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  1. I think a better surrender module is of much more importance than any gore factor in a military game. Nothing can slow you down better than surrendering enemy Forces and that's just a factor that is as real and neglected in games as Gore...but of more importance if you want things to be kept real.
  2. Because on the ground those "pilots" usually turned into "AT missile sniper saboteurs", very common in CTI and quite annoying. I fact it would be even more of an improvement if you could not board any vehicle crew seat with a secondary weapon at all.
  3. Don't forget jetpacks and nuclear grenades. To be serious...just look at how much experimental stuff was developed and scrapped after WW2. Western Armies today basically use the same stuff as back in the 80's, the only real difference is the wider spread of NVGs and heavier body armour and the use of 5.56x45. The rest is just fancy BDU cuts, fancy camo pattern and MOLLE that might let you look more modern but technically is nothing but a fashion trend.
  4. Ulanthorn

    Will there be rivers in Arma 3?

    I would better not count on a ArmA IV.
  5. Ulanthorn

    Instant Nightvision

    Additionally it would be very nice when the NVG would need a few seconds to have full light amplification, at least the models I know of needed some time to show the full bright image...the higher the generation the shotr it taks but a minimum of 4 seconds is still reasonable.
  6. Ulanthorn

    UK Government censorship

    I think you don't get my thoughts right. I did never wrote that 431 is censored, no the problem is much bigger. Im 40 Years old by know and I can remeber that we used to have much more personal FREEDOM in many, many aspects pf life...but it by it the government, federal institutions and federad agencies AND the EU chew that freedom away bit by bit. Just ti life the life my grandpa did until he died in 1987 would be ILLEGAL by now...that's a hard fact. It feels to my that our governtmant AND the opposition both use 451 and 1984 as a template how they want societey to function. That the whole point in my 451 reference. by the way...a government that hs Secrets is a burocracy not a democracy becaue keeping secrets deny the public ability to develop a advanced opinion. Without a advanced opinion you fall victim to propaganda and currently the propaganda you see from the "Western Alliance" surpassed that from the old "Warsaw Block" in brainwashing capability.
  7. Ulanthorn

    UK Government censorship

    No, it is just a template how europe is ruled. the censored book which are cofiscated whenever found for various reasons are all military and paramilitary teaching books fpr guelilla warfare written in the 40's and up to the 60's....like this one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TM_31-210_Improvised_Munition_Handbook or this one http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_totale_Widerstand and a lot more.A few years ago those books where just banned from public but legal to own, but now aftr 9/11 this books are conficated (and burned?) whenever found.
  8. Ulanthorn

    UK Government censorship

    Read (or watch) this too. It is a quite more modern adoption of the topic and closer to what we face since 9/11. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahrenheit_451It is indeed hard to get your hands on some books by now in a lot of nations. (including Germany)
  9. install fails: Win XP 32, ArmA II X + ACR all non steam. installer is starting extraction and stops at around 80% self extraction with this: "% 1 is not a valid win32 application"
  10. Unable to install it says: 1% is not a win32 application...also the installer is a 7zip .sfx file
  11. Ulanthorn

    TAB lock issue ...

    Thermal imaging is not as crisp and clear as you see it in games, thge further away and the more humidity or fog the more the picture gets blurry. at 2000m you might be already unable to get a clear identification of the object simply vecause you only see a heat splotch that only shows the class of the vehicle...not the type. It might be hard to tell a BMP from a Bradley. the less distortion and particles in the air the better the image. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4104/4842823915_37e4c57271.jpg (117 kB)
  12. DayZ site is still down from last hacker attack, will be back soon.
  13. Ulanthorn

    I cant play DayZ

    DayZ mod and website does not seem to exist anymore
  14. Ulanthorn

    TAB lock issue ...

    a modern Radar need processing time and focus to identify a target...that's not a instant thing and a Radar can't scan 360° while it locks something the same time. While I never worked the Longbow Radar I have some time with the PARA-RASIT System and I still tend to say Radar is no Magic thing that lets you see all...it is especially troublesome in build up area with lots of buildings made from dense material like concrete or bricks like it is common in europe. A tank platoon in Position near a small village of 2 Story brick buildings is basically hidden the Radar clutter so you need FLIR.
  15. Ulanthorn

    Vehicle changes since 1.62?

    There is a dedicated thred to CCP changes in betas. You can deativate all this changes by settting autoguide AT to "on" in veteran mode. The changes are meant for multiplayer matches since tab locking makes such matches quite dull with vehicles. Tab lock males a BMP-2 as advanced as a Warrior II. The chnages in FLIR were made according to the informations available what colour the Screen in the vehicles has...FLIR colour is simply dependend on the Screen and green is used mostly for Gunner FLIR in armoured vehicles all around NATO at least.