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  1. if you eject the engine stays on, otherwise it follows SOP for exiting a helicopter (engine off before you exit)
  2. it no longer seems to appear by itself at the start, so you either need to do a supply drop, which allows the menu by the dropped create. or use a vehicle drop which does the same around the vehice
  3. sorry its the wrong issue, i thought you meant the one where the sound dies off all of a sudden, as if the fake 7.1 died and your only getting sound from one of the fake speakers
  4. I had some Logitecg G35's, and i hate to tell you its a logitech driver issue. go find the legacy drivers from logitech and it fixes the problem (they completely screwed up the profile when they did the wireless one)
  5. nimrod123

    Cut Content Data?

    they talked about rotorlib a couple of times, just no big announcements. they talked about the fairly massive performance hits it created, and how it went on the block to prevent feature creep issues
  6. nimrod123

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    it had to do with how attachments worked, and how when they initial did it, it was fine, but has since proven to not be the best way. i'm just pleased they are still rolling out massive fixes on a regular bases
  7. but much like strafing runs in WW2 it plays absolute havoc with morale of the tank crews
  8. nimrod123

    Development Blog & Reveals

    that type of thinking is required if you want to prevent yourself making "WTF have they added.....!!!!!!" posts.
  9. thats actually how it works. A freind was part of a crew that was told to paint a road in the morning, they knew it was being resealed that afternoon, but where told to do it anyway since the schedule said to
  10. has the A10 just been cut in the latest budget entirely. its portion of the feed is going to try and finsh the F35
  11. someone mentioned VBS again... i'll be back once he's been lynched/held up as saviour
  12. nimrod123

    Tier1 Silencer Fix

    then you are using a bullet interruption suppressor (the wipes firewalker describes). most suppressors reduce the muzzle gasses to subsonic speeds, but do nothing to the bullet, they also allow the nitrogen gases in the powder time to suppress the ignition of the gasses, suppressing the muzzle flash. they do next to nothing to the bullet itself, and sometimes even stablise the flight due to normalizing the gasses and extending the barrel. if you are still getting the supersonic "crack" then you are using a standard suppresor thats normally only allowed into civilian hands (at least in my country) with a E class licence, so the low caliber weapons can be used in urban areas with limited disruption the wipes method is sub-optimal since it is a decaying solution that is normally only good for 200 rounds in small calibers before significant leakage starts to occur, or as few as 40 in large rounds (12.7mm +).
  13. nimrod123

    Tier1 Silencer Fix

    most don't, unless they actually touch the bullet, and even then the sound of it going super sonic comes out the breach, along with the comparteively larger powder load of a supersonic round. a standard suppressor dosn't affect the bullet at all, and basically acts like a glorified muzzle brake.
  14. and you would be right if standard training said that optics should be fired with one eye closed, which it does not (at least for professional armies). optics like the mcro are meant to be fired with both open.
  15. your using win8.1? i have heard the exact same thing from a mate. he saw this in: endless space L4D2 Portal Civ 5 X3 terran conflict about 5 different indies running in full screen hate to say it but i think its a WIN 8.1 issue, much like the mouse input **** up (lets just divide the input by 8)