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  1. Does anyone knows the return function for a trigger, i mean, who was the first to activate a trigger. I guess i could use thislist and override my question for an index 0, but this will not work for thext scenario: I have a BLUE unit that will execute the trigger only when he detects an INDEPENDENT (just WEST unit has setfriend hostile to INDEPENDENT cause otherwise it will not work), therefore i can have multiple units in thisList but i can't use the index cause it will return the first unit in the list instead of the first unit detected, by the way the BLUE is set for not shooting (training purpose). I think the key is from an EventHandler that should return who activates the trigger, i try to remember where do i see this but can't remember and any help will be helpful to solve this issue.
  2. corralesid

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Training mines dosen't work on dedicated servers. They only dissapear without any animation.
  3. Generally Good, i liked the campaign, but there's true facts about recycling past objects such as for example, hangars military stations we see on Chernarus (which we have in CUP's too), and ther's very little willing material. BUG report: Radar station: you can't jump (means "V" key not Enhanced) to the ramp on 1st floor you get stucked in the middle of the building, while there are wholes you can reach also.
  4. corralesid

    ImageToPAA Dosen't work ARMA 3

    But it was the only thing i did it to make it work, nothing else worked, even tried the direct exe
  5. Well, before anyone reply on this. READ NEXT: I someday found that ImageToPAA wasnt working for some reason, and i know a lot of people had happened this too. A lot of days after for another unknown reason the software was working at all. So i didn't touch anything until i formated my computer. When i again reinstall arma 3 Tools i found also ImageToPAA wasn't working again, ¡so! i decided to find the bottom of this issue (By the way for those who ask, didn't you find help over internet? No, there was the basic use of the software only. Did you follow the rules about ^2 (256x256 etc), the names whatever_CO... blah blha blha.... yes i followed them and nothing was up to the solution). So, i might found the issue about but i need help of those who haven't proof this method and reply if it worked. 1.- First Install Arma 3 and Arma 3 Tools.*1 2.- Inside Arma 3 Tools there's a program named game updater (which if i'm not wrong this is for Dev), click on it but not at least close steam and just have Atools on desktop, you'll be asked for your user ID of steam and password and also steam guard if you're using it since it will try to get something (dunno) from your account, maybe some general stuff.*2 3.-Confirm the form and send it, you'll see now something is updating, if some error comes out of it, don't worry let it finished. If you can't finish the update try now the software ImageToPAA, if nothing happened apply common Tech skills (Restart your PC XD), if still nothing try again step 2 and 3, common error is in fact due to the steam login access. 4.- And voilá!, you got it working. no.... sorry i can't help beyond that, only thing i can say as mayority of people out there is "Use TextViewer 2".
  6. corralesid

    Change squad name

    Yep, is CBA functionality. Anyway to do it manually? I was trying by preprocesslink but i still havent found the way.
  7. corralesid

    Change squad name

    testing write now once and for all, cause i was told once it was from ACE...so better tell the truth.
  8. Thank you guys for your support on GH, i read all about your posts. Im not sure but maybe the way i once did it was using the dev command REMOVEDIARYRECORd cause it sounds me like a DejaVú, but i dont know how i used it, cause im not in the realm, anyway im experimenting with a mix between your posts and one i found. look like: player createDiaryRecord ["cba_help_docs", localize "d"];h = [] spawn { waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 12)}; disableSerialization; a = player createDiarySubject ["cba_help_docs","My page 1"]; b = player createDiarySubject ["testPage2","My page 2"]; player createDiaryRecord ["cba_help_docs", ["Intel", "TEST 1 "]]; player createDiaryRecord ["testPage2", ["Intel", "TEST 2"]]; INDEX = [a]; ["HGF", "onEachFrame", { { ((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 1001) lbDelete (_x-2); } forEach INDEX; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; -------------------------------------------------------------- i need to debug but it worked. By the way , im giving in all my mission the correct way of credits, via titlecuts.
  9. corralesid

    Change squad name

    Investigation in Progress about the topic for whole understanding. Meanwhile solution is next: While in Eden open player attributes and there will be an option tagged "Description name" just under player and playable checkboxes, give a name you desire followd by "@" and a group name. E.G. Rifleman_role@FortunaSquad. Now this will be displayed when youget at "the starting point" (offically named by Bohemia for MP lobby). What im on is if this apply due the fact of a mod or if it is just a myth, but it works: Alternative: No documentation about preloding mission files in MP (not about initialization_order, this dosent apply what i mean), but you can find at mission.sqf "class item" with the following: class Item1 { dataType="Object"; class PositionInfo { position[]={1200.017,4.6900196,3201.167}; angles[]={0,1.0915289,0}; }; side="Independent"; flags=7; class Attributes { skill=0.7149244; rank="LIEUTENANT"; description="rifleman_role@FortunaSquad"; }; NOTE: make sure to name the playable unit and not a vehicle if the playable unit is in it, cause it will not assign the name to the unit.
  10. To add for future help. Some mission templates have a briefing.sqf/sqs/html, you can delete the entries overwriting it.
  11. I give credits to all mod makers but in some cases, Diary is not the best way to put this info. I once delete the diary entries from CBA, Task Force radio Usage, but i dont remember how... So the question is ¿How to delete information from Diary entries? (does entries that appear when you press the map key and appear Map, Gear and instructions).
  12. or counterwise, if you have the pbo but still not coennection, delete it. You can compress or uncompress file in missions multiplayer folder via unPBO (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369)
  13. corralesid

    Playsound sound3d

    I got that paramter, but what im saying is counterwise. Let me explain again, if im far enough of an object and i activate these comands from that object when i approach to the object it would not be heard cause its far from the parameter, EG 200mts is sound source prameter (which means it will be heard by those who are 200mts radius), but if im 210 mts away and i enter to the zone of the soundsource (wich get the parameter) i wouldnt hear the sound, and thats the deal with this 2 commands. Both have this issue, so what im expecting to do is making a function that can simulate this. What i m trying to do as original concept is to simulate a military bugle.
  14. corralesid

    Playsound sound3d

    don't know how to delete post.
  15. .By trying using this 2 commands script in a dedicated server i noticed that they wouldn't play music/sound if a player isn't close to the soundsource area at least 200mts (which it will be led as a trigger then), so what about only in a given time to execute a sound/music (and only for once) if you are/aren't present in the area by a natural scripting command. Regardless it doesn't exist such commaand, I was thinking to make a control structure and add nearestobject as a property or a main, let's say if player distance grater than x meters stop music/sound, but it will be unefective for a multiplayer environment. so any tips? what i want to do (real life model) to be specific is: make a bugle call. if a soldier is far they will not hear, but as they approach to zone or object source they will hear the sound but in real time, not starting from 0 as both commands do