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  1. Date: 02.08.2012 Who: "20min" a free daylie newspaper Where: Switzerland About: mostly Day Z and a few words about arma. Language: German i scanned the article. you will find it as pdf (1.33mb) here: http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/66135904/file.html
  2. good morning, is it possible to have the "fast time" between the missions as a parameter? like: instant / 10% / 50%. or even a parameter to deactivate the time skip? thanks in advance. edit: is it possible to have a additional parameter for the enemies force on zone: only infantry / with vehicles?
  3. good morning tfor community :) i was suprised yesterday, i was waiting for the new map "qom province" in iran. its released now. the author pack already some missions inside the file. and what is inside? QFOR 1.05 RC north + south. :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=117485 have fun guys. regards
  4. great to hear! i will give my best next time to report a issue like that :) thank you guys! regards to all
  5. hello Bon yeah we try everything rockets, missiles etc. i had yesterday the same problem with a radiotower from a domination sidemission. also i realized that the satchels are now around 2kg instead of 9kg. i think ACE changed the satchels config. i know that all is not your problem. my question is now: can i change a "damage value" of this radar thingy? when yes where? Patch 1.59 // current ACE version: 475 // Takistan // TFOR 1.04 ACE (edited by me) // thanks in advanced! sincerly your fanboy :p
  6. hello bon since the patch last week, iam not able to destroy the air radar from the mission "destroy scud and radar". i placed around 20 satchels. do you have any idea? we use the ACE version.
  7. there is already a sample mission in the folder. "SR5_Reezo_IEDdetect.Desert_E" have a nice day.
  8. Massoud

    co40 - War on Isla Duala [port]

    hello guys is a ACE version planned? regards
  9. Massoud

    3D map.... No, really!

    hello guys i think i saw this holomap in arma 2 oa. its a mission stress testing tool by Loki. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=110414 look at the bottom of the first thread under "DOWNLOAD" "and if you want to use holoMap" http://www.filefront.com/17649683/lo...ey_models.rar/ i dont know if this holomap needs lokis tool. maybe you test it and give a us a feedback? iam on work.... regards to all
  10. Massoud

    ArmA 2 OA & Windows 7

    i wrote last week on youtube a comment: "this is the best investment i ever did in a entertainment product" if you wanny enjoy the whole multiplayer part and the tousands mods from the community. yes. of course there are mods for OA standalone, and of course you can play online with OA standalone. but i think the most server/players are on combined operations. to have "combined operations" you need now arma 2 standalone. this and Operation Arrowhead together are "COMBINED operations". install: 1. arma 2 2. arma 2 OA 3. patch to 1.57 now you are on "combined operations" level. hey mate i wish you a good and smooth start into the world of arma :)
  11. hello guys i can't stop laughin, i found a hilarious video from 2009. i try the search function but without success. (i can't imagin that nobody post this video here on the forums) "Arma2 / A Woman's Heartache - A Drama" by [RIP] you have to wacht it :) regards to all and a good start into the weekend!
  12. thanks msy i didn't knew this way of pathching. look what i found st!gar -> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=114181 regards to all
  13. 1. ArmA 2 install 2. ArmA 2 patch 1.08 -------------------- 3. Arrowhead install 4. Arrowhead patch 1.57 5. BAF/PMC install 6. BAF/PMC patches 1.02 / 1.01 official patches: http://www.arma2.com/index.php?Itemid=20&option=com_rokdownloads&view=folder〈=en and yes, you need only to download the latest beta patch here: http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php was that enough light? :D
  14. Massoud

    Left Handed players, UNITE!!!

    same here. i write with left, i played footbal with my left foot but i play games with my righthand? :confused: if i read the dramas here as a lefthand gamer, iam happy with my anomalie :D i have standard config.