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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Pre Apex release on Sneak Preview: Best performance in Arma 3 I've ever had, solved the stuttering I suffered before by switching to SSD, solid 30-40 FPS (which I am happy with). Post Apex release: Stuttering is back, FPS is still supposedly 35 but stutters literally every 2 seconds down to sometimes 8, no matter whats happening or what I'm doing. I mean I know my setup isn't great but performance on sneak preview was amazing, now it's unplayable. What the hell happened, and how can I fix this / when will this be fixed? AMD Phenom X4 965 Radeon 7770 8 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM 256 GB Samsung 750 EVO SSD
  2. aspire

    Update 1.62 graphical issues

    Also running a 7770, thank god i dont have this problem I am however suffering from stuttering making the whole ordeal unplayable, something i thought i had solved (replaced HDD with a SSD and arma ran fantastic til last update)
  3. Uhhh, what? The F-35 is a massively multi-national project, a lot of countries are going to be using them. Like, Australia, Israel, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea etc. etc.
  4. aspire

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    -Edit, because I didn't read the post I posted something else-
  5. aspire

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    How would I go about choosing custom groups to be spawned? I don't want to spawn CSAT but units from a custom faction
  6. I'm using the ARMA 3 map pack that ports all the A2 maps, and have now downloaded CLAfghan additionally, together with the accompanying A3MP Additional Pack by alduric. Now, I've noticed on the map a graphics glitch that I'm wondering about how to fix, because I'm making a mission for my little community, and I don't want everybody to have to deal with this. Essentially, everytime you get anywhere within 5 km or something to the water there's a horizontal line spanning across your screen on exactly the horizon line. I've made some screenshots to clarify. Gallery of horribad glitches Any clues?
  7. Are you gonna add any light or burner effects to the thrusters?
  8. F-16's don't really go in the weeds for CAS do they? Their color scheme is the same throughout the airforce if I'm not mistaken (Except for aggressors)
  9. That face when we're gonna get Infinity class and you'll have to manuever 6km of ship around the map somehow
  10. I like the idea behind the Taru with all the variants and all, but the Huron just looks plain ridiculous. Looks like a tiny chinook that somebody tried to go and make it look stealthy, which turned out to look terrible.
  11. Less of an actual trouble of mine but more of a hint for Bohemia to fix this because it's a bit goofy. Currently, every time the game is launched via the Launcher on my computer (German), this is shown to me. http://i.imgur.com/y4aeGry.jpg - >1 mb! Now, first off. "Beenden" doesn't really make sense at this point, because it means "to end". Secondly, "Trägerrakete", which I'm guessing was translated from "Launcher" means something like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Ariane_5_Le_Bourget_FRA_001.jpg (695 kB) Just a heads up about that.
  12. Because most other M4 packs are of terribad quality compared to either the Mk18 Mod 1 or the FHQ M4s.
  13. But why not just build the update in a way that doesn't break the way 95% of weapon addons work? Like, which part of the update broke everything?
  14. I just recently discovered Dynamic Universal War System for myself and have been playing it with impunity for the past week or so. Now, I decided that I wanted to get some custom mods in there, such as the Mk18 pack or FHQ Accessories. And there I hit the first problem: The modded guns didn't do any sound. Apparently since the Bootcamp update, pretty much all weapon mods out there need to have their configs updated to actually have working sounds, fortunately for me, the maker of the Mk18 pack brought out a temporary fix for the guns that gives them the MX sounds. So thinking everything was working, I tried to mount the FHQ accessories to the Mk18 pack weapons, as that has always worked, after they had both started using ASDG as well. It doesn't, so apparently that is also a thing that the Bootcamp update broke. +FHQ M4 doesn't even appear ingame now, it doesn't work altogether. (I'm pretty sure this isn't an error on my part I checked.) So just mount Bohemia accessories right? Wrong. They can be mounted but the scopes just don't work. The optics are all flawed with modded weapons. Flawed to the level where I need to zero the DMS to 800 meters on the Mk18 to hit something at 300. Please, check these things before releasing Updates, I enjoyed the Bootcamp mini-campaign but this stuff just breaks the whole thing for me again.
  15. aspire

    Arma 3 , project the cave

    Its a bit too loud, like theres 200 freight trains steamrolling through those tunnels loud