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  1. Hello, can anybody tell me, where to find a scripting language reference for the Visitor scripting language? Wiki and Google says nothing about the Visitor scripting language. thx
  2. thanx for your replay. i don't know, where the buildings at the end of the airstrips comes from. There is no building set in the Editor. The "cracks" between some roadtiles are not my fault. The roadpainter V2.0 have made this cracks. All cracks to fix will be a lifetimework. All other issues will be fixed with the next Patch in aprox. 2 Weeks. regards
  3. Rügen is now in BETA Status and ready for Download. regards.
  4. Hi, i have tryed some options. My terrainbuilder now freezes only for a few seconds. try this: 1.) Set in the taskmanager the CPU affinity of terrainbuilder to Core 1 and core 2. 2.) Set the Terrainbuilder.exe to Win7 compatible and check "running as Administrator". EDIT: I have changed the CPU affinity to only one core. Set priority in the Taskmanager to very high. Running Terrainbuilder without a running Steam. ​No freezes or crashes for four hours of work. regards
  5. Hello, i have the same Problem here. My PC stuck after any action in Terrain Builder. Operations like open, save or any other let Tb stuck and nothing helps. Only RESET! I have imported my two maps from Visitor3 source into TB, all fine. If i try to work with the imported map, TB crashes or stuck. This horrible tool is the point, why i made my maps with Visitor 3, for Arma II. I dont know, why Visitor was changed to this crappy and buggy TB? My specs; CPU: Intel core i5-4670 @3,4 GHz RAM: 8 GB GPU: NVIDEA 570 GTX Black ED. ​Display: 1 x 32" Toshiba WIde 1 x 23" Acer Wide System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Can anybody help? regards falconsan
  6. Hello, Rügen is 90% finished and i hope to release the alpha at May 01, 2016. The following picture shows the build status and how many towns/villages will be implemented. Regards
  7. yes, i know. Its only the workingtexture to place roads, buildings and wood exactly at the original position. In the final will be a new groundtexture. regards
  8. There are a lot of new enterable buildings made. Restaurants, a police station, POIs, shops and much more. regards
  9. Fuelstations are in the citys Bergen, Putbus and Binz. Fueltanks are around the map. :) regards
  10. Yes, PMC has made a rügen map, but more than 900 km² Land and the same size of the sea compressed to fit into 25x25 km. I made only a small pice of rügen. My Towns, roads, woods, water and all other things placed at exatct positions. You can see this here: The next two shows, that all Roads and buildings at the original positions or near by. ORIGINAL: Build: I have made so,e of the POIs like the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt tower or the steamtrain "rasender Roland": There will be a lot to discover. Not only for DayZ. I try to made a map for ARMA and Dayz. More Information in german language found here: https://www.facebook.com/DayZ-Rügen-916535275037386/ regards
  11. Hello, i will inform you, that i work at a new Map since january 2015. I build a part of the isle Rügen in germany. I placed all roads at the exact original position, so that you can navigate around the map with real roadmaps. More than 200 Models are build to made the map more realistic. Some Facts: Region: Rügen, Germany Size: 25 x 25 km Terrain Models: More than 200 new models Map: 100% original roadmap 100% original towns and citys 80% of the map are finished. A previewserver will be found here: http://epoch-sauerland.de Some Pics: More? All new models and more will be found here: http://www.dayz-ruegen.com If this map finished, i will port it to ARMA III. Sorry for my bad english, but is not my naitive language. regards falconsan
  12. falconsan

    [Help] faces and shadows?

    Hello, Solved by pressing U to sharp edges! i think i must read the manual again.. regards
  13. Hello, i have a little Problem with Faces and Shadows. I have made a face, with a windowhole. all is fine. Now, i create the four faces around the hole as a frame for the Windows. the first two parts of the frame are allright. if i add a third part, a shadow will be at the bottom frame. It looks horrible and is not wanted. Let me show: two peaces from the frame at the top and bottom, is all fine... after adding the third pice of the frame: and so is a similar fault shadow in Game: any solutions or ideas?? regards falconsan
  14. hello, i am working at some models. Now, i have a little problem. How can i put sounds into a model like door sounds, engine vents etc.? i have used the search before, but nothing found about that. I dont know/understand to handle this in the model/config file. can anybody explain or help? PS: does the o2 buldozer play sounds at preview of an animation? regards
  15. Hello, i am a littlebit frustrated. My proxymodels are not shown in the game. To test the proxys, i have made a LOD (1.000). In this lod, i created a quader as a floor. On this floor i have put a proxymodel (\Ca\Structures\Furniture\generalstore\shelf). Saved and binarized. If i run the game, the proxy is not shown. If i load the model into the buldozer, the proxymodel is shown. whats the problem? I have used the forumsearch, but no solution found or i have, english is not my nativ, not understand some text. regards