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  1. I know this thread is totally dead but its still the only singleplayer mission that i play, there's nothing else like it but as i know SaOk no longer works on it i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i do a couple of things. I wanted to add a few objects to the build menu and change the statics to RHS versions and also the starter vehicles possibly to RHS vehicles instead of vanillas. I have unpacked the pbo myself and i thought id be able to just go into the construction scripts and add my own if i had the correct class names, it turns out it isnt just as simple as that. I have 0 knowledge on scripting so i had little hope in succeeding but since it was dead i thought i'd give it a go. Has anyone done anything similar to what im trying to do?
  2. From my experience with this issue it only happens when you try to get into a vehicle that you havent purchased or unlocked with the y key. Like for example when you take a camp and the camps new AI soldiers arrive in a vehicle shortly after you are guaranteed to get stuck if you try to get in it but if you buy that same vehicle via airdrops or factorys etc you can get in fine.
  3. Can only imagine how good this mission would be today had developement not ceased, still to this day its the most interesting and dynamic mode you can play imo. Hope you're back with some kind of Arma work again at some point!
  4. Wouldnt say embarassingly bad, its an incredibly ambitious mission to make and its still the best SP mission ive played, can only imagine what it would be like today if it didnt stop being worked on.
  5. For my 2 cents i dont think it needs to be put through all that hassle and effort, they looks great as they are. So good to see a high quality detailed brit uniform pack like we have US/RU in RHS. Very good work, been using the pack for the past few days, much more enjoyable dressed as one of your own. Great stuff :D
  6. I know its probably capable of these things in real life but damn it looks very overpowered in game, looks great though!
  7. avfc

    3CB BAF Units

    Even unusable the things on the various packs in the vid look amazing, squad acually looks like its equipped for a mission as they do in real operations, very cool.
  8. It probably doesnt work with new mods very well because its not really being worked on atm.
  9. Saok something ive only just noticed, why can you never buy or make UAV's either in the menus or at factory's? I wanted Air Support earlier but something discreet and something that i could use to find and lase/bomb targets rather than the gung ho AI who fly in and get immediately shot down and it occurred to me after so long of playing that they aren't available at all unless they spawn in on their own.
  10. You aware the mediafire link is 2.4kb? Edit:
  11. avfc

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Really disappointed with the setting tbh, i think Chernarus, Takistan and Altis are great maps but this one just doesn't interest me in the same way looks like a console game map to me and if there was going to be an expansion i'd honestly rather a they spend their time creating a tonne of new assets and features to the game and not have a new map. As it is we'll probably get a new map and one of each vehicle type again. Yes im having a moan before we've even seen it in any kind of detail or know what the plans are but thats my initial reaction.
  12. I play with a tonne of mods and it works perfectly, all gun and vehicle mods work becuse of the mod template systems but its just a case of trying a set of mods together and seeing if it works because some do clash.
  13. Played earlier for the first time in ages, couple of things i noticed were the medical system is pretty rough, my ai were just down for ages sometimes and i was down myself for ages which was annoying and then if i gave anyone an order whilst i was down it would kill me. Also if you're on your own and you get hit you just lie there for ages unless im missing something obvious? Next time i think ill turn it off at the start. Also when i died and chose camp wolf it would just spawn me nearby anyway meaning i just couldn't get back to base at all and had no ammo or anything, using all the same mods i usually use and it never used to do that. Also saving and reloading just seems to break so much stuff, enemy vehicles just empty (for example the two AA vehices on the "Secure pointed airfield" task).
  14. Nah, ive tried all the usual stuff and its not a mission specific complaint, just agreeing with your earlier post about being in vehicles causing slowdown.
  15. Yea i had noticed even online sometimes being in vehicles was unbearably bad.