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    yes im new and im a guy who plays ARMA 2 CO , by the way cosmokenney2 is my ARMA 2 name

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  1. Hello, is there any way to set the view distance in an official server? I play on Zeus official servers quite often and the view distance being so low almost renders aircraft pretty much useless, namely jets. Any way to fix this?
  2. After frequent experimenting, I've noticed that AI vehicles tend to perform badly when in groups. The only exception to this is infantry units, which actually perform better I'd say when grouped together. When you group together say 3-4+ plus AI vehicles, they tend to have severe navigating issues, and usually the squad leader will drive to the waypoint, leaving his members behind. When the squad lead goes ahead, the rest of the group usually end up getting stuck on terrain obstacles or even flipping their vehicles. However, when you ungroup them, they then seem to have almost no issues navigating to their waypoint. As for aircraft, they seem to generally do fine as well I guess since there is plenty of open space, on rare occasions though, might actually collide into each other.
  3. Hello, i'm a regular player of Zeus on multiplayer, and i've seen the series grow over the years(ARMA 2, ARMA 2 OA, ARMA 3, etc) During ARMA 2, Warfare/CTI was probably my favorite gamemode. I was wondering, could there be modules and objects in place for the zeus to utilize, in order to construct a similar scenario to that of CTI/Warfare like in ARMA 2 with ease? More specifically, I was thinking about features like such: in-game place-able marketplace for players to purchase new vehicles, weapons, and ammo, etc on the field(This will allow players to provide for themselves instead of relying on zeus to always add items) -in-game currency automatically rewarded to players for killing enemies, completing objectives, etc(Required mechanic for the above) Ability for teams to vote a single player as commander to allow the construction of friendly structures such as possible FOBs(new respawn points by choice of the players) Module for Zeus to occupy a town with selected enemy forces of choice. Anything else that makes sense These were some of the additions I thought of, any suggestions are appreciated. Why did I suggest these changes? I feel like the Zeus, currently, is a little handicapped in some aspects. To supply players with non-default class weapons and equipment, Zeus must place down dozens of crates to allow players to have variety or simply find the gun that the players want(Why not just have it all in one Virtual Arsenal type of system) Also, i'm aware that there are vehicles respawns, but they have been known to crash the game for the Zeus, and sometimes players don't necessarily need the same vehicle continuously. Minimizing unnecessary clutter is obviously ideal for performance. I feel like some of these additions would help lighten the load on any Zeus just starting out as well. Because I feel like some of these things should be automated; and players should be able to have a bit more freedom without relying on the Zeus all the time.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to get the garbage collector feature to work, but nothing in scenario ever seems to delete as should. Is there something i'm doing wrong? I'm trying to create an MP scenario, performance will suffer if there are to many bodies/wrecks of course. Thank you.
  5. Really? thats pretty interesting. If so i cant wait for MP :)
  6. Now i know of course that theres been ALOT of people screaming, whinning, not buying the game CCGM(Carrier Command). Ive played the game for 2 weeks or so and seen the strategy game mode. With the time warp system so mutliplayer would be awkward(if thats the right word) and simply wont work, but maybe things could be changed up a little: such as when sailing to an island only that individual player should speed up and his actions like productions, material creations, ETC so he could get to the island faster then waiting 4 minutes for example but the other player lets say is in his own assualt and nothing should happen then, just keep it normal while the other player like i said is quickly speeding to the island to capture it simply. There should be gamemodes like Normal or duel which is exactly like the current strategy game mode but with two opposing players, and of course many people say CO-OP or PvP which could probably consist maybe of 2 or more players on both sides( 2 or more carriers) and just play normally capturing islands as usual, Although all players should have the responsibility of managing their own units and supplies, but can share things with other teammates. Im dearly sorry for long post but i cant explain all in so little.
  7. Kenzo19

    Predator Animals

    yeah ive tried the crocodiles on Lingor its cool, but you know mainly things in forests. Ive tried the snakes they dont seem to attack.
  8. Kenzo19

    Predator Animals

    I was wondering maybe for Arma 2 or even Arma 3 there could be a way to implement Deadly predator animals such as wolfs, Bears, Aligators and everything else that can be thought of as a predator to make walking in the forest/jungle more of a danger. Im not saying random animals from nowhere, i mean if the mission creator/host wants it on or not because obviously it would take effect on FPS/performance so thats why an option or paramater would be perfect. Sorry if this is a repost but i couldnt find it.