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    I attempted to play Arma when it was first released, really got into mission making in Arma II and am now attempting to get use to Arma III editing. I enjoy making scenario based missions with limited revives to improve team work and execution. As much as I know some hate to hear this, I like to make you actually think about what you are about to do.

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  1. Hello once again from the ARMA 3 NIMITZ DEV Team!! News is coming in now from the shipyard about another feature which we were able to begin developing for the NIMITZ. Who would have guessed. We couldn't leave our Rotor Boys out of the action...
  2. @Yurichenco, Thank you for the praise and ideas, One of the limiting factors that comes to mind when we start talking about AI crew milling about the ship is simply the amount of clutter that needs to be calculated by the server in order to render 20 guys milling about the flight deck. So though it would be satisfying for the pilot who is about to TOP GUN it off of the carrier deck the rest of the mission may suffer a bit (LAG) due to the AI presence. Now this may be possible if we can integrate some kind of triggering method where when the player enters a zone, the AI are spawned in and despawned like the deck crew currently are but this would take some time to test and develop. My plan is to work next on a deck crew heli landing sequence. So stay tuned...
  3. Hello from the ARMA 3 NIMITZ DEV Team!! So a few of us have been working on some enhanced deck crew animations for the Nimitz when launching your aircraft form the deck. Its really cool if you crank down the ingame music and start playing some TopGUN intro music to get into the mood with. Any how, here is some test footage we recently took. Hope you enjoy. New Launchcrew sequence for launching planes. Script written by TeTeT, Animation selection and sequencing by Moose, advice by NightIntruder.
  4. Been kind of slow going with work and all but here is what I have achieved so far. Apparently the New CBA update put a twist into my build because it has messed up how the animations execution sending the guys all on a path 90 degrees to their intended path. Disabling CBA has fixed the issue. https://youtu.be/_IpJ-itotKs
  5. Anything specifically your looking at, its a buch of .sqf files unique to each crew members duties.
  6. Just a small update Gents. Version 2.0 Carrier deck Animations is coming along. I just started last night getting things in order. Currently getting all of the crew animations list built then the timings down. Once i have a fully functional piece im happy with ill start looking into how to bake it into a module.
  7. The Guy who made the Nimitz module animation I believe had to port it over from ARMA 2. Which is why I was unable to achieve the animation in my mission so i had to "Fake" it using his module to get the shooter in doing the animation. However with the new Jets DLC ill try to start digging into it again and see if we can not put some Modules together that will work no matter where the ship is spawned.
  8. I have already created a version of what your talking about. However I have no idea how to make it a module. I'll have to talk to my Nimitz buddies about how to do that. I'll also have to update it in guessing. Were you wanting this for the USA freedom?
  9. captmoose344

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Just flew around for about an hour or so and noticed a real pain in the but issue. I have an X-55 Saitek Hotas. The Lock Target, Reveal target buttons will not function in any aircraft. Tapping T to lock the target worked 1-2 times but you would think that the lock target function should be able to work from your Hotas no problem. The buttons im using on the stick are Saitek button #2 (RED) thumb button for reveal target. Saitek button #5 (Grey) side stick thumb button for lock target. Neither are working well to bring up, lock enemy targets well if at all. Attempted to lock onto friendly aircraft laser beam to drop a GBU and also attempted to make several attacks using the AG missiles from the Gryphon and the Black Wasp. NO luck locking anything from the joystick. Attempted to dogfight and could not get the AA SR or AA MR to lock onto the enemy aircraft when it was clearly in plane site and i should have been using guns instead of missiles. This issue was present before the JETS release, Was thinking maybe it would have been fixed.
  10. captmoose344

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    FOR THE DEVS Can you Please look into making some adjustments when it comes to how players are handled in Crashes to be a little more realistic. What do i mean? When a helicopter clips a building and drops to the ground 5 feet below it insta-splodes and will kill everyone because you fell on a wall. or When your helo takes a hit from AA and is going down but you put the wheels down and are rolling to a stop, you hit a small rock wall and instead of losing the landing gear you again insta-splode. When you are driving an aircraft and you belly land just a little hard, Insta-splode. If the vehicle rolls over during a landing it will Insta-Splode and kill everything unlike reality. Not saying that no aircraft that has ever rolled over has never exploded before. I would like to see the player given some time to get away even hurt due to the crash before the helo detonates. make it so that the leaking fuel will be the cause of the detonation but not until it runs completely out which could be 30-60 seconds after the crash or roll over. Tremendous scenarios can be created if the player could survive a light crashing or rolling over event. Exit animations can remain as they are just would make it so players can create some black hawk down moments as their extract is shot down and there might actually be someone to go rescue for once. The system is kind of ancient when it comes to how aircraft and helicopter crashes are handled and its time for an update that reflects reality with them.
  11. captmoose344

    Scrap the AI System

    Something that has not really changed much from the beginning has been the AI in the game. They still have the same frustrations i noticed from Arma II. Very clunky, frustrating and non useful units for players to use. From the other end of the coin they still dont have sliders for accuracy or an ability to adjust aggressiveness of the AI via the Editor. Everything is still development of scripts to try and fix the AI or make them better which is fine. I would just like to see the devs come out with some real enhancements to the system since the game has been out now for a few years and still people complain of AI being too accurate, knowing where they are and having laser accuracy. I just recently saw a video from the old Operation Flashpoint where the AI control system looked way better than what we have today with scroll menus and all. Why was that system never recalled to the building board and implemented as the AI seem to respond when ordered. Not sit lying down on the ground till the gun fire stops. Or spend 15 min while the AI attempts to path into the helicopter or truck you just want them to jump into. Heck even AI medics that are designed around supporting the player would be an incredible implementation. If its not the AI or there actions thats the issue then the pathing system should be scraped and rebuilt to a more simplistic system. Perhaps the way the AI have been designed they have too many variables figured into what should be a simple calculation of moving between two points on the map. Any other ideas people have on how we could simplify and improve the AI system of Arma 3 Please comment in the area below.
  12. Hello Arma Community, I have been making an Arma 3 Ambiance mission with the NIMITZ mod team. Here is a video of what it looks like in the editor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYQ1nwzvgR4 The problem i seem to be facing is when its hosted on a dedicated server that the triggers fire off along with the animations however the characters do not move, they simply walk in place. This makes me think that the AI are trying to walk but do not see the ground beneath them since they are some 17 m above sea level on the carrier deck. Thus they are thinking they are in freefall just not making it to ground level. My trigger activation field says this: nul=[s2] execVM "Cat2\Shooter222.sqf"; Hint "Lower Launch Bar."; [THIS] Exec "Radiochat.sqf"; Where S2 is a character on the deck, Shooter222 is the animation.sqf file which says this: // Yellow Shirt (SHOOTER) scripts _S2 = _this select 0; execVM "Cat2\green555.sqf"; execVM "Cat2\green444.sqf"; [s2, "Acts_NavigatingChopper_Out"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 3.866; [s2, "HubBriefing_pointLeft"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 4.5; execVM "Cat2\green111.sqf"; execVM "Cat2\green222.sqf"; execVM "Cat2\green333.sqf"; [s2, "Acts_Kore_TalkingOverRadio_in"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 1; [s2, "Acts_Kore_TalkingOverRadio_loop"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 8; [s2, "Acts_Kore_TalkingOverRadio_out"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 1; [s2, "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_SaluteIn"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep .769; [s2, "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Salute"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 10.8; [s2, "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_SaluteOut"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep .769; [s2, "AmovPercMwlkSnonWnonDr"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 8; [s2, "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep 1; [s2, "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Scared2"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0,false]; Sleep .5; S2 setPosASL [17463.9, 29010.8, 17.5]; Is there something in the files i need to change? or what can i modify to fix this issue of the AI walking in place instead of across the deck?
  13. Out of curiosity would it at all be possible to have the arma3 engine support the streaming in and out civilians in the environments. This way cities and roads would have traffic, or people walking next to the roads or even in and out of the hospital and such. What is missing is a good representation of others who live there and if we as mission makers can not populate the entire map with civilians due to processing ability and not take a hit performance wise. I would really like to see Arma take this part of environmental design to the next level and allow us to see that others (AI civis) live in these wonderful worlds you have created.
  14. Ok Idea here, Can we get the engine optimized for a module which will allow ambiance of civilians in towns and rural areas. One aspect that is always missing from arma missions would be the locals driving cars, standing outside, working, walking and such.
  15. captmoose344

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Hello, So out of curiosity I was wondering if there may be any plans or if it could be made a priority to make DLC ships for ARMA. Maybe a cruise liner, Destroyer, Frigate, and patrol boat. It would be nice if they had some functionality as well. This way you could crawl around on them and have mission objectives on them. The fishing boat in game and would be a great start since it is already an asset but we can not run around on it yet. I know there are some boats ported over from A2 and some people have been making but it would be nice to see a Sponsored or dev created one. What do you think?