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  1. Hey, I know this has been asked before but i have never managed to get a decent answer or anything, since it has gone some time i guess more peoples knows about this and my simple question is: How can i restrict a vehicle so only a clan member can use it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Btw, i found a issue. When i create a task online, everyone gets it, but when i press that the mission is succeeded or failed it pops up on the other players but the mission is still active in their map tasks list..
  3. Lol, okey thank you big time!:)
  4. Okey, so this will only make my name able to see the > Mission Generator thingy pop up?
  5. Lol, now we're talking about gettin' me killed for some reason? xD ---------- Post added at 01:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:53 AM ---------- So, how or what do i change in the Init. file, or whats the code for hide action? Because if i type like: this removeaction > Mission Generator in a on act or some, i get that ">" is an invalid number.
  6. Do you know any of these scripts? :P
  7. Well, is there anyway i can hide the action "> Mission Generator" From showing up in the action menu on any other classes then 1 or some? I've seen this before that only 1 person can use the MCC and no one else can use or see it or see how to log in and so on.
  8. Hey, is it possible so only 1 person can see the mission generator tab or that only 1 class can use it or some? Because I want to create a map where only I can do this and other peoples can't see or enter the mission maker thingy. - Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey, when i create a server, i enable the ACE mods and so on, but when i try to join, it get this message saying that i can't join because the server doesn't accept a file inside my mod folder and again inside Addons... So i can't join because there is files inside the mod folders that the server doesn't seem to pick up.. Any solutions??
  10. Hey, does anyone know how to restrict a vehicle so only specific player ID's or some can enter? Like clan members. I've found this tread before, but coudn't figure out anything so maybe now more peoples know about this and could give me a decent answer. - Thanks!
  11. Hey, I've encountered a bug here. I've added the anti-zora bug for that the vehicle explode when i exit the white zone, like the safe zone (Grey) then the border zone (White) and then i enter another zone outside of border, everytime i exit my vehicle, i get killed. But if i remove the anti-zora bug, i get randomly shot and killed by an anti-tank weapon if i drive/exit the white zone. Any one have a solution? - Thanks in advance!
  12. Aaw great mate! Thank you so much ;) Much appreciated! Btw, is it a create filler or some for this? So i can add the radios in a create?
  13. Hey, i have this problem where i can't find any other radios then the PRC-343 in any of the box'es in the editor... Do you guys know where i find it? As well as do so a person spawns with the PRC-148VHF radio, I've seen a script like: This addweapon "ACE_PRC343"; But that doesn't work for me... either if i change 343 to 148VHF. Hope i can get some help, Thanks!
  14. Hey, I have a question, is it possible to remove the markers from the map? So we can't like see where the enemys are when we're play. Also is it possible to take off this "popup" on the right side because all the time i see when a unit spawns... a bit annoying... But it is still good, just a question if this was possible!