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  1. Necro'ing old thread: I've re-installed the ArmA 2 CO server on a fresh install of CentOS 7, running multi-user mode not gui. I've only tuned a few settings: MaxMsgSend=32; MinErrorToSend=0.003 MinErrorToSendNear=0.05; MaxBandwidth=5242880; Maxbandwidth is my internet upload speed, server is mostly used in 1Gbps LAN I've modified CTI Mountain Warfare, enabling 5Km view distance. Started the server, reniced to -20. Started the mission, checking #monitor: used 600MB of ram, and showing upload around 64 to 128Kbps to one client, and server fps at 50. Using Top to get CPU load: min/max 0.8/1.25 0.6/1.3 0.7/1.1 Running on a Wolfdale Xeon 3GHz CPU, 4GB of ram, 128GB Crucial SSD. Syn Running old 1.62, none of that Steam garbage for an old game...
  2. visceralsyn

    Server Tutorial

    Try this: [color=#333333]-server -nosplash -cpuCount=2 -port=2312 -profiles=default -name=default -cfg=default\Arma2.cfg -config=default\server.cfg -netlog vsj10 -mod=@RealLifeRPG [/color] You only need -ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx if the machine has more than 1 ip address. There is no mod named 'arma2', 'ca' is the A2 content, 'expansion' is Operation Arrowhead content. Unless you are running a beta server, you don't need to add the path to expansion or ca. Make sure you have a folder named '@RealLifeRPG' in your A2 root directory. As well as a folder named 'Default', with the default profile file, server.cfg, and Arma2.cfg files all in there. Finally, your '-cfg=default\Arma2.cfg' likely will have the exact same settings as the default arma2.cfg thats in the root A2 directory. This was also a 2 year old thread, and then you posted a new thread... Visceral_Syn
  3. visceralsyn

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    You only need the -ip=x.x.x.x on the commandline, if the PC hosting has multiple IP addresses. remove that, and forward UDP-2302~2305 to the ip of the hosting pc, in your router. VisceralSyn
  4. If anyone else happens to read this thread with similiar problems: ARMA_DIR=/home/kazenokizu/arma CONFIG=basic.cfg PORT=2305 PIDFILE=armapid.pid RUNFILE=run.run LOGFILE=serverlog.txt SERVER=server OTHERPARAMS=-config=config.cfg The config line in the script is for a custom configuration file, or the server config. The one with hostname, persistent settings, etc. He added -config=config.cfg to the OTHERPARAMS line. Which, in essence confused the fork out the server. The standard arma2oa.cfg is read for the BASIC CFG file. Which he has named basic.CFG. The server reads arma2oa.cfg by default, so thats where you put those settings. The MAXMSGSEND, and settings like it. VisceralSyn
  5. Has anyone else experienced not being able to respawn in the missions that were released with ArmA2, or even the CTI/Warfare missions that come with Operation Arrowhead? ---------- Post added at 12:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 PM ---------- Nevermind, its the beta thats giving me the problem.
  6. also, you have 'CFG=arma2oa.cfg' on line 4 of the Configuration Parameters, the script is not reading that line, therefore its bloating the script. Your CFG is defined on the 'OTHERPARAMS' line: [color=#ff0000]CFG=arma2oa.cfg [/color]PORT=2302 PIDFILE=${SYS_DIR}/${PORT}.pid RUNFILE=${SYS_DIR}/${PORT}.run LOGFILE=${SYS_DIR}/serverlog.txt SERVER=${ARMA_DIR}/server OTHERPARAMS='[color=#ff0000]-cfg=arma2oa.cfg[/color] -cpucount=2' ...Syn...
  7. Remove this: CBA="@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa" ACE="@ace;@acex;@acex_ru;@acex_usnavy;@zeu_ai_ace" ACRE="@acre" MODS="${EXP};${CBA};${ACE};${ACRE}" And this: -mod=${MODS} From this line: sudo -u arma ${SERVER} >>${LOGFILE} 2>&1 -server -config=${CONFIG} -port=${PORT} -pid=${PIDFILE} -mod=${MODS} ${OTHERPARAMS} Once the bloat is removed, use this: OTHERPARAMS='-cfg=arma2oa.cfg -cpucount=2 -mod=@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa;@ace;@acex;@acex_ru;@acex_usnavy;@zeu_ai_ace;@acre' Then your stuff will load... ...Syn...
  8. If you are running windows vista or newer, you have a documents folder. You have not specified if you are running a Windows or Linux server. And since you are listing *.exe's, that pretty much says you are running Windows.
  9. put the mod folders in your */my documents/arma 2 directory. ...Syn...
  10. The beta server is launched with the -beta='expansion/beta;expansion/beta/expansion' argument. If you are using the script that comes with the Linux server to launch, ensure your server line points to the beta server in its dir, and not the root ArmA 2 dir. As well as the ArmA 2 root dir being set correctly. Mods are launched with -mod='@youmodshere;@someothermod' argument. Also 'ca' is loaded, you do not need to add it to list. If you use the " ' ", you then do not need the " \ " to seperate mods. ...Syn...
  11. mod directories, belong in \My Documents\ArmA 2 dir ...Syn...
  12. if you are hosting ArmA 2 the reportingip is arma2pc.master.gamespy.com, if you are hosting OA or CO then the reportingip is arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com. Check here for server.cfg ...Syn...
  13. You are a Linux Server admin, you should be smarter than this... it tells you your error, you needta either update GLIBCXX or install a flavour of Linux that has 3.4.15. Your error in no way is affected by this version of the Linux beta server, your post in effect is hijacking this thread, when this subject was talked to death weeks ago, when GLICXX 3.4.15 became a requirement. ...Syn...
  14. Yes, create a directory in the arma 2 directory, named expansion. Upload your windows OA directory contents to it. ...Syn...