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    Altis Life RPG

    The Problem only occurs with 3.1.2. It works fine with 3.1.1. So the DB connection etc. is fine as well, actually. It works fine, now after the todays server update. We're using the beta branch, not the development branch. So it seems like there was a incompatibility between 3.1.2 and the old beta server.
  2. idl0r

    Altis Life RPG

    So I tried two different methods: a) Setup Altis-Life via Arma3 (the game, not standalone server) with CBA and Arma2NET(MySQL). b) Basically the same but with a standalone server, client with CBA only. a. works fine b. the same issue I reported yesterday. The client "hangs" while joining the server. You can't even enter the lobby and the mission will not be transfered. Nothing happens. ESC still works but it doesn't seem to load anything. I wonder if nobody else noticed similar issues.
  3. idl0r

    Altis Life RPG

    Is it intended that the definer of the MySQL procedures is root instead of the DB user + EXECUTE *and* DELETE perms?
  4. idl0r

    Altis Life RPG

    Hm, the Arma client just hangs when joining the server with 3.1.2. I first thought it's just me but all others had the same issue so we downgraded to 3.1.1. There's nothing in the server logs so far so I may have to check the client side log since the client hangs, not the server. Btw. What's wrong with schema changes, what you mentioned above?
  5. Well.. The "dependency" has been removed. It seems they linked it in statically.
  6. So, looks like I'll have to wait until the Java dependency is gone :( So by "removing the dependeny" you mean removing it completely or just link it statically in?
  7. So I can confirm the loop warnings as well as the segfault. David got the cordump already via Skype/PM.
  8. Sorry guys but I must reply :D 1. Choice 3. should be removed as the ASR_AI is not related to ACE and IMHO totally unrelated to the question. 2. Ther should be a "I don't use ACE at all" choice, as previously mentioned by Bars91 on Page 2 comment 13. I bet at least 50% of the voters of choice 1 don't use ACE at all so I would make a new poll to be honest. "No Ace at all" "Only with missions made for it" "Yes, always" That's pretty clear to anybody IMHO. Or even just "Yes" and "No". I don't even know why there are still answers like "Hell no". I've spoken to some ACE "haters" and it quickly turned out they simply didn't know what ACE is and does at all. Some were really impressed when they noticed the differences, new and enhanced things, items and so on. In my opinion it just makes Arma much more realistic and this is exactly what I want, a realistic feeling. I think more people should give it a try.
  9. idl0r

    Blackfox34 Presents:

    Your "Joint Strike Force" missions sounds really intresting though it says it requires TF86_USSF_Units and on the armaholic page you just mention the TF86 Seal Pack (which I have installed, via Six). That pack seems to have been renamed or so.. no idea but I have tf86_seals installed and it still wants TF86_USSF_Units. Did you use a old release perhaps or am I just looking for the wrong addon?
  10. Guys, please create a new thread for such issues. Thanks!
  11. It looks to me like it is *also* related to Battleye. We tried the previous alpha(s) and none of them worked and they either segfaulted during startup (the server/arma itself) or after the mission has been loaded. This version also had a memory corruption after the mission has been loaded and we then tried it again without Battleye... It works since a few minutes now. The actual problem seems to be arma/server related but at least some crashed are caused by Battleye. Can anybody else confirm that? May help to get that fixed.
  12. Come on guys.. are we seriously talking about GLIBC *2.7*? That's from 2007.. I'd strongly suggest to instead update your system in any case.. gcc 4.6.3 glibc 2.14.1 linux 3.2.11-hardened (PaX/GrSecurity)
  13. idl0r

    EOD Mod

    Reezo: Please update the signature to V2. :/
  14. Well.. I just though its basically unlikely that the map download will ever hit my servers bandwidth limit so I wanted to increase it for the map downloads. Its just.. it feels like years ago, if you have mostly 11 MB/s and you see then it takes more than half a minute for just 2823kb. So there is no way to configure it?