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  1. acknowledge

    Arma 3 and SweetFX

    Both sweefx1.4&1.51 work fine for me:), and boulotaur2024's version will cause glitch.
  2. acknowledge

    Sharpen filter

    We know the ingame FXAA/SMAA will be automatically disabled when NV google is on, will this happen on the Sharpen filter?
  3. Will AIs benifit from the bipod-deploy feature, if we finally get it?
  4. acknowledge

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hi LJ, seems six updater won't update the JSRS to the final version(http://play.withsix.com/mods/164-jsrs), could you work around it? BTW, you've made a really awesome work~
  5. acknowledge

    ASR Appendix

    Will you please add auto-load option for AI grass viewblock module appeared in nearast ACE?
  6. For the campains made for ACE, I recommend A Noble Cause made by Manzilla:) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13641
  7. Will the magazine restore to full when you equip/detach the Suppressor?
  8. Hi all, could anyone kindly send me the ace config of this mod to my email? The link of the config given in #146 post couldn't work. My email address is: 630458820@qq.com Thanks in advance!
  9. acknowledge

    Desert Wars: Island of Dingor

    Roger that, thanks mate:)
  10. acknowledge

    Desert Wars: Island of Dingor

    Hi IceBreaker, thanks for your hard work providing such amazing islands for us! I have a question about the sentence "Missions for Lingor should work for Dingor, just resave them." from you first post. You mean if we want to play missions design for lingor on the new island dingor, we just need to unpack the mission pbos, and modify related files, then pack the folder into pbos, right?
  11. Could you please add the custom MG(m240,pkm etc) reload animation that was included in smk's full animation pack to the next update version? Thanks
  12. Hi tpw, the 2nd download link seems not work either, would you please upload it to armaholic or where so ever that provide stable download service?
  13. acknowledge

    WarFX : Blastcore

    I suspect OS has already been employed by BIS to improve their next generation ArmA game, just like Smookie(CG animation addon author):bounce3:
  14. acknowledge

    ASR Appendix

    Wow, thanks for the upeate:o
  15. acknowledge

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Hi Animalmother, would it be possible that the finished part of FMJ campaign be released as SP missions? Just can't wait to enjoy your excellent work. Cheers:yay: