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  1. I moved Arma 2 OA from my SSD to my HDD, but neglected to tell Steam to move the 3 x DLCs too, so it redownloaded them and installed them all to the SSD the next time I ran the game! When I moved OA it also copied across the BAF/PMC.ACF folders too (that's why I didn't tell Steam to copy them from their own Steam pages). If I try to move them inside Steam it says that the folder already exists. If I delete the one on the HDD that "already exists" then Steam says it still "already exists". If I delete the one from the SSD (which is just the DLC SETUP folder basically) then the game won't run at all (!) It's not like I can uninstall all the DLC and then reinstall them, because they don't have true installers where you can select the destination. Any suggestions would be awesome, because I don't like wasting a gig and half of precious SSD space on duplicated files.
  2. I really fancied playing a couple of the missions from Harvest Red. I always played them before in Arrowhead. But when I loaded the game up, There was just the Arrowhead campaign and the 3 DLC campaigns. No Harvest Red. I verified the integrity of A2 and A2OA. OA is loading up with the CA expansion automatically as it should. The only switch I have is -nosplash I can't figure out why Harvest Red is no longer listed as a Campaign though ?
  3. Necro-ing the thread. The download site no longer exists (same for the Vilas one too) . Is there an alternate way to get hold of this pack ?
  4. This only seemed to happen to me and alot of players after the new Steam update with the 'fancy' new chat interface. Although I don't think that Arma 2 particularly likes the new Windows 10 'feature update' either. It seems to cause alot of crashes to desktop whilst playing Epoch mods at least. It is also difficult to shutdown, often requiring EXIT to be clicked on more than once (it goes through the closing routine and then returns to the menu again). It will also suddenly minimise itself for no obvious reason. I'm not looking for a solution. There is no solution. Because people assume Arma 2 is a dead game then they won't bother to report it. So, i'm reporting it. 32GB RAM. i7700. GTX-1080. Windows 10.
  5. Noone knows ?? Why must I use Legacy for 1051 servers, and Opt Out for 1061 servers ?
  6. After it has downloaded these 31 files, I re-verify and it the same 31 files need downloading ! Is there a problem with your master file list ? There must be.
  7. 5th install now. Before I did a asingle thing, as soon as it downloaded, I verified the integrity of Arma 2. As always it says 31 files failed and it is redownloading 294meg of stuff as usual ! Bizarre.
  8. On my fourth instal now. Arrowhead refuses to load Arma 2 stuff by default, it loads 'CA' into expansions. I have to say it is an absolute fucking nightmare to install. Still no end in sight.
  9. I just got a new rig - i7-7700k, gtx1080, 32gb ram, W10pro-x64 - and just installed A2, Arrowhead and the associated mods I require to play Dayz Mod variants, and am yet again smacked in the face by the 'session lost', 'you were kicked' problems that occur prior to entering the game lobby, which can only be fixed by using the LEGACY version. The OPT-OUT version works great with Epoch - LEGACY doesn't work at all with it. LEGACY works great with - OPT OUT doesn't work at all with it. Yet none of my friends have ever had these issues, they just run OPT OUT all the time, so how come I do ? I have reinstalled it one time already, even though there should be no reason to do this as the installation was hours old. How can a completely fresh installation on a brand new PC have these issues ?? The only common link between the 2 installations in my Steam account I am stumped.
  10. I was wondering if there are CHANGELOGS for the 2 Arma 2 updates (42.1mb and 35.1mb) that just arrived via Steam ?
  11. Why not?? Is there a technical.limitation on A2 that.prevents it working with maps this size? Is this a limitation that can't be removed? Or is it another reason?
  12. Can it be converted to Arma 2 so it can be used in Dayz Epoch ?? You said you started the design on Arma 1, so maybe it can be ported ??
  13. I don't see why BIS can't just rip Infistar's code and incorporate it into Arma ? After all, isn't that what people say that Infistar did to others to create his antihack in the first place ?
  14. Seems many Dayz servers, or the new Arma Beta or Steam, no longer allows Landtex. If I add -mod=@landtex then I get an YOU WERE KICKED message at the lobby.
  15. Thanks Goliath ! I got it working FINALLY !!! Incase anyone else has similar issues........... 1) Opt out of BETA (select NONE). Steam will then download a 59.2mb 'downdate'. 2) From your <STEAM PATH> \SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\Addons delete the 3 corepatch_2 files 3) Download Goliath's corepatch from Armaholic (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27054) 4) Put Goliath's 2 corepatch files into the same addons folder you just deleted the corepatch_2 files from 5) Put the BIKEY file into the KEYS folder You can now connect to DayZ Mod ! Hurrah ! :-)