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  1. evil_brownie

    A/F-35 + other NATO air assets

    First off, massive props for releasing a more real-looking F-35B, it was sorely missed. Small error report, not sure if just on my end or confirmable, but the rear door on the front landing gear (the one below the actuator) seems to be in the closed position while gear down and inside the wheel well while up. Edit: Running the standalone A-35 version.
  2. evil_brownie

    RealSound EA-18G v1.0 Release

    May want to address this little typo, present at least in the SW version. No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/FLAN_EA18G_F.scope'. ...which is a simple inheritance error, as there's no FLAN_EA18G_F classname, but rather FLAN_EA18G_Base
  3. evil_brownie

    Super Miller Land

    Definitely did not expect to check the forums and find this here. Just beat it, thanks for this fun little romp *thumbs up*
  4. evil_brownie

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    No worries. These are two quick examples of how to do it. I used a helmet as example, same logic would apply to a vest or uniform (just replace HeadgearItem with VestItem and UniformItem respectively). Naturally, only things i changed from that base helmet in said examples are its displayname and in the iteminfo section the mass to a random value. Example 1 uses the ItemInfo from the existing H_HelmetB (can't remember its in-game name), and example 2 the "generic" ItemInfo values from HeadgearItem.
  5. evil_brownie

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Correct. Ever since that update months back, inheriting ItemInfo has to be from a parent class's existing ItemInfo, not directly from ItemInfo as if it was its own independent class (or you can inherit ItemInfo from VestItem/HeadgearItem/UniformItem for example)
  6. evil_brownie

    EA-6B Prowler

    Good to hear. Always had a soft spot for naval aircraft, so this is good news indeed.
  7. Instead of the mission file edit, you could open up any map in the 2D editor, place a BAM and save it, then open it in EDEN (which will update it to EDEN standard) and voila, an easy BAM template to copy/paste to any scenario you wish.
  8. Based on what what i was able to gather these past days trying to fix this on my end, class Single and class Burst seem to be "deprecated" by the game and throw an error upon loading the game. While I haven't seen it being directly called upon on weapon configs, it just being there in the cpp file makes the error pop up. Furthermore, the ItemInfo error is a similar situation, it can't be mentioned out of anything that actively uses it. Say if you want to make a specialised MX rifle with modified ItemInfo information, inherit from whichever MX variant you want beforehand (same applies for anything that uses ItemInfo). Example (classnames made-up for illustrative purposes): class CfgWeapons { class MX_base; class MX_rifle_1: MX_base { class ItemInfo; }; class my_personal_MX: MX_rifle_1 { class ItemInfo:Iteminfo { "insert whatever you wish to change" }; }; };
  9. As of the current stable/public APEX release, has something major been changed regarding which player controlled, man-type classes can use in the facewear section in the 3DEN editor? Example of what I'm refering to: - I start up the editor, any map (Stratis, Tanoa, etc.), - Place a soldier that I intend on controlling immediately, - Change it's loadout via the built-in loadout editor, - hit preview. The problem: with the exception of certain classes (unsure of just how many work/don't work), upon the preview start, my character will have lost it's facewear item (everything else is fine). Example: vanilla A3 NATO Rifleman doesn't work while some of the new CTRG stealth units will work just fine. Doesn't seem to affect AI units i change, nor affected by usage of mods (tested both with and without), and changing it in-game via Arsenal function is fine. The workaround for the afflicted classnames is to manually re-add the facewear via their respective init fields. Any help would be appreciated, as i really can't fathom why this is happening all of a sudden :/
  10. evil_brownie

    War Sim Studios

    Have you checked out this page on the wiki? Could help you out a bit for some of the submarine functionalities. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Ships_Config_Guidelines
  11. evil_brownie

    Ulyanovsk - proof of concept

    I'm assuming it's meant to be a static ship/structure, right? If so, instead of attaching the roadway models, place them next to each other in the game world via setpos/setposASL/setposATL (can't recall which handles it better for horizontal alignment) via a init script, launched from a fake/helper object which would be the editor entry/starting point for "assembling" the carrier.
  12. evil_brownie

    War Sim Studios

    Was going to vote Russia, then remembered a lot of sweet stuff we could get of German origin :P
  13. evil_brownie

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    That's caused by addons with their config's CfgPatches author section not being updated ( has to be author = "author_name" and not author[] = {"author_name"}; ).
  14. Genuinely happy to see this one being made.
  15. This. The difference between fonts is quite jarring, and the excuse that the old font made the distinguishing of certain characters difficult seems out of wack. An option to revert would be very welcome.