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  1. Experiencing this in a G633. Please help!!! I've stopped the task for the LGS. Seeing as how the G633 is only USB is there anyway to get the 5.1 so as to get the bug to stop?
  2. Im looking to see if there are any servers that are hosting the game mode where you can build buildings and recruit AI and go capture Cities and go hunt for the enemy base. I've been dying to find a server like this. If anyone knows of one or a someone that is willing to host it let me know please.
  3. I don't know if this is the right place, but does anyone know if theres any 1944 CTI benny-esque servers up?
  4. Anyone know of any servers running IFA3 that are NOT private. The mod thats running the KV1 and other cool vehicles!?
  5. I can't it says its expired.
  6. Fantastic gameplay footage. On a sidenote. IFA3 is becoming increasingly popular. The server that I play on that hosts liberation. I'm not going to name it because I don't want to get in trouble for something Im not sure of. Anyways, the server population has jumped from an average of around 5-15 since November and December to around 20 to 35 now. Its even decently populated in the mornings! And when I see WW2 related workshop Items featured on the front. I know that helps too. Keep up the fantastic work, all of you! Lets get this mod up and going.
  7. Thanks! The iron front thread is the thread where you guys post updates about it right?
  8. Anyone know of a server that hosts Iron Front Capture the Island for Iron Front? There used to be a server up but I can't find it anymore. Also, if anyone knows any good Iron Front servers thats like domination or liberation where you play as Germans, let me know. I really do enjoy that mod and searching for the servers could be the difference between a letter or an entire word and not knowing what letter or word those are.
  9. So I've been playing around with a mod called Personal Armory and came across the mortar and the GrW34 Ammunition. I tried using it together with the mortar but it doesn't work. Is there a mortar that the GrW34 ammunition does work with or is it just hidden for now for later :)
  10. Good luck finding a server a that uses the Geist mod. The only servers that I know of that are usually full are an EU 1944 KOTH server with stuck up admins. :| all the other IFA3lite servers only use IFA3lite and nothing other than IFA3lite.
  11. You bet your ass I will. One question. Where did the Vietnam stuff come from?
  12. Are the new bayonets for show or do they actually work?
  13. vancer2

    IFA3WarMod Release

    If you need testing add me on steam. I've already commented on your mod. Im [Redhand]Vancer2 I have tons of freetime. I have no for a job at the moment. Im going to college fulltime and my classes are at night.
  14. vancer2

    IFA3WarMod Release

    Are their any servers that currently host this mod?
  15. What do I need besides IFA3 lite to play the game. It crashes giving me an error first saying Addon "AiA_Animations2' requires addon "AiA_Core. After clicking Ok It gives me an error saying "Circular addon dependency in "AiA_Infantry_IF" after clicking OK it gives the usual unknow software exception blah blah blah. I have @IFA3LITE, @Len Addons for ironFront Arma 3 mod, @CAB_A3, @Ironfront in Arma3 ReskinsPack and @LibDLC1