick and id actually run this (run magpul grip, Haley Strategic thorntail and DD rail system would be slick just my 2cents)
  9. great work, Magpul Maid grip variant would be nifty but might fall outta the scope of this project. either way love it.
  10. animations seem stable, fog seems solid cant say much on the FPS side of things as my processor is an old core 2 quad but my gfx is a 7970 so id say performance gain is noticed all thing considered.
  11. xgp0006

    New Update?

    was digging around didnt see anything new. at least walking works.....ill do more checking around 1pm central. im curious cause dev branch changelog doesnt have anything posted yet
  12. xgp0006

    Restrict pilots

    it worked...by one of my guys whom is NOT flight qualified (not listed in array) was able to get in after trying twice. he got kicked out the first time....then he tried again after getting in co-pilot seat and got in pilot seat of any chopper after that no problem so it only worked once? we are actively testing this right now as i write this. maybe we can chat on steam in real time if you are playing now
  13. xgp0006

    Restrict pilots

    is this placed in the chopper INI? ---------- Post added at 11:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 AM ---------- can you make it to where certain authorised people (more than one person) can fly it but others cant?
  14. Have you felt the effects of the Stanag mag loading tons of mags into the loadouts yet? its happening to us daily at this point. we are sure its the .52 update. Cant wait to see the new version!