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  1. /me can't hardly wait to play CWR² Reliving all of OFP's greatness with ArmA 2 gfx is gonna be so schweetz!
  2. Cold Warfare v1.05r Winter Kolgujev here Based on TheOden's Cold Warfare v1.05r Winter Thirsk Required Addons: CWR² Winter Kolgujev http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13026 CWR² Winter Patch 1 http://www.armaholic.com/colombia/patches/usermade/cwr2_winter_patch1.7z KuiK's Winter Camo Pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9862 Known Issues: M24 not buying right in the first tab (this error also present in Cold105rWarfare16.ThirskW). MHQs not in winter camo. Repair/Salvage trucks not in winter camo. Couldn't figure out how to use CWR² winter units in the factories (I really wanted to fix this). All credit goes to TheOden for his great Warfare missions.
  3. I've played some CTI missions that ran on for 6hrs and real soldiers in the field may stay out there for several days. They would definitely need something to eat and drink during that time. It's just a thought to add even more realism. Then again…most children now-a-days can't pay attention to a mission that runs for more than 30mins (if that). Curse this Call of Duty generation's short attention span. Back on topic… Glad to have ACE2, adds a lot of realism to missions. Keep up the good work.
  4. Awesome! Just finished downloading and installing. Quick question: With all the extra stuff like medkits, bandages, morphine are there any plans to add cantines, camelbaks or MREs? So our soldiers can hydrate & eat. I can imagine running around out in the desert they'd need to drink a lot of water and would probably get hungry. I know you get fatigued if you run long distances…surely they need to hydrate too every once in awhile right? …I wonder if there's an animation to "unhydrate" :p
  5. Deer - might be nice to have some deer or elk or other wildlife wandering around the forests of Chernarus. Would give all those native Chernarussians something to hunt…aside from cows & sheep. Not really sure what kinds of wildlife you'd find in Takistan…
  6. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Schweetz! Your islands are always some of the best. They always have such a realistic and organic feel to them. Isla Duala is one of our favs. Having great units & vehicles to play on such great islands is a definite plus. The new tank looks incredible. We can't hardly wait to give it a try. ^_^,v,, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would love to see these units used in a Molatian vs Afrenian CTI mission.
  7. kage74

    User mission requests!

    Woohoo! Great missions, thoroughly enjoyed them W0lle. Thanks a ton! :D
  8. It's kind of funny, but I have the same issue with my character sitting really low (in the floorboard) in this helo as I do in the MFP/Raiders cars. Looks kind of funny and hard to fly in 1st person point-of-view. I'll check for the next release to see if it's fixed. ^_^,v,,
  9. Very nice addon. Absolutely beautiful piece of work. I did have an issue with the seating though…my butt kept falling into the cushion. Other than that and some gauges not working, it was top notch. ^_^,v,, Keep up the good work.
  10. kage74

    ArmA 3 Online

    Um…yeah, ok. Have you guys played the rpmods like City Life 2, Chernarus Life or Zargabad Life? Most of those servers only hold like 40 people and yes I know the game's current engine could not handle 3000 people. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be possible with a different game engine a few years from now. What I was suggesting would just be a big rpmod. But instead of playing as civilians like you do in CL2, CLR, CLU or ZL you could play as soldiers. From the reaction I'm seeing in these forums I take it you wouldn't want to RP as a soldier? If so, why not? Yes, I've played lots of other mmorpgs and sure there are a lot of stupid kids on there spamming up the Trade Chat or LFG or griefing everyone in General Chat. But that doesn't mean a military-style mmorpg is a stupid idea or wouldn't work. You just gotta get the right people to play with and form squads to go on missions with. By the way, I'm 36yo so I'm not one of those stupid kids… Personally, I would love a continuous full scale war between the USMC/CDF vs. Russia/Chedaki vs. NAPA over all of Chernarus (or the Operation Arrowhead factions in Zargabad/Takistan). Having statsave so any progress you make each day gets saved and you can rank up and gain access to better equipment and tougher missions. I just think it'd work and BIS could make plenty of money on subscription fees. Maybe you wouldn't, but I'd pay-to-play it and I'm sure some other people would too. If someone wanted to do it as a mod, I'd be all for that too. Just tired of playing rpmods as a civ. Chernarus Life: Conflict
  11. Has anyone managed to figure out how to get the ArmA1 Vf-1s Valkyrie by Ghost to function properly in ArmA2 yet? I don't know ANYTHING about making or in this case fixing an addon. Just can't get it to change back to fighter-mode after it switches itself into Gerwalk mode. :cry: I wish someone could contact Ghost and see if he'll update this beauty for ArmA 2. Or at least get his permission to fix it and re-release it to the public.
  12. @RobertHammer Dude! I love your addons. Such high quality (not to mention the quantity) and attention to detail. There's a pistol I was interested in. Thompson-Center Contender Basically you're using rifle ammo in a break-action pistol. Very powerful and VERY accurate. Thompson Contender 'Encore' .600 Nitro Express Magnum HOLY JEEZUS!! That's a big gun! This one's not so accurate…you can't even hold onto it.
  13. The F-22 from ArmA 1 looks nice (and does function…sort of), but it could use a little updating. I hope you're able to contact the original author to get it fixed up all nice and pretty for ArmA 2.
  14. Ok…this is not so much of an addon request, as it is a question of do these work in ArmA 2 and where can I find them? http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=69&t=65739 I see on this page a SPAS-12, OICW and M134 minigun, by RobertHammer. Do these addons still exist? Do they work in ArmA 2? What would have to happen to get them to work in ArmA 2? Also, is there somewhere I can find an HK PSG-1 (with and without silencer) that functions in ArmA 2?
  15. kage74

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    Woot! Just played Operation Cobalt. I am definitely giving this campaign a big two thumbs up. :ok: Totally first class work and deserves to be voted the best mission/campaign of the year imo. For anyone that hasn't already tried this campaign it's definitely worth downloading and trying out. We're looking forward to Blood on the Sand.
  16. Samus Aran - Metroid Mod would be so kewl. or Megaman X Mod ? I've suddenly got the urge to go play the zSNES today. :D
  17. Unfortunately, that's not going to be possible. I grew up playing with the Commodor64 & Atari and pinball at the arcade. Our first Nintendo blew me away with it's incredible gfx (compared to Atari). I remember being so amazed when my dad brought home the first Windows based computer. Thinking it was the greatest thing in the world. Point is, all this computer language is beyond me and trying to learn it now would be near impossible. I might as well be trying to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. So, it's up to the younger generation and to ppl that could actually afford college to do all the scripting and addon making. While us old folks can only be constantly amazed by new technology and improvements in gaming. And we do appreciate it…otherwise we'd all still be playing Pong.
  18. Agh! Don't say that! I've been all over YouTube looking at tons of kewl Star Wars addons videos and they're obviously working in ArmA 2 cause I see them flying all over Utes in the videos. But only a handful of what's actually available have been released to the public. No one would do something like that would they? Make a bunch of kewl addons, but never release them? Come on! Someone's gotta still be working on the project somewhere right? I mean, even if they look a little silly it'd still be better to release them as beta than stop work all together. :( Don't say stuff like that. I still wanna see those Tie Fighters, X-Wings, Speederbikes, Landspeeders …dude…they gotta give us Boba Fett. He's the kewlest dude in the empire. While we're here and talking about Star Wars is anyone working on or thinking about making a Tatooine map with Mos Eisley Space Port? Should fit in perfectly with all the middle-eastern terrain in Operation Arrowhead.
  19. Me too! I've been practically begging to get the Vf-1s fixed for ArmA 2 for several months. An addon of this quality deserves a 2nd life in ArmA 2. Check this video if you don't believe it.
  20. hehe…someone should make a map of a large city in the United States or an area like Manhattan, Washington DC or Los Angeles. Maybe make some gang members addon. Urban youth warfare. Instead of doing CTI, you could have rival gangs fighting it out on the streets for control of turf. Bunch of lil' hooligans running around trying to act big.
  21. Really, I'm looking for a way to get the zombie/infection module and maybe the spawn module (but maybe not both at the same time). I don't always wanna deal with endless hordes of brain-eating zombies in every mission. I'd really like to spawn an individual zombie or a handful of them and let them infect the civs till the whole town goes. Once that happens the whole lot of them starts running off in search of "food" at the next nearest location. But being able to just spawn whole groups of zombies is kewl too. The slow lumbering zombies is less threatening than the fast-moving ones. But in a large group they're a nightmare. Even plowing them down with a car won't always do the job.
  22. @Loki You think you can put support for the Undead Mod in the modules tab in a future version? I can spawn zombies and undead on the map, but all they do is stand around… They don't run around infecting anyone and no one bothers to shoot at them. I'd love to be able to spawn a few infection carrying zombies in an existing mission to spice things up a bit and for them to actually do what they're supposed to. :p "Zombie eat brains…nom nom nom!"
  23. kage74

    The Undead Mod

    hehe! I love playing with the zombies. I would really love to see an "Undead Warfare" mission. Like Benny Edition, but instead of Takis or Chernarus civs and guerrillas in the towns, it's ZOMBIES! The east and west could be racing to clear the infection and lay claim to the towns & villages. All the while battling waves of zombies and their own converted troops threatening to overrun their position. Would the Undead Mod work in a BE Warfare map? Who cares if it's not realistic…it could still be fun. And for people who insist that warfare be "real-world scenarios" you can just pretend it was some government biological weapon that got loose and things went horribly, horribly awry.
  24. Do the bomb bays actually open when launching the missiles?
  25. I always loved the sabot rounds. Kills the crew but leaves the vehicle mostly intact. Then you can hop in and repair it and steal it. Free tank! Woohoo! The ACE PLA heavy vehicles are insanely difficult to kill, but then again they haven't been updated in a long time.