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  1. Wow, just like that and it is done. I was at this for hours. I was on the wrong axis all along. Now I have a working moving Submarine. Thanks a million. ---------- Post added at 03:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:28 PM ---------- this setDir 180; submarine = "Submarine_01_F" createVehicle position this; deleteVehicle this; Submarine AttachTo [sDV,[0,-10,-3]]; Submarine setVectorDirAndUp [[0,-1,0],[0,0,1]]; = working.
  2. Sorry about the old script men. I did not happen to notice that I had posted old information. Some of which that came from my earlier trial and error sessions. (I was using two subs at the time, trying to figure this out.) I coppied the script that was not properly set up. I told you I was tired. This is what I was using. submarine = "Submarine_01_F" createVehicle position this; deleteVehicle this; Submarine AttachTo [sDV,[0,10,-6]]; Submarine setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]]; To explain my situation again. The larger sub is connecting to the SDV pointing towards the tail end of the vessel. I would like to have it connected, and positioned in the same nose direction as of the SDV. I've seen this done, but I could not replicate it. ---------- Post added at 03:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:58 PM ---------- Yeah, I posted the wrong script I was using. That one, came from the trial and error session. I was using two subs for test purposes. =)
  3. Can anyone help out with finding the correct variables, so that the subs movement in travel is in par with the SDV forward movement. Yes, I've read almost EVERYTHING KK has writen on this. I've researched this for hours, trying to do it my self. I just can't get the numbers game to line up correctly. z and y, z and y :mad: I think I might be too burned out to get it also. submarine = "Submarine_01_F" createVehicle position this; deleteVehicle this; Submarine AttachTo [sDV_1,[0,10,-6]]; Submarine_1_1 setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]]; I have only gotten a wii gain from doing it on my own. So I now come to the alter of ARMA.

    We are in need of one more sub rank in ARMA 3

    I think that it can be improved. For one, it looks like it is using the Marine Core's rank system still as of now. Corporal is a E-4 in the ranks. Since we are using the US Army now that should be changed to Specialist. It is fine to you, because it does not matter to you. But to me, I like to have a decent set up as far as their rank goes. I am not a gun nut, most guns are the same to me. I know that some have their minor to huge differences between them, but mostly they are all the same in character. Does that mean put in one or two gun? One gun is only needed to kill a players right? It does the job right? What is the use of adding more than two guns right? No thought put into that comment I see.
  5. Hellow guys and gals. This has been on my mind for a while since ARMA 2. And I want to express that I do not think that this is just a plain old want. I do think that this is a major need while we are in the beta. It is a need based on the the high archery dominant ways of this military and any military. The ranks are missing their very essence of a military's core, THE NCO. Being once part of the US ARMY, I have notice the lack of NCO's in the options to choose as far as rank other than the E-5 SGT. (AKA the Buck Sergeant). I can not for one, set up a proper firing squad or a proper SF team with out knowing that I am missing a "KEY" component of the military ranks. That breaks the immersion for me. Now, within the system of any working military, you need these guys (E-6 and E-7) to push out the details, carry the burden down to the lower ends; where the Privates, and Specialist (SPC is E-4, the same as a Marine Corporal) work it out. I have a hard time dealing with the facts that my SPEC OPS team on the map can only be ranked as high as a buck Sgt's. Side note: When completing SF, many are automatically promoted to E-6 (if not already) in the US ARMY. So I think by adding a "New" rank, in the game, will allow us to have better rank structures through out our squads, teams, Soldiers, and Marines. So my suggestion for fixing this is to add more rank, preferably E-7 and E-6. Or rename ALL of the ranks below officer to: SFC E-7 Sergeant First Class SGT E-5 Sergeant PFC E-3 Private First Class PVT E-2 Private I prefer this setup that works well with a lot of SF operatives and veteran soldiers. SFC E-7 Sergeant First Class SSG E-6 Staff Sergeant SGT E-5 Sergeant SPC E-4 Specialist If you were to add the two other ranks, than we could get our Privates and Private's First Class back in there. I think that this way would be more easier for development, and a much better structure for us to lay out our platoons and squads ranking structure below officers. Thank you

    I do not have any MP games listed in the MP option.

    You know what, I just fixed it; before, I read your post. And, to make it so bad; I would of said "I tried that!" to your suggestion. Because, I went there to try and manually override it, but I stopped there; cause, of my PC's security fire wall setup. It was fairly too complex for me to configure at that time and moment. So, I kept trying various different avenues of attack. I even looked through the history of my security files; to double check and verify that it was not being blocked there. Still, there was no mention of an attempt to connect, there from Bohemia or Arma 3. I started thinking of other ways of verifying programs, if they are being blocked or not; so I pressed TAB and ALT. Just to see if a internet access notification would be shown for the game; and sure enough, Bohemia was asking permission to be let in through the wall. So yeah, I thank you guys for all of the help. And, I am O' so glad; again, that I have MP access once more for the beta.
  7. Hello I am trying to get MP back up and running again, but everything I have tried to do has not worked and HAS failed. I use to have MP in the ALPHA. Untill one day I had to reinstalled my operating system to fix a virus.:mad: I loaded Steam and everything back on it, and it was non playable anymore. I have tried all community advice like deleting ALL PREVIOUS characters, uninstalled the game by it self and along with Steam. The same results have accrued, I am still unable to fix the non MP problem by my self with the tips that I was given by the community. I need the makers of the game to help me out here. I've been patient for 2 and a half months and now I need BI's help to resolve this ongoing problem.:pray: Thank you I've tried::( uninstalling it re installing it uninstalling the game and then Steam, and then re installing them both. turned Steam online and then offline and then online again. verified the integrity of the game cache I even went into the files to find ARMA 3 servers and clicked on that, that still did nothing. PS. In the start of the game where I would use to get the news on all of the new and latest updates. It now states that the News is offline.:butbut:
  8. How ya doing guys and gals? I was using my TRACK IR5 yesterday and I'd noticed that it did not activate the new stances when you leaned far left and far right. I figured that this would be a natural thing to have transpire when you lean your real body out further left or right. With my body being leaning so far out, it should automatically engage the newer animation stances. I would have it as a option to be controlled by Track IR5. But I do think that this should be looked at again.
  9. Great information guys! But the best way is this way.:confused: Why can it not be a module? This would give us the ability to be in command of that vehicle as long as we are inside of it. This would also allow us to control the where a F35 too, so that it can hover and land where we want it. If it is a module, it would not have to be put down in a mission you don't want the player to have control of the helicopter. This would be the best solution to this old, but fairly easy problem.

    I can't join server "arma 3"

    I've had this problem for about a month now. I wonder why this is happening? I can not get the regular feed from the start menu. It states that it is offline. Nothing comes up in the list. It is like the game has no internet capabilities.
  11. The game feels kind of off or not correct, when I can not give a simple order to the pilot of the helicopter to land. I do think that we really do need this in game right about now. Second if the helicopter is not going to land all the way, why not have animation that shows them jumping out of the helicopter in a combat way instead of the animation that makes them step down onto air and then fall 3 meters. I rather have an animation of them jumping out of the bird 3 meters high or Repelling down from the chopper than what we have now. It breaks the immersion of the helicopter a bit too much. Other than that, the game is turning out great.

    No multiplayer

    Yes I am. I've also checked on the regular stable version and I can not find anything there too. I've went through all of the filters and still no dice. I'm wondering could I have ended up downloading one of the light versions by mistake. But I can not tell if it is light or not?

    No multiplayer

    Maybe you guys can help me. I bought the supporters version of the game and I am having trouble playing MP games now. This happened right after I had to reinstate my operating system. I re installed Steam and re downloaded Arma 3 but had no MP now. What could be the problem here? It is under my name, it shows that I have purchased the supporter's edition, but it will not find a MP game for me. So any help would be welcome guys. Thanks.


    Any face mask should be classified as eye wear so that it may be removed. NVG's should also be without a doubt as eye wear. And I do wish that they do differentiate the NVG's too. The same manufacture should not be supplying the two opposing forces with NVG's. Last but not least, why not for the love of this game, we can not get a action order for helicopters to LAND. Land now! I want the helicopter to land when it is hovering above me and I want to get in it.

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    For the record I have not had the game crash on me yet, for the most part. I have everything on MAX. I also leave my game running for hours at a time while not being home. I don't think I have the best computer, but it does the job of running ARMA 3 well. I am currently playing on A HP 30" monitor. Two evga GTX 4g 680's in SLI, 16g of Corsair Vengence ram. An i7 3770 3.50 no O.C CPU cooled by Corsair's H60, just in case I feel frisky. MB is a EVGA Z77 FTW, PSU is a Thermaltake 1350 True power. A Samsung 250 SSD, and the case is a CM STORM. Again, everything in game is maxed out with playable FPS. Windows Experience index gives me a strait 8. I guess this is very good.