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  1. nivimar

    Project OPFOR

    Hello , is there anyway to fix the Iraqi bluefor to SPAWN WITH AMMO. And fix any other factions.....
  2. Trying to start opfor out in a base. Than have them run to unmanned buildings and structures to garrison them. 2d editor had Postion 1,2,3,4 etc... eden doesn't have that.
  3. Dose this install like a addon folder or do i put it somewere else? Will it work with Eden Enhanced editor?
  4. Merry Xmas massi I'm getting a error during loading of A3. It says Massi_units_addons require Massi_weapons _addon. Which I have and placed it on top of my other addons. Never had a problem before...why?
  5. Hello great mission ,but for some reason my unit is NOT following commands....like they will not regroup,move in a convoy,or follow me.Just letting you know...oh and how do i revert back to my orignal mission i keep restarting the whole mission cause it says it cant find the FILE?
  6. Development group, any updated information on you work?
  7. Fuck yea brother you made my weekend! !!!!!
  8. Love the campaign, feel like it's leading up to benghazi thing. Had a problem back at the beginning Airbase, Air transport flew in circles and team member went into barrack next to the resting barrack and wouldn't leave...plus is there anyway to custom load out the rest of the team so that I could make them all have silencers etc... ---------- Post added at 11:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:34 AM ---------- Yea , but they would be in radio contact all the time, look at OBL, the president was watching
  9. Pretty good so far....but don't work with AGM mod.
  10. nivimar

    Zee Identity Pack

    Nice curve to the units.
  11. Dev group: AV_MOD sound has messed up, sound problems. The guy who made av is now with RH_M4/M16 Dev group. People have been wanting him to fix the problem, but NO answer. Just saying I would work around AV if possible. ..
  12. nivimar

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    How do you use the interactive menu , mine won't come up?
  13. Hey shay, when I hijack a opfor and come back I loose control of being "group leader" why ? Also if I die as opfor I can't go back to my player , why?
  14. Finally , someone made a real unit covering real crises. You guys need more Intel on these factions you tube footage of isis and or footage of the Syria war ...great job , but why didn't you guy make use of massi mato weapons instead of RH and sti requirements?
  15. where I can't find where you fixed it from PWS sorry
  16. How do you contact PWS and let them know it's not working?
  17. I'm still getting the Startup fallujah error. What is the fix for this?
  18. nivimar

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Why do I keep getting a Fallujah building error ?
  19. Seriously I'm not playing till it comes out.
  20. Shay an team when are we gonna rock this new bitch?
  21. Some times it works sometimes it dosnt.....but when it works it's a show .....let me tell you....
  22. Shit it sound's like Shay and the team having been working harder than the BI studios .....
  23. I heard you revamped the mcc , question is will there be a new operators manual?
  24. Is there anyway to adjust there trims to be like a commanche or be a bit faster....There to slow to turn and these combat choppers with the exception only the chinook move faster than this, also when in closer look mode from cockpit it just views the top of the choppers dash.