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    User mission requests!

    @Woopy RP-Mods has Chernarus Life Ultimate. You can role-play as a bicycle delivery guy, a truck driver, a bus driver, a lumberjack or a miner. Also a criminal or a police officer. There's also Zargabad Life and City Life 2.
  2. /drool *has spasm* Ah ah ah aaaahhh! Must…have…this addon! *feints* =^.^=,,,
  3. I would like to request a North American F-86 Sabre so we have something suitable to go up against Martin's ArmA1 converted MiG-15 I am pretty sure that someone out there has an F-86 either in the works or already completed and for whatever reason hasn't released it (maybe they don't feel it's ready to unveil to the public). But pleeeeeese, we really could use an addon like this. =^.^=,,,
  4. kage74

    User mission requests!

    I have a request for a SP/2-player coop mission, based on the game theHunter. Here's the scenario… Early morning in rural Chernarus, you and your buddy wake up in your cabins. You eat breakfast and gather your provisions and head out in your trusty pick-up truck (or ATV). Today's mission - Going Huntin' The way it should work is you and your buddy (if you're doing coop) are out in the early morning forests of Chernarus looking for wild animals to hunt. Rabbits, wild boar, wild goat (I really wish we had some deer addon to use). You're not allowed to hunt people's livestock…you do that you're liable to get an arse full of buckshot from some angry local (or he might call the cops). In your cabin you should find a gun cabinet (ammo crate) that lets you choose your weapons for the hunt. Rifles, shotguns, pistols. - CZ550 Hunting Rifle, Lee-Enfield rifle, M1014 (with your choice of slug or shell ammo), Colt 1911 pistol or the revolver. If we wanna use some addons the Kolzice CZ584 is ideal, so would the Mauser Kar98K. The map should be populated with ambient civs and maybe a few scripted civs you can talk to and a few driving to work (so it seems like the map is a real place). Maybe a local shop where you can go get some coffee and hints on where to find different game. I've noticed a lot of deer stands along the edge of fields on Chernarus…maybe those would be good locations to start looking. As you hunt these animals you'd gain points, each one worth a different value depending on how challenging it is (I really wish we had a deer addon). You should definitely lose points for shooting at people's livestock. Shooting up people's cattle isn't very sporting (maybe trigger some cutscene where the local cops come and arrest you if you do this). Variables should include time of day to start the hunt, weather, fog (maybe a dynamic weather & fog option for more realism). Mission should end when you've accumulated a set amount of points, or maybe a time limit. Also there could be an option in your action or radio menu to end the session whenever you like. This would be more of a relaxing and exploring mission. Chernarus has some really beautiful countryside and would be a great place to go hunting in my opinion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really wish we had more wild animals (non-livestock) to hunt like deer, elk, turkey, duck, pheasant. We also need to improve 'wild animal' behavior. Most animals in ArmA2 are domesticated and just mill about unafraid of humans. They don't make very good animals to hunt…not very challenging shooting a cow standing in the middle of an open field. Wild animals should behave more like the rabbits. They tend to hide a lot and run away from humans if they detect you.
  5. kage74

    Sahrani Rearmed

    I like the Sahrani civs with the Sigma Vehicles pack personally. Oh, by the way…I went through and downloaded almost all of the wheeled vehicles for ArmA 1 and played around with them in ArmA 2. I was surprised at just how many of these old A1 addons will actually work in A2. Some had minor errors, but most were still playable…at least in the mission editor. Maybe someone should come up with a comprehensive list of all the ArmA1 addons that work in ArmA2. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74362 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=107394 Maybe all of this will get more people interested in downloading CAA1 and making some missions to play on Sahrani. =^.^=,,, CAA1 has Sopwith Camels doesn't it? Or do you mean an actual camel (the animal)?
  6. kage74

    Sahrani Rearmed

    I was just wondering aside from the new vehicles, what was there different from this? =^.^=,,,
  7. kage74

    C04 Take One Helicopters

    It would be nice if someone took the time to make a fully populated urban map complete with skyscrapers and everything and maybe some ambient civs traveling the streets below. Although I would say that if you used the USEC Bell 206B it would have been better. =^.^=,,,
  8. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Sorry, but it's just…if they think it's not fair why don't they just download GLT Missilebox too? If everyone has it, then all's fair… This is just my opinion, but certain addons should be considered "standard issue" meaning everyone should have them. CBA & GLT Missilebox definitely fall into that category. Either way, Isla Duala is a great island…more then just another island. Icebreakr took the time to create a whole backstory and history that goes with the island and it's units. To that end, I was wondering if anyone has considered making an Isla Duala campaign that follows the storyline laid out by Icebreakr? With missions playable on both factions (using the addons of course). =^.^=,,,
  9. An ACE2 version would be kind of kewl. =^.^=,,,
  10. kage74

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Will this work with Mando Missiles? I think I'm gonna have to go get a proper joystick soon, if I plan on spending a lot of time in in one of these. Looking great btw! =^.^=,,,
  11. @ Archamedes Is THIS what you're looking for? Maybe this will work. @PuFu Ok…maybe not possible to have only the scope area zoomed, but I have seen some addons where the perimeter of the scope was translucent black. If it can be made translucent, why can't it be made clear but slightly hazy and out of focus. Like you're focusing on the sight picture. I just hate having total tunnel vision while looking down the scope. In real life you don't close both eyes when you shoot.
  12. kage74

    Isla Duala

    I just don't get what the argument is all about. Icebreakr works hard and always makes us incredible islands. If that means I gotta download a couple of small addons (that everyone should have already) so be it. It's well worth the download for what you're getting. @Icebreakr Don't take all their criticism too harshly. You did a great job on another great island and we all appreciate the hard work you put in on this project. Thank you! =^.^=,,,
  13. This one looks interesting, will definitely give it a try. =^.^=,,,
  14. Ok…this is more of a question…than an addon request. Is there currently a mod that makes the sniper scope view like this? So that it does not completely obscure the perimeter. I guess you could consider this a request if no such mod already exists. If it does exist please point me in the right direction. Example Example Example =^.^=,,,
  15. kage74

    Isla Duala

    I don't mind having to download a few extra addons to get this great island. Besides CBA should be standard issue by now and everyone should have it. GLT Missilebox should be a standard feature on any aircraft currently in service or under production in my opinion. Having a couple extra required addons isn't really going to hurt anyone. =^.^=,,,