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  1. murmur

    Crash when joining multiplayer.

    Oh yeah man I've done all that too. The only thing I haven't done yet is completely remove every trace of the game from my computer then re-download everything. Guess that's my next step here since I have a magic mystery bug.
  2. murmur

    Crash when joining multiplayer.

    Yeah, I tried that before I made the post. This was pretty much my last resort. My google-fu is strong.
  3. So this has been a problem since updating to 1.42. I can play singleplayer just fine but when I join a multiplayer game and get into the lobby screen, about 30 seconds later the game crashes. I've tried it without any mods and it still happens. The interesting thing is that there is a rare chance that it will work without issue. If I am persistent and try 4 or 5 times it will eventually not crash that one time, but if I leave the game and join another it will crash again. I've copied the crash log here: I've looked at a lot of these crash logs and they all end with that 'EPE manager release' thing. Anyone know what's up? Like I said, this only just started happening after the update. It's kinda bumming me out.
  4. I don't know if this has been pointed out before, but the support soldiers that carry the mortar tubes (Gunner [Mk8]) for the Opfor and Independent sides are set to have backpacks that don't exist. They are set to have "O_Mortar_01_weapon_F" and "I_Mortar_01_weapon_F" respectively, which are not in the config file. The Blufor side works properly as it has an entry for "B_Mortar_01_weapon_F".
  5. So I am trying to put random weapons in a weapon box by picking them from the config file, the problem is that I only want weapons normally available to the Blufor, and there doesn't seem to be any mention of which faction the weapon normally belongs to. I'm new to the idea of picking things out of the config files so there could be something I'm overlooking. Any help?
  6. Ah yes! Thank you! That seems to work. I never would have thought that those move orders were considered fleeing. But setting allowFleeing to 0 seems to have stopped them from deviating from their waypoint.
  7. But wouldn't that make the helicopter considered to be on the same side of the squad and thus no longer hostile to them? I still want the helicopter to attempt to kill the fleeing squad, but have the squad ignore it's presence, if at all possible. EDIT: Actually all I want is for the squad leader to stop giving orders to get off of the road. As soon as the helicopter is spotted an order is given to move 100m or so, usually off the road, into a tree or something. I want them to continue on to the waypoint they were heading to before the helicopter showed up, while being fired upon by said helicopter.
  8. I've tried setting them to careless, it's not working. What I am trying to do is have a squad escape in a truck while being chased by an enemy helicopter. The helicopter taking potshots at them while they speed down a road. It's pretty cool for a few seconds, until the squad leader keeps ordering the driver 100m off the road. I just want them to continue to the waypoint. Like I said, I tried setting the group to careless, that didn't work. And I've tried some of the disableAI settings, but those didn't seem to work either, but maybe there is a certain combination I need to use. I haven't really used disableAI a whole lot so I am kind of unfamiliar with it. Any solution for this? I've been trying to do this for an hour but I think I've exhausted my limited knowledge.
  9. murmur

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    An enemy encampment gets carpet bombed, all the buildings are leveled, and all the soldiers killed. Here comes a special forces guy and steals the uniform off of one of the dead guys who took a bomb directly in the face. It's a perfect fit!
  10. Yes, same here. It's raining like 80% of the time and it's always foggy to some extent.
  11. I was using the latest beta build. I hadn't seen this happen in forever. This was the first time in I don't know how long. VFTCAS is probably a great idea. I think I'm going to start using it myself.
  12. First I'd just like to say... Wow. I'm pretty much speechless at the quality of this mission. I can't even imagine how much work you must have put into this. This single mission seriously rivals anything that is in ArmA 2 by default; DLC's included. I managed to get through 3 missions. The first two went flawlessly. Then on the third, everything went to hell. We managed to take control of the city without any losses, but then the enemy counter attack killed half of my men. 4 in my squad died, and 2 from the other squad. All at the hands of a tank that rolled in and caught us unprepared. I actually felt kind of bad too see all those men die. But we pulled it together and destroyed the tank, and cleared the city of enemies once again. But then on the 4th mission, en route to the LZ on a helicopter, the pilot decided to slam into a tree killing us all. Not a very fitting end to this epic journey but an end none the less. Through my 3 missions I encountered absolutely no bugs or glitches or crashes... well except for the helicopter crash that ended it all, but that's no fault of yours. Just the excellent ArmA piloting AI, and from my limited experience in scripting and mission creation, I know that no amount of scripting can ensure the drunk pilots stay clear of trees 100% of the time. All in all though, well done. Seriously. Best mission I have ever played.
  13. murmur

    [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus

    Nice to see that you are back! And actually, everyone has BAF to some extent, if you don't actually own it you get BAF-Lite which includes everything but the missions, with low texture and sound quality. So the BAF version should work for people without BAF, they'll just see the BAF units in poor quality.
  14. murmur

    PMC AA-12 Shotgun sights.

    Yes please. The opening is tiny but it would be okay, barely, if the end part of the sight didn't block the opening making it completely impossible to see what you are pointing at.
  15. Wow I never thought I'd see one of these on a weekend... When do you guys at BI take days off?