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  1. BETA v0.9.3b Required addons: hcpookie's Ships, Naval Mines, and Naval Objects RobertHammer's HK416 Pack Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack Description: Takistani Armed Forces 2035 - my version of what a possible 2035 (ArmA III timeline) Takistani Army might look like. They sport more recent Russian-made gear and equipment, better vehicles, and new camouflage inspired by the Iranian hexacam camouflage pattern. Story: In 2035, during the ongoing conflict in the Mediterranean, the Republic of Takistan (formerly the Kingdom of Takistan, before the revolution), allied with the Iranian Republic, pushes to regain control of the island of Capraia. Features: Infantry: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Men (2035) Armor: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Armored Cars: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Cars Air: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Air Support: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Support Ships: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Ships Installation: Put the .pbo file in your ArmA2 AddOns folder. The use of mod folders is strongly encouraged. Included Files: takistani_2035.pbo limnoswater.pbo Class list (for mission makers): Credits & Thanks: Bohemia Interactive - vehicle and aircraft models vilas - VDV models (basis of the infantry models), IMI Galil/ARM, MG3 hcpookie - boat models and mines RobertHammer - IMI TAR-21 Changelog: v0.9.3b -Added: Ka-60 to Air class -Added: More groups (mechanized, some include helicopters) -Updated: Changed vehicle, aircraft, and ship camo pattern to hexacam -Updated: IMI TAR-21 MARS GL replaces M4A1 HWS GL (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack) -Updated: IMI Galil ARM now replaces RPK; MG3 replaces PK (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack) v0.8.8b -Fixed: pbr_grey1.paa "missing" error -Fixed: Units now have NVGs -Updated: Camo pattern colors tweaked -Added: IMI TAR-21 replaces the FN FAL (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack) -Added: IMI Galil replaces the AKS-47 U (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack) -Added: IMI Galil ARM replaces PK (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack) -Added: M4A1 HWS GL replaces the M16A2 GL (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack) -Added: 3 Groups (all mechanized) -Added: Optional water-changing mod (makes the water more blue); Duala and Lingor override this though. v0.7.2b -Added: Ships class -Added: L-39 to Air class -Updated: Lightened vehicle camo textures -Updated: Armed Forces helmets' now olive color to match uniforms v0.6.5b -Put all units under new faction "Takistani Armed Forces 2035" -Enlarged camo textures for aircraft -Fixed "RUS_Desert_Soldier" error -Fixed Takistani Patch issue Download (Updated) (61MB): Armaholic: MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/?u7q3e3jureqw7wa
  2. AntoineFlemming's [RELEASE] ************************* Version 1.51a ************************* Required Addons: Cunico's Hidden Identity Pack, Astast's Pakol Hat Installation: -Put the .pbo files in your ArmA3 AddOns folder. The use of mod folders is strongly encouraged. *NOTE: ALL INCLUDED PBO FILES NEEDED ************************* Here is my Mediterranean Operations bundle, which features uniform, vest, and helmet reskins. Story: Tensions rise as NATO and Iranian forces stand-off in the Aegean: the strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. But when a key radar facility drops off the grid, a Mediterranean flashpoint risks escalating into global conflict. Background: ************************* ************************* Credits: -Bohemia Interactive -Kiory (balaclava) -AlexF1 -Cunico -astast -andrewmarley from TurboSquid ************************* Classnames: Heads: BlackHead_Beard01 BlackHead_Beard02 BlackHead_Beard03 WhiteHead_Beard01 WhiteHead_Beard02 WhiteHead_Beard03 WhiteHead_Beard04 WhiteHead_Beard05 WhiteHead_Beard06 WhiteHead_Beard07 WhiteHead_Beard08 NATO Special Operations Command SCO Joint Forces Command Mediterranean Alliance Faction Classnames: *make sure they are in all caps A3_NATO_MEDJFC - Motorized A3_SF_NATOSOC - SpecOps A3_JF_SCO - Mechanized, SpecOps A3_INF_LAF - Mechanized A3_INF_MASS - Motorized ************************* Changelog: v1.51a -fixed slight camo selection issue with Cretan/Takistani/Hezbollah uniform (just to inf_tk_taf.pbo in @SCO\Addons) v1.51 -standardized faction classnames, fixed ALiVE compatibility issues -added US 10th SFG (Alternate) group with desert snakeskin camo v1.50 -added SCO Pilot Coveralls for SCO Pilots -gave SCO pilot fighter pilot helmet -restored Takistani/Raven/Hezbollah uniform (clipping too much through other vests) -added short sleeve OMCP uniforms -changed Russian MEDVED Woodland and Arid to Russian Armed Forces Woodland and Arid with 6b9 Helmets, class names now INF_RU_AFRF_WDL_* and INF_RU_AFRF_Arid_* instead of SF_RU_MEDVED_* -changed Akhanteros' Front uniform to black (really, gray) coveralls -fixed Hezbollah and Akhanteros' Front technicals not showing up in editor -removed extra passenger from NATO SOC ARV -added new icons for all gear -added icon for MASS faction/folder -replaced boonie hats with boonie hats w/ headsets -standardized groups IOT satisfy compatibility requirements v1.30 -replaced US 7th ID TF Aegis patch with official campaign patch -all units now use black MX rifles -redid Chinese Type 09 camouflage, removing the old, and adding Type 09 Transitional, Arid, and Black PASGT helmets, tactical vests, gorka uniforms, and units/groups -US Army 7th ID faction/group class- and display-names now reflect full name (i.e. "inf_us_army_7ID_OM", "US Army 7th Infantry Division (OM)", "OM" = "Operation Magnitude") -tweaked Takistani/Raven/Hezbollah uniform -added Iranian and Takistani L-159 jets -fixed Helmet (Foliage), replacing old Beta model with A3 vanilla model -added SCO L-159 pilot to crewman class "inf_sco_crew" -added US OSHKOSH M-ATV to US Army 7th ID group -fixed Crewman and 7th ID Engineers engineering ability v1.25 -redid black combat uniform with new snakeskin pattern -added ranger green and desert snakeskin combat uniforms -improved black Crye Chassis texture -fixed Kerry and Miller voices -moved Lemnos Armed Forces to new group faction of the same name -added Czech ACR MTP uniform, vest, helmet, and boonie hat (from template pack) -improved splinter camo for CTRG units and NATO camo aircraft Previous Updates: ************************* Download [481.67MB]: HOTFIX 1.51a [12.55MB]: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e2956ai5wequ55m/a3_mediterranean_operations_hotfix_1.51a.rar
  3. antoineflemming

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    So, the campaign is only for dev-branch, right? It's not for the Sneak Preview build, right?
  4. Hey, I've been trying to see if it's possible to change the names of ranks and or if it's possible to create new ranks. I've found a class CfgRanks in the bin.pbo file, but changing that doesn't seem to do anything, and I saw no such reference in Arma 2 or Operation Arrowhead files. So, I'm curious, anyone know where the ranks are defined?
  5. So I've turned over the project and all it's files to Nightmare515, so he'll be taking over the project and/or implementing this stuff into his own addon. I'm bowing out of the Arma 3 modding scene, and really Arma 3 in general. If I get back into it, I'll just make uniforms for use in MP.
  6. AntoineFlemming's [WIP] ************************* Required Addons: Cunico's Hidden Identity Pack, Astast's Pakol Hat, AntoineFlemming's Mediterranean Operations ************************* Announcing the first Expansion Pack to my Mediterranean Operations addon/bundle, which features uniform, vest, and helmet reskins. Expansion Pack for an addon? Crazy, right? Well, that addon's growing too big, file size, so this will allow me to continue to make new stuff while keeping this package under 500MB (as the other one is close to that) and to shift the theme a little. Story (in no way based on the recent, official campaign episodes) Background: Following the Mediterranean flashpoint in the Aegean, which has sparked a global conflict between East and West, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation sets its sights on the Green Sea Region, otherwise known as the Caspian Sea Region, a pivotal gateway into Europe. Amid growing instability in the Republic of Karzeghistan, NATO recognizes the SCO attempt to open up a third front in the war, and deploys forces to Takistan in a desperate bid to defend Europe from SCO invasion. *************************
  7. Unfortunately, the project is on hold for now, for several reasons really. One of them is a waning interest in Arma 3. It's just not fun anymore to me. I really only mod for the game at this point. I'm thinking about turning the project over to someone else. Not sure yet. I'll probably cook up a release of what I've currently got. Few units, mainly uniforms, vests, headgear, pretty much what's been already shown through screenshots.
  8. antoineflemming

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    So was that voice over supposed to be Miller talking? Oh, and I want the aliens Reticulans back. That was a good April Fools.
  9. For now, the black MX rifles. I'm not really bringing in custom equipment. And sorry this is taking so long with few WIP updates. I've been busy. Takistani National Police
  10. antoineflemming

    Breaking BIS autor wrights???

    Yes, I've seen the video on Youtube of it. It is indeed BI's Hunter ported to this SpinTires thing.
  11. Taking more time with this pack. I've got all but Alpine complete. I'll work on that one next. @Lone.Wolf - I will be focusing primarily on the Takistani Armed Forces, including aircraft and armor. Might add a Russian jet reskin of the CSAT jet and a NATO A-10D.
  12. WIP: New Takistani olive uniforms + lighter skin tone replacement for Middle Eastern faces (vanilla skin tone is too dark):
  13. I have to second this. Don't start planning a new project. Just work on the units. Focus on BAF first. Get them done, then move on to CSAT SF (the new stuff). Get that finished, move on to "modifying the regular NATO". Focus on this project before moving on to another one. It's the best way to ensure that you get things done. Another thing. There will be much more interest in your mod as well if you're not just ripping off of names and units already used in my mod. Do some research into Chinese SF units, then come up with the best one for your mod, instead of just doing Chengdu because I did Chengdu. I'm flattered that you're inspired by my mod, but please, you'll have more interest in your mod, and other people will have more interest in your mod, if you're bringing something new to the table.
  14. antoineflemming

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, either way, it doesn't look like Arma 3, so it's really a moot point.
  15. antoineflemming

    Jurassic Arma

  16. antoineflemming

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, if it is, it doesn't appear to be Arma 3 related.
  17. antoineflemming

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    Of course it doesn't mean only russians cheat. But in the world of cheats, hacks, piracy, whatever, from what I've seen, like you say, Russians don't take care about hiding that behavior.
  18. antoineflemming

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2 *WIP

    Cunico would need to post up the identity name. You could use setIdentity or you could use: this addGoggle "goggleNameInTheseQuotes"; That should work. And, of course, you're never going to get it to work by trying to guess random classnames...
  19. antoineflemming

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2 *WIP

    I don't think it's from any particular mod IIRC. I think it was an image on Armaholic where someone made a black version of the AAF uniform, then put on a diving vest, combat goggles, crew helmet, and backpack. There's not any new gear in that pic.
  20. antoineflemming

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    It was a russian server. That should have told you everything you needed to know.
  21. antoineflemming

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    AI behavior has little to do with the functionality of ordering AI to do something. What I've suspected, and I kinda get this vibe from the recent OPREP, is that the AI still is doing way too much. Like with selecting a certain weapon or item, such as binos. Why aren't the AI just taking out their binos? Why was that something that had issues? With stances, why should the AI need some complicated method of choosing a stance. If I order a stance, then they should just perform that action, and the accompanying animation should just come along with it. With AI movement, I've seen RTS games with better pathfinding. No one is saying that holistically, other games are better than Arma, it's just that for me, there are things that other games do better. About this "It will take time for A3 to reach A2 level", with this game being a sequel, ArmA 3 shouldn't have to reach A2's level. It should have started from A2's level. I'm not talking about the modding community. Not every release should be like Arma 2 v1.0.
  22. antoineflemming

    how to create a new clothing addon

    Ok, first off, you found a model. Do you have permission to use this model?
  23. antoineflemming

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2 *WIP

    Nope, not mine. I've seen the screenshot, though.
  24. antoineflemming

    Opinions in the Future Setting

    Unnecessary topic, we've had this discussion many times before as well as heard the heated opinions of many. There was no point to making this thread. All it will accomplish is being another closed thread because people got too heated and ended up throwing insults at one another.
  25. antoineflemming

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    I disagree. Maybe for large scale movement, pin point accuracy, coordination with other AI, but they don't act as human as AI in other games. In other games, AI will shoot from behind cover, avoid grenades and vehicles, etc. With improvements, AI in this game can truly be the best, but right now there are things keeping them from being so. And I too doubt that we will ever see any improvements to make them more human-like, and not just efficient robots, because right now that's what they are.