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  1. As someone who manually combined A2:CO with TKOH, I am vastly relieved @ this message. (Seattle Image)
  2. ShenArcanyx

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    The primary issue that I've had getting my friends into the ArmA series is the lack of mod auto-patching when joining servers (as in: having to explain to them how to use SIX Updater & Spirited Machine's ArmA2 Launcher...keeping everything up-to-date, etc).
  3. ShenArcanyx

    Future expansions

    To be honest, If they do intend to release a standalone expansion for ArmA3, then I'd hope it'd have a "lite" form of the ArmA3 base content, since that would make modding/mission editing a tad bit easier, in terms of not accidentally making an "unplayable" mission for half of your clan or for public server players (due to missing dependancies). By "lite", I mean something like A2Free style of content. (i.e; no A3 SP Campaign, low quality textures/sounds/etc)
  4. ShenArcanyx

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Hmm. My 2 cents: I am not a fan of the changing uniforms mid-mission, except in very specific circumstances (say, limited to the civilian/guerilla faction only), or enabled via scripts placed on the dead bodies or units that can disguise as enemies. One question: has BI explained how they implemented this? Via Scripts called on the dead body/unit in question? Is it default to every unit? Is it a module? I honestly would prefer it if the implementation was via scripts only or a module. If it was default to every unit (and availible for multiplayer), that might cause some issues.
  5. Really (really) late post: Love the USCG Heli. Actually have a question about it. How hard was it to skin the heli itself?
  6. Don't think this has been requested before: UH-60J JASDF SAR UH-60J JMSDF SAR (Technically could be easily done, except converting the flight model to TKOH from ArmA2 Flight Model) basically a reskin of: this, along with "updating" the flight model/handling.
  7. Ah. May as well post here. -Real-Time Editor (please?) -Full Rotation of 3D Editor Placed objects (x,y,z axis) -Loiter Waypoints -Beacon Lights
  8. My opinion: Split it up into (defaults) Recruit:All on Regular:All on Veteran A: No 3rd Person Crosshairs, 3rd Person camera allowed, 1st Person Crosshairs allowed Veteran B: No Crosshairs at all, 3rd Person camera allowed Veteran C: No 3rd Person at all, 1st Person Crosshairs allowed Immersive: Neither Allowed Ironsights Immersive: Neither Allowed, Ironsights Only. Unarmed Immersive: Neither Allowed, No Guns (ok, that last one was a joke)
  9. I personally would like to see some variation of the Raytheon Sarcos XOS Exoskeleton for loading/lifting. If not that, I'd at least like a true uparmored bulldozer that can push wrecks/etc. (Yes, I am aware there is an addon for A2 that does that, however it would be simpler if it was just put directly into A3). Also, a minelayer vehicle would be nice (hand laying mines is a pain in the rear).