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  1. acknowledge

    Arma 3 and SweetFX

    Both sweefx1.4&1.51 work fine for me:), and boulotaur2024's version will cause glitch.
  2. acknowledge

    Sharpen filter

    We know the ingame FXAA/SMAA will be automatically disabled when NV google is on, will this happen on the Sharpen filter?
  3. Will AIs benifit from the bipod-deploy feature, if we finally get it?
  4. acknowledge

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hi LJ, seems six updater won't update the JSRS to the final version(http://play.withsix.com/mods/164-jsrs), could you work around it? BTW, you've made a really awesome work~
  5. acknowledge

    ASR Appendix

    Will you please add auto-load option for AI grass viewblock module appeared in nearast ACE?
  6. For the campains made for ACE, I recommend A Noble Cause made by Manzilla:) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13641
  7. Will the magazine restore to full when you equip/detach the Suppressor?
  8. Hi all, could anyone kindly send me the ace config of this mod to my email? The link of the config given in #146 post couldn't work. My email address is: 630458820@qq.com Thanks in advance!
  9. acknowledge

    Desert Wars: Island of Dingor

    Roger that, thanks mate:)
  10. acknowledge

    Desert Wars: Island of Dingor

    Hi IceBreaker, thanks for your hard work providing such amazing islands for us! I have a question about the sentence "Missions for Lingor should work for Dingor, just resave them." from you first post. You mean if we want to play missions design for lingor on the new island dingor, we just need to unpack the mission pbos, and modify related files, then pack the folder into pbos, right?
  11. Could you please add the custom MG(m240,pkm etc) reload animation that was included in smk's full animation pack to the next update version? Thanks
  12. Hi tpw, the 2nd download link seems not work either, would you please upload it to armaholic or where so ever that provide stable download service?
  13. acknowledge

    WarFX : Blastcore

    I suspect OS has already been employed by BIS to improve their next generation ArmA game, just like Smookie(CG animation addon author):bounce3:
  14. acknowledge

    ASR Appendix

    Wow, thanks for the upeate:o
  15. acknowledge

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Hi Animalmother, would it be possible that the finished part of FMJ campaign be released as SP missions? Just can't wait to enjoy your excellent work. Cheers:yay:
  16. ASR_AI addon has made it possible for AI to resupply ammo from other AI teamates' rucksacks. So maybe BI can also do something on this.
  17. acknowledge

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Hi Opticsnare. Could you please release a standalone addon just featuring Shell Casings, one of the components in warfx blastcore, just like your Blastcore Tracers R1 addon? Since some of us don't have cutting-edge computer, and the feature mentioned seems did not heavy relay on high computer resource, but is also unique in arma2 world(we can only find similar feature in arma1: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5122&highlight=DEADFAST ). Thanks in advance :bounce3:
  18. acknowledge

    ASR Appendix

    Hello, Robalo. I have used your ACE-related addons for a long time, yeah, they are very impressive. About this one, may I ask for adding one more option, please? I enable auto initiate ace wound system in sp game, and disable spectator. Running the game, when I've been hit, losing conscious, most of the time I'll get a message: "life time: 208", subsequently the number will countdown to zero, then mission will be terminated, I have to chose wheather to load previous saved game, restart or quit the mission. I think the countdown message is related to ACE's spectator or revive system. But when I don't use ASR Appendix, loading a mission(like ACE's bunding missions made by animalmother92) that inclue a ace “enable wounding system†modual, the countdown message will never appear in the same situation. So, could you please add a option in userconfig to disable it, make the effect the same as just place a enable wounding system modual in the editor? Thanks in advanceï¼ï¼ ---------- Post added at 01:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM ---------- One more requst, could you add auto enable ace spare tyre system?It may be convenienct to long-distance raid missions:bounce3:
  19. Would you sick1 please add RH weapons to these ACE version campains's gear selection menus, since robalo has already made most of RH firearms ACE compatible: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?120120-Robalo-s-ACE-configs I think it's really awesome to enjoy your campains together with ACE and RH weapons. Thanks in advance~
  20. acknowledge

    Sounds of Steel v1.0 Released

    I would like some excellent supressed weapon sounds :) Thanks for your hard work!
  21. acknowledge

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Thanks for the update, we really love them, and you, really:)
  22. Maybe we can bind "q" and "e" keys to "shift gear" function rather than simply "slow&fast foward" as they are in arma 2 when being a driver. Also, when you car is moving forward, press then hold "s" key make your vehicle finally stop but not reverse, if wanna to do so, just release the key then press it again:).
  23. acknowledge

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Hi Robalo, very impressive on your exellent configs. And when you are free to update them, could you please provide a seperate version of "@asr_rh_m4_ace" config that doesn't replace ACE's M4/M16s in American soldiers' hands? Since the ladder ones don't look that bad, and many of them have both IR pointer and flashlight. Thanks in advance!
  24. acknowledge

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    May I ask a question: when MMA is loaded, how to use TOW missiles on AH-1W provieded by ACE mod? I've tried both gunner and pilot, but couldn't guide the TOWs neither manually nor locked on target using Helmet-Mounted Displays. Currently for me it's just like a unguide rocket... ---------- Post added at 02:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:57 PM ---------- One more request: Since Mando missile addon include systems for some stealth aircrafts(like F-22, RAH-66), could it be possible to apply stealth capacity on these aircrafts by default, just like F-35B?
  25. acknowledge

    [Camp] Operation Spring Fire

    Does Ting Chavez the same person from the novels: Rainbow Six and Clear and Present Danger :)?