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  1. hello, nice! But after all points are captured I got an error on ending mission.
  2. Hello Avaz, what is your configuration, OS, mission, etc
  3. peppe

    Domination windows vs linux

    Hello, maybe is a known problem :rolleyes: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19858 ... bah
  4. peppe

    Domination windows vs linux

    Thank you again Savage ;)
  5. peppe

    Domination windows vs linux

    Hello Savage, I dont think is mission related problem because it work on other linux servers ... My server running on VM Centos 6.6 OS, never had this problem in the past. Now I try on a local Fedora installation. Thank you.
  6. peppe

    Domination windows vs linux

    Hello Savage, the map start and it is playable without other problems but no tower/outpost spawn ...
  7. peppe

    Domination windows vs linux

    Hello, same problem with Invade & Annex. Tested with a map running on other linux clan server without problems.
  8. Hi all, I cant understand why Tower/outpost wont spawn in town on the linux server. Same map on windows work. Please help me
  9. Hi all, I have some problem with I44. In D-day +1, for example, German tanks are not destroyable. I'm using 2.666 + hotfix2. But if I create a mission from scratch no problems at all. Is it a mission problem? How can I solve? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello, after try and retry with different OS 32/64 bit .. I reached my first goal, run the server and have more than 5fps. Now it start between 30-32 fps. Wine on same machine, 50fps (!) I see a discrepancy in how linux arma dedicated version (fedora/ubuntu ..32/64) use the cpu: Linux cpu 0 2800 mhz cpu 1 140 mhz cpu 2 0 mhz cpu 3 60 mhz Linux with wine cpu 0 600 mhz cpu 1 590 mhz cpu 2 605 mhz cpu 3 610 mhz I told this to a developer (I think he was) at 1.10 epoque .... still waiting for a reply. linux dedicated use 1 cpu per time. Plz work on this.
  11. hello yx ... tried too, no fortune ;)
  12. Hello just patched to 1.14 still have 6 fps on server xeon 4 cpu 4gram (with 8 no changes) no .rpt files present launch string: ./arma3server -config=path to file server.cfg -cfg=path to basic.cfg -nosound -nosplash also adding -cpucount=4 and all flavours of -exthreads note: on the same system arma3 wine-zed (on same distro) run perfectly at 50fps
  13. hello, I made a mission on Altis (no mods - no scripts) with a man only: server fps 5 :) ps: happily running linux Arma2 server on the same machine