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  1. Game now works on latest OS Sierra. Thanks!
  2. Hi GBee2, Thanks for replying to the thread. I have tried the main branch but it doesn't launch. It's even worse because it doesn't even successfully produce a crash report.
  3. Report Details: System Information OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.5 (build 14F27) Hardware Info: Machine Type MacBookPro11,3 CPU Type GenuineIntel x86_64 CPU Info Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4850HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz CPU Speed 2300 MHz CPU Physical Cores 4 CPU Logical Cores 8 Physical Memory 16777216 KiB Virtual Memory 2097152 KiB Graphics Info: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MiB VRAM (device 10de:0fe9 rev 162, com.apple.GeForce) Intel Iris Pro Crash Dump 0414D9C7-1691-4647-BAB8-246241D0DA4B.dmp (175792 bytes) Application Log [thread ffffffff][0]: Log system initialised [thread ffffffff][1]: eON_Core::init() - libICU initialised with result 0. [thread ffffffff][1]: Default allowed number of simultaneously open files in the system is 356. [thread ffffffff][1]: Setting allowed number of simultaneously open files to OPEN_MAX = 10240
  4. Hi, I'm running on a MAC OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite I installed the legacy port 1.76 from here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Experimental_Ports Enter access code: Arma3LegacyPorts. This should unlock the legacyports - Legacy Build (1.76 - ports). When I launch in Steam, It doesn't even make it to the splash screen I just get a crash reporter. I have ran this game before on the same machine which was a while back this year, yet now it's unplayable. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. waz21

    CD install issues

    lol thats a new one :)
  6. It's win or lose really. Sometimes you have a good game, sometimes you don't. :bounce3:
  7. Awesome Thanks :) I've got my other computer to read the ArmA 2 CD so i will transfer files from there. Abit annoying though lol
  8. Hi, I just got ArmA 2 CO [Combined Operations] Thru post Boxed DVD Version. I was buzzing and it turns out Arma II Disk only doesn't read in my DVD. Operation Arrowhead [Thank God] Works and Read perfectly! So i'm left with 2 choices. Is it possible: 1. Return ArmA II Disc ask for a Resupply 2. Hope my other computer DVD's Drive will read it and just copy over files. But bear in mind I still need the DVD to play right? Does anyone know if Resupply is possible from Bohemia or Retailer? Has anyone done that before? Any one?
  9. haha Woah, You might be "under" is that your aggressive sub concious trying to kill you? ^^
  10. Lol I was in a laggy Coop server today. I had to anticipate the next 3-4 frames of the enemy i was shooting. Was a right laugh! I emptied my entire clips in 20mins of play xD Eventually had to scavenge AK's of dead people LOL
  11. Hey, Its cool. I got it fixed. Turns out it was more a registry problem since i had uninstalled everything. Securom got back to me with a Reg Fix and i think it did it really. On the other hand, my other guide, I've now found a more legitamate straight foward way: Just Install the RFT on another computer, Backup Reg's and Copy Main Folder and Export to Main Computer... simples. Tiz what I did. And then by the time Securom came in I tested the Error out and it bypassed it fine. Everyone's happy. Mod you can mark this as [solved]
  12. Lol I can Quote Beagle on that. Any computer in Warefare because mainly its almost like uncapped how many units you can have when you purchase them. The amount of AI that get introduced in Warefare is extremely high and normally 30-40 mins in I get lagg, since mostly everyone has a platoon behind them at that point xD Have you got stuff like Anti Aliasing set on or other settings that when turned become a real pain for CPU?
  13. Are you talking about Stutter as in Online lagggggggggg? Meaning when your on a server and you freeze and unfreeze at certain points....... Or Stutter as in Graphically in Single Player ONLY you stutter? I'll make the assumption you stutter in single player too. Tell me what are your settings in Video?
  14. waz21

    ARMA2 RFT help plz

    Will it be easy for me to combine the Digital Download Combined Operations with a Boxed RFT? Otherwise I like having physical copies so in case anything goes wrong you have the DVD.
  15. waz21

    ARMA2 RFT help plz

    Yeah, It said on the Damn Box "DOES NOT REQUIRE OPERATION ARROWHEAD" but yeah i guess i should have saw it coming for multiplayer. I would have thought RFT came with OA full and not lite... Lol I'll have to buy CO now. xD